11th Holistic MD & Best Selling Author Mitchell Gaynor Found Dead In Woods

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor


11th Holistic MD Found Dead

UPDATE: The Sheriff’s office is calling it a suicide, even saying this to the NY Times. See link above. Here is a recap:

It is with great sadness that I break the news on an 11th doctor found dead in less than 90 days.

Best selling author and Holistic Oncologist of 30 years, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor from NYC, was found dead in the woods by his home in upstate New York outside Manhattan.

I’ve tried to break each story with as much tact as possible, given the circumstances. This has become an unintended series that I wish would never have happened. Most of the Dr.’s are holistic, many we knew, and all are a great loss for the health community.

There is an outpouring of public support and love from his friends and colleagues who are posting about this tragic death on his personal page. His professional page and twitter page have been removed. Again, we knew Dr. Gaynor and have spoken to his staff personally in New York and they confirmed with us that Dr. Gaynor has died. I wish it were a hoax but it is not.

I had just read Mitchell Gaynor’s best selling book, “The Gene Therapy Plan”, a couple months ago as he sent an advance copy, we were honored he took the time to send us one. (I’d also had “Nurture Nature, Nurture Health” on my list, but hadn’t had a chance to read it.)

I am told that Dr. Gaynor apparently died a few days ago after walking away from a car accident. It also appears from his Facebook page that he’d had an intestinal flu before that.  UPDATE – Sheriff’s office says despite anything to the contrary, that it’s suicide. His body was allegedly discovered over the weekend (we are told)  in the woods behind his country home in upstate New York, where he loved to walk.

More about this cutting edge doctor, who was healing cancer naturally, from his website:

Mitchell Gaynor, MD, is Founder and President of Gaynor Integrative Oncology and Gaynor Wellness in New York City. A renowned pioneer in the field of integrative oncology for 30 years, Dr. Gaynor is author, physician, speaker and composer of original sound healing meditations. His latest book, “The Gene Therapy Plan – Taking Control of your Genetic Destiny Through Diet and Lifestyle” (due in April, 2015, from Viking Press with a Forward by Dr. Mehmet Oz) provides a revolutionary approach to reverse gene damage associated with aging, cancer, obesity, and diabetes and to prevent future gene deterioration with specific programs that are appropriate for anyone who wants to maximize longevity for themselves, their children and future generations.

Dr. Gaynor has a notable history in the treatment of chronic diseases, particularly cancer, with scientifically grounded therapies that augment traditional modalities.

I don’t know the details of his death yet. Then again there are doctors who died months ago, like Dr. Nick Gonzalez (also in NYC and Suzanne Somer’s doctor) , whose website states that his autopsy results were inconclusive and didn’t support the initial findings of heart attack.

As far as Dr. Gaynor? He was perfectly healthy the last time we contacted him.

My heart goes out to family, friends and the many colleagues we have in common.

I also want to share a message with all of you: despite what Snopes has written about my articles, I’ve always maintained I don’t know if these are connected. We have doctors reaching out to us today who are nervous because of the recent spate of deaths of holistic doctors, many of whom we knew. (Snopes actually attempted to debunk an article that was correct and quietly had to change the false information on their site.)

So again, it’s always wise to be aware (I say this to the holistic doctors who contact me, including my better half, one of the best know holistic doctors who is still hanging in there) but if we live in fear it can harm our immune system (and it’s no way to live, either).

So be safe, be aware, but don’t be scared.

I’ll update you as soon as I know more. I’m still in a bit of shock right now…

erin-elizabeth-health-nutABOUT THE FOUNDER OF HEALTH NUT NEWS

Erin Elizabeth is a long time activist with a passion for the healing arts, working in that arena for a quarter century.  Her site HealthNutNews.com is less than 2 years old, but has already cracked the top 20 Natural Health sites world-wide.  She is an author, public speaker, and has recently done some TV and film programs for some of her original workwhich have had international media coverage. You can get Erin’s e-book for free here  and also watch a short documentary on how she overcame vax injuries, Lyme disease, a significant weight gain, and more. Follow Erin on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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Erin Elizabeth


Erin Elizabeth is a long time activist with a passion for the healing arts, working in that arena for a quarter century. Her site HealthNutNews.com is barely 4 years old, but cracked the top 20 Natural Health sites worldwide. She is an author, public speaker, and has recently done some TV and film programs for some of her original work which have attracted international media coverage. Erin was the recipient for the Doctors Who Rock "Truth in Journalism award for 2017. You can get Erin’s free e-book here and also watch a short documentary on how she overcame vaccine injuries, Lyme disease, significant weight gain, and more. Follow Erin on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Lin Ostler

    Deeply sorry for his family, colleagues, for you, Erin.

  • Khin Perotti

    Oh my God……Will it nevr end? How many have been killed so far, Erin ? I feel so sad not being able to do anything….Wish I were akind of Wonderwoman or Superman. WHY ? WHY ? WHY ?

  • Angela Minelli

    If anyone thinks Big Pharma is NOT connected to all these doctors dying, they’re blind. This is insane.

  • Jock Doubleday

    The Rothschild family continues to fund the murder of natural health practitioners.

  • Larissa Halatyn Stayer

    Keep yourself safe too. Seems to be too many to just be a coincidence.

  • Lindsay Zipprich

    They interfering with Big Pharma’s potential profits and their concepts of treat but don’t cure.

  • ModerndayAppleseed

    some are accidents but too many (also you have figure in number of deaths vs population)

  • Keet Hensley

    Not only Pharmacy , but, Medical field and the Meat Farming industry. Humans get cancer from Animal products, Oh crap, I let the cat out of the bag, now I’ll be on another “Hit-List”.

  • Marco

    Hi Erin, it would be interesting to hear if John Perkins, author of ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’ has any thoughts on the matter with his vast experience?

  • Marie Wright

    Snopes is owned by a bunch of liars anyway. So many stories on there are labeled fake, next thing you know, a year later it’s in mainstream news.

  • Marie Wright

    Indeed I will make those of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not, but lie—indeed I will make them come and worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you. Revelation 3:9

  • wow, that GcMAF stuff really has the bad guys terrified.

  • Dr. Robert O. Young

    Hi Erin, I have been on the short list of Big Pharma for years. Just to let everyone know I am healthy and strong and still under attack. Dr. Robert O. Young Author of the pH Miracle Books

  • Donna Kuhn

    i love me some anti-semitism with my bad news. i know, israel probably killed them

  • Marie Wright

    Yeah to say someone is lying about being Jewish is antisemitism. You’re an idiot.

  • Donna Kuhn

    erin, can we do something about the vile racist comments on this page?

  • As a former forensic pathologist, I can tell you that usually nothing is found on autopsy in sudden cardiac arrest. Any many “sudden” deaths have no obvious cause. As for Dr. Gaynor, someone walking away from an accident, seemingly fine, can have slow internal bleeding [often spleen] or intracranial bleeding that is not recognized, esp if they refuse medical evaluation, that later proves fatal.

  • Dr. Volpe. You could be right about Dr. Gaynor and Dr. Gonzalez. (Both Dr G’s from NYC and died in New York) Then we have 8 other doctors including Dr. Hedendal and Dr. Holt. The latter was only 33. Cause of death still not determined last his (alleged) mom commented on my page.. it appeared to really be her.. Dr H’s both found dead the same day here in Florida an hour away. Father’s day. Both Dads. Then there are several found murdered and one with a gunshot wound in his chest in a river. Most of them our colleagues and most well known and most practicing and most holistic. I wish I could explain them all away so easily… All within less than 90 days. it’s been a bad summer.

  • I know. I had to call them out on their attempt to debunk me then correcting my info (which was right) with a lie. I’m sure it was a mistake but they quietly corrected it (not before i did a screen recording snoping snopes. .. RIP To Dr. Gaynor <3

  • thank you Lin XO

  • on phone and can only see limited posts can check later.. or PM them to me on FB.. http://facebook.com/healthnutnews

  • So, so sad……

  • TJHillgardner

    Fear Mongering 101 – A; Conspiracy Theory 201 A+; Journalism 101 D.

  • TJHillgardner

    If you are not saying that these deaths are connected, why do you let people comment on here that these people all were “killed by Big Pharma” without correction? Aren’t you inviting them to draw this conclusion?

  • Mak

    Press alt f4
    You won’t see those comments anymore

  • Why thank you so much for the the (un)kind words as I attempt to make a video and write about someone we knew who was found dead.. I didn’t intend it to be a series when the other doctors died (some friends, some colleagues) that I wrote about. You’re too kind..

  • Gracie

    Too many car accidents, has anyone investigated this one, that he made it through? There were two that involved near misses with big trucks I think…..

  • Susan Littleton

    Fortunately most are onto Snopes for having been hijacked and corrupted.

  • Susan Littleton

    Take heart! Be encouraged. We are not as helpless as they want us to feel. Let’s all of us agree to pray for all in the holistic health professions for protection.

  • Susan Littleton

    I agree, and I think they all have rock solid proof of Big Pharma conspiracy to infect and poison us especially with the use of vaccines.

  • susandaytoday

    Please be safe ! There are too many evil people doing harm to the good guys .

  • Les Toolish

    Time to get a statistician to show how extremely improbable it is to have so many deaths in a small co-hort of middle-aged people. Indeed, these people should be considerably healthier than the average person their age. BTW, Snopes is for dopes. It is a standard narrative guardian and nothing more when it comes to political conspiracies.

  • Colonicslady

    I got it, there is one issue that is NOT being discussed still, that is this. You can meditate and understand the feminine energy, then we must also, stop ALL metals into the body, and WE MUST CLEANSE WITH COLONICS THE ORGANS ESPECIALLY THE BOWEL. The Holistic doctors are still dancing around the most important issue, that being the REMOVAL of so much Internal garbage. I suppose until they themselves will work with those colonic people that do this properly, they will still be settling, and so will the masses! The feminine energy is the cleansing that since the beginning of time was practiced by the mothers and grandmothers that kept their children and families clean internally by practicing “removing all manner of disease out through the bowel” Dead Sea Scrolls, this is PROPHETIC INFORMATION coming to a new generation. Don’t we think it is about time that we give the credit where the credit is due, that would be God Almighty, not this man’s ego krap that everyone is fighting over to be the originator of such inadequate great healthcare!!!!!

  • colonicslady

    Forgot to add that the Nagalase can be washed out with colonics, therefore leaving the cells free to produce the naturally occurring GCMAF protein that will self protect the cells once again therefore keeping the immune system in tact! This is the feminine energy function within the body available from the WASHING away of the poison Nagalase, existing in vaccinations and probably also contained in the heavy metal dentistry materials. This is so simple!!!!

  • jazzteroid

    pull your head out of your ass.

  • Ok. So why aren’t we creating check in lists of all natural doctors dealing with cancer non pharmaceutical style. Make sure they are documenting their steps. And whatever they may have heard that was unique, any threats made to them, suspicious activity.
    Maybe stop this bs in its tracks.

    We either have Pharma killing people or we have a group of cult people murdering or we have one really bad sicko or two plotting these out. Something is going on and yes… my gut instinct says duh… they’re connected.

    11 natural health doctors from Florida … missing or dead.

    Oh shit. Has anyone looked at what symposium they all attended together and checked guests out? Find out what happened there.? Did one give advice to a rich man’s wife about cancer that she followed and died? No he’s pissed off and saying WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY A GAME. ..

    They all seem to be related to Florida but them look how many pharma companies are in Florida .

    I hope LEO is on this now. Just too many connections to not be real.

  • Tjhillgardner

    Sorry to say it. Wrong conclusion or not, it is looking pretty malevolent heading towards the Pharmaceutical Industry.

    They are already in control of so much, forcing people to take medications that might kill them, not allowing others that might heal them… creating the need for the DEA… profit and loss dictating human health.

    Yeah it kinda doesn’t seem like a wrong conclusion and I would say anyone who drew that conclusion today would be on the 95% of people looking at the same evidence woukd come up with the same issue, suspects and more…..

  • John Higginbotham

    A threat to the profit model

  • Fear mongering. Interesting choice of words. I would think that the larger news companies NOT COVERING THESE AND MAKING A BIG DEAL OF THEM…. is horrifically more fearful than this simple reporting.

    Why would you not be afraid?

  • Erwin Alber

    They can see the tide turning against them because more and more people are waking up, so I suspect that they figure there is a need for action.

  • Erwin Alber

    Do you by any chance have ties to the medical-pharmaceutical mafia TJ?

  • Seema Sophia Kapoor

    so sick of this shit.. Bastards zionist jews..

  • murican

    oh shut the fuck up…

  • Randje K Randje

    Money money money.

  • catarina


  • Lauri

    prayers for your continued safety, Sir

  • Lauri

    fucking idiot^^ A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  • Lauri

    you need a better dictionary my dear, your translation is very obviously flawed

  • Actually, AnnBlakeTracy is trying to convince EVERYONE that these deaths were due to all of these doctors/nurses TAKING pharmaceuticals… talk about a government agent infiltrating this website…

  • You’re an idiot TJ… either that or ANOTHER government disinfo agent on this website… Hey HealthNutNews, you have A LOT of government agents on this site… they’re clever and at least one has blended in well… ANP is watching the govt trolls on your site and on ours.. they’re scared to death that we KNOW they’re killing our holistic doctors and trying to steer the conversation away from truth….

  • TJHillgardner is DEFINITELY collecting a paycheck for his comments…

  • Kimberly Kirk

    Wha? Why Rothschilds?

  • Mrs M

    I tried to vote you down, but for some reason I couldn’t so this is a verbal thumbs down.

  • robert

    24/7 Body Cam, Only in America we’re told by Big Pharma to ask our DR about a medicine advertised to cure us, with enough deadly precautions to actually kill us. Good work on the ph miracle information. Stay safe and expose them for what they are, Greedy Liars…

  • Sarah Burnett-Moore

    I don’t suppose you’re more likely to die if you refuse ‘proper’ medicine by any chance. Also why does this only happen in the States? Naturopaths and allopathic doctors are perfectly safe in the UK. Couldn’t have anything to do with Us gun laws and dissatisfied patients by any chance?

  • twinfusionrocks

    Donna Kuhn is an ill- informed, It is physically impossible for that to be anti-Semitism, when the “jews” aren’t even ancient semites!! They are fake Semites!

  • justme

    Go back to your camel, sweetie, the tent is empty without you. Leave Americans to their American discussions.

  • Bilbo

    FYI, “Upstate New York outside Manhattan.” 99.9% of NYState is outside of Manhattan.
    My condolences for DR. Gaynor’s passing.

  • Alleged Comment

    HMMM… these holistic doctors must be onto something! I will pay more attention to what they are saying from now on.

    Want to see who their murderers are? Who are they opposing???

  • I believe this is RED LIST “hits”, before the total planned destruction of USAcorp. What I’d love to know is how are other alternative medical practitioners are faring in other countries… Shalom

  • Stacy

    Thank you Dr. Young for your pH Miracle Books- they have certainly changed the way I think of the body and my life.

  • Robert Walton

    Thank You Erin so much. Life with fear is how they control the
    masses! Life on this spinning ball of rock at over 42000 miles per hr or more is
    such a blessing every day. I tend to ask young and old every day, “How
    is / was your day, then I listen. Then with patient ears, they
    eventually ask how was yours? I respond with, “Hey, I was of the
    fortunate ones today, I woke up today and met you!

    Yes, lets keep their ideas ALIVE, for the right / great ideas go on for centuries!

  • barbarakelly

    Leave it too our gov. to kill off drs. that heal rather the Pharmecy making money off of us who they give us useless drugs and they earn from the stocks market. These DR. that are dying are holistic med. DR. Tell me have you heard any of them giving meds have people died from their help–NO But with big pharma making money is more important then healing the patient. Big Pharma has given patients false hope. Itis Rigged people. They want us to die.If we get a plaque, HELL WAKE UP AND DON’T GO TO A HOSPITAL, tHE WAITING TIME WILL BE HORRIBLE.

  • Pat

    The medical mafia is at it again.

  • Pee Doctor

    Aren’t the owners of Snopes being charged with fraud and corruption? It’s a rumor I heard, not confirmed. It certainly shouldn’t surprise any of us.

  • Jeff

    Could you please offer some evidence Snopes is owned by liars and some examples of Snopes lies that show the kind of pattern your characterization implies?

  • Jeff

    Please don’t hesitate to link to a news story from a credible source showing the owners of the website Snopes are being charged by a law enforcement organization with fraud and corruption. I’ll wait right here.

  • Jeff

    Really? No evidence of blood clots, of coronary artery blockage is ever found in sudden cardiac arrest?


  • Jeff

    Any evidence this is the case?

  • I’ll let Marie answer since you were talking to her – but since they wrote several articles about me and my site. here’s me debunking them in one instance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5FrenVxOZc

  • Hildy_K

    I am so damn fed up with the filthy rockefellers, the ama which is owned by the rockefellers. Lousy, evil medical system. Doctors and pharma in bed together. Could give a tinker’s damn about healing.

  • Pens1000

    He was not oopsed to traditional medicine in his practice, the big pharma consipiracy does not hold in this case. To those commenting, please do not use this tragedy to further an agenda.

  • Frisco1522

    Did they say something bad about Shrillary?

  • BC

    Prayers that God will continue to protect you.

  • BC

    They weren’t hijacked, they have always been this way.

  • Dark Cabal

    Somebody please stop this madness of alt. Health Care Doctors being murdered!!!!!

  • TJ, my readers are a smart bunch. How can I “correct” them when I have no idea if they’re connected or not. None of us do. I think the comment section is all about opinions. There are plenty (and i mean plenty) of comments of people who say they were NOT connected0 on the dozens of articles I (gently) broke on our friends who died (most were colleagues or we knew them) So it’s only fair to welcome people to give their opinion if they think they are (big P, govt, serial killer etc) I’m all about people reading articles and drawing their own conclusions. Isn’t that what’s life’s all about? 🙂

  • garlandsoflettuce

    HAS ANYONE HEARD OF A GROUP CALLED “Citizens for Science in Medicine”????????!!!!!!!!!!!!???????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FreeBird Fly

    I also want to add Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of “Manifest your own destiny”, “Your erroneous zones” etc. to this conspiracy list. He recently passed away Aug. 30th of unknown causes. Dr. Wayne often talked about how our bodies can heal themselves on their own without the need of chemicals and medicine and so much more.

  • Pardon? We knew Mitch Gaynor and I work in the holistic organic healing herbal world. I’m defending the guy. I think you need to re read my article. this is health nut news.. hello!? LOL

  • jane

    this is foul play!! now the new york times claims it’s suicide. i am a patient of dr. gaynor for the last four years and know that he would never commit suicide. i saw him once a week for the last four years. he was not only my doctor but a close relative. i can’t express how devastating it is. battling cancer i never wish harm on anyone not even on my worst enemy but i truly hope whoever is behind this pays for it. can anyone recommend another integrative oncologist in new york? i have lost my genius.

  • Jane I am so sorry. I’ll try and see if there’s another holistic oncologist, but at the time that I talked to Mitch’s staff they had no one. I might have recommended Suzanne Somer’s doctor who pretty much cured her of CANCER, but alas HE died too and according to his website they cannot find a cause of death and he was in perfect health (well, up until he died) and just more mysteries. I’ll let you know if i find someone. 99% of the emails and comments pouring in are like yours who say they don’t believe it. Then there is an odd 1% who are scaring me telling me not to write about it anymore and that it’s 100% suicide (HOW do they know this?) saying the sheriff said it (which he did to NY Times but they can call this so soon?) I think I’ll have to give them a call tomorrow.

  • jane

    thank you erin. please be careful.

  • bethany chamberlain

    I was treated for cancer by Dr Gaynor in 2006. Mitchell Gaynor did more than save my life, he changed it, setting me on a course of wellness and spiritual practice from which I benefit to this day. I’m guessing most fortunate enough to have found themselves in the care of this enlightened, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable healer share my utter disbelief that he would end his own life. Indeed, his philosophy that illness is an opportunity for healing and self-knowledge was formed as a child of nine, as he watched his own mother die of breast cancer with equanimity and grace. That is what he brought to each consultation, each treatment, each cup of green tea he presented to his patients at the conclusion of our day’s chemo infusions. I knew nothing about this rash of suspicious deaths until a friend — treated by Dr Gaynor around the same time I was — brought it to my attention this afternoon. Dr Gaynor wasn’t just another doctor — and I have been fortunate to have been treated by many fine ones — he was someone whose life’s work was the antithesis of self-destruction. Whether his death is the product of a criminal conspiracy or an emotional ebb so low it’s beyond my ken, the absence of this phenomenal human being leaves the world much, much poorer. Rest in peace, Dr Gaynor. The truth will out.

  • HK

    Does anybody know a good alternative oncologist to see in his absence? Time is of the essence.

  • Helen Krieger

    Can anyone recommend any oncologists who are doing similar work to him?

  • omg that is my new favorite saying ever. Snopes is for dopes 🙂 As they’ve now dedicated a THIRD article in my honor attempted to debunk me (and each time pretty much failing miserably) I think i’ll get that on a t shirt 🙂 XO

  • Hell, it turns out the authorities called it a suicide anyway. so anyone being paid to write (or writing for free) that “it must have been the car accident and he was bleeding internally!” can stop because alas, he did NOT die of natural causes and was KILLED 🙁 By himself or someone else we don’t know for certain and hope the local yocals will continue a real investigation and not muck it up (too much : ) RIP Mitch. we miss you.

  • Jeff they’re finishing the double blind peer reviewed study right now (c’mon … really? I didn’t make the comment but we have fingerprints and a mounting pile of evidence (that’s a joke)

  • Maureen Young

    Pharmaceutical nd govmnt don’t want holistic healing to care for our medical problems. This is not coincidental when 11 holistic Drs are dead in 90 days!!! Any fool can figure out what’s going on and make the connection.

  • it appears as if more than one attended more than one event together more than one time (did that make sense? it’s very late. and alas, we knew more than one and met more than one 🙁 so sad,

  • @helen_krieger:disqus- I’d recommend cancer expert and genius Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez (MD) who was also in NYC and was also curing cancer and was Suzanne Somer’s doctor (she’s done numerous tributes to him) but alas, he died suddenly and mysteriously too and his own website says right on front (by his medical staff) That they cannot figure out yet how he died and autopsy reports were inconclusive. I’ll see who else i can recommend 🙁

  • Let me see who i can come up with. what part of the country are you from?

  • Bethany, I am so sorry for your loss. My partner of 6 yrs (Dr Mercola) and I knew Mitch and we are very saddened. Rest in peace indeed. We knew so many of the doctors and i never thought, in my wildest dreams, that when i wrote the first about a doctor I admired- Dr Bradstreet- that it would turn into a series (a bad series and unintended) of our colleagues who I met and respected.. RIP Dr Gaynor. I hope the truth all comes out soon as I’m still left in the dark what the heck happened here.

  • Thanks Jane. My better half (a holistic DO) and I are doing our best XO

  • yes they officially announced it as a heart attack … AFTER he was cured naturally (I am told) of cancer and spoke out about it. I don’t know anything further but so so sad.

  • no you have a link?

  • @Pens@Pens1000:disqus Are you saying he killed himself? Dr. Mercola and I knew Mitch. We realize he used conventional forms of medicine too… Believe it or not (shocker of all shockers!) So did MANY of the holistic MD’s and DO’s found dead. I don’t know many or any of my colleagues (well, the ones still left alive as they seem to be dying at an alarming rate this summer) who are strictly holistic… Most did support allopathic and worked with dual modes. Just like Dr. Gaynor. may he rest in peace. I know now he was killed (did you know that part) Who killed him? I don’t know yet. Sheriff has called it a suicide but i am also told an investigation is ongoing. Again, curious if you are saying he took his own life?

  • yes i saw someone else post his name. Do you have a contact link?

  • @Lauri@disqus_6oFiTz3p51:disqus Agreed. I think they misread the article and poor Catarina’s comment came out differently than intended 🙂

  • Turns out they’re saying he was killed now (sheriff’s office- senior investigator) But they’re saying right now he killed himself (AFTER the alleged car accident and AFTEr the alleged intestinal flu he just took his life. 99% of his patients (and there are MANY who write and post publicly) are not buying it. I don’t know what to think 🙁

  • garlandsoflettuce

    No I just saw the name in one of dr. Gaynor’s articles on his website. I thought it was interesting because in the article it stated that this group seemS to have taken issue with dr. Gaynor’s work… I’ll see if I can find the article again and post it here

  • yes let me know if you can! thanks!

  • Peter D

    Problem is, he didn’t ‘die in the woods’ at all, he died at home, nothing suspicious, please check your facts first before publishing.

  • if you’d read my follow-up you’d see that the New York Times contacted me and I was there source. We knew Mich and I were friends with Mitch and he was found dead in his country home. Call the office yourself and see if they don’t tell you that he wasn’t found in the woods at his country home in upstate New York. Why don’t you check your fax next time. Dr. mercola and I knew him and unless you were a personal friend or you were there? I don’t think you know

  • Ps. You didn’t even have to read the updated piece after NY times reached out to me asking me for details as i am how they read about it. It says so right in the article -that you could not bother to read past the headline –that he was found at his country home in the woods outside we are told. He was killed and they are claiming he killed himself. Not at all suspicious. Right. Who are you again? Dr mercola and I knew Mitch and we are devastated at his death.

  • John Gelber

    A surgical removal of holistic practitioners? Perhaps a special ops crew of a private army?
    Monsanto bought blackwater for cash!
    So sorry for your loss. Nonetheless, Stay well .

  • Melinda

    Big Pharma is the teflon version of Murder, Inc.—NUTHIN’ sticks to THEM! Not even cold-blooded premeditated murder of innocent, highly productive citizens.

  • Rick

    Jeff, you a shill?

  • Rick

    Jeff… You are the type person that when told Chicago is a dangerous place to visit… You Fact check it with Chicago’s tourists site….

  • HollywoodDUMP

    yes the evidence is a dead body that didn’t die of natural causes of their dead friend in the woods. call the sheriff if you don’t believe the good doctor’s wife!

  • NYDogWhisperer

    Watch your back…people are leaving in droves…it’s really scarey.

  • NYDogWhisperer

    How do you know that?

  • NYDogWhisperer

    They are calling it another suicide, not internal bleeding. So many alternative doctor suicides in such a short time? Like all the bankers that suddenly started committing suicide. Doctors disappearing and killing themselves within a short span of time…any moron can tell it’s a plot.

  • NYDogWhisperer

    What IS killing them? It’s not suicide I’m sure, it’s not a heart attack, I’m sure…what is the common thread? Something difficult to detect..what could it be?

  • TheTruth Hurts

    Just finished watching the interview of Dr Mitchell Gaynor on RT today. A part of me knows “the medical industrial complex” will destroy this guy while I was hearing the medical advice (truth) he gave. Next thing I did was to do a search on him to find out more about him, then it came up with articles stating he was dead few days ago.. Another MURDER and of course the official statement says it’s not. To find out more about the “medical industrial complex,” go read the book by Eustace Mullins called, “Murder by Injection.” Mr Mullins is one of the best if not the best 20-21st century American patriot and historian that most American has never heard of. So my gift to you all, please read his materials and don’t let his hard work and sacrifices go wasted. GOOD LUCK guys!

  • Terry

    Why would a person have a car accident then walk into the woods and kill themselves?
    Someone needs to investigate these deaths.
    We, as a group need to push this up the ladder somehow.

  • MissEcoGlam

    well said Erin!

  • eolnavigator

    I’m devastated. I was one of Dr. Gaynor’s infusion nurses in the 90’s. He was a brilliant man & ahead of his time. It’s very difficult to believe that he would commit suicide. I don’t believe it.

  • Rob MacGregor

    No response to the original response to you from the author? Interesting behavior. I have seen passive aggressive puppets like you before and I know how this will turn out. Go ahead and give me your best shot, I won’t be paying attention.

  • Jeff

    I am awaiting a response from Pee Doctor. Since I only noticed Erin’s response today, I make a response to her video.

  • Jeff

    Robert, would you care to share with us some ways your life has been threatened by the Feds or the Big Pharma Cos? Also, could I ask you to call the police when you suspect anyone is tailing you or means you harm? That would go a long way.

  • Jeff

    Could you share this evidence with us?

  • Jeff

    Are you Rick Adams? LMFAOAWOBP!

  • Jeff

    The number of those calling themselves holistic medical professionals is rather large. Tens of thousands. There are 44,500 chiropractors. At least 4,500 members are in the AANP (American Association of Naturopathic Physicians) alone. In a given month, we could well expect up to a dozen deaths. My surprise is that there aren’t more being reported here.

  • Jeff

    The response I made to this video has been removed.

  • Jeff

    I made a response to this but it was removed.

  • Erin, this is crazy! My doctor is off to a conference in Germany and one entire day of the conference is going to be dedicated to discussing this scandal. Have you seen the RTNews segment on this? I’m trying to find it on the web but I can’t find it anywhere.

  • Les Toolish

    You do great work and you have my permission to use it. You should feel free to address them as a place used only by lazy fools eager to confirm a false narrative. and . ALL of their entries about Sandy Hook, 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, etc. are nonsense for which any sixth grader would receive a failing grade here in Chapel Hill were the paper on any other topic. Keep fighting the good fight!

  • nikhilsheth

    Too many sudden deaths in the same niche area to explain away as random co-incidences. Seeing a link between them and a conspiracy is simple common sense : it’s step no.1 for any detective. Instead, we have self-declared “scientific” people bending over backwards, going out of their way to attack anyone who dares to link these deaths together. That only signals that this conspiracy is real, and the establishment is in on it.

  • nikhilsheth

    What you’re basically demanding is that the author should be biased to one side, in the name of neutrality. Sorry sir, but neutrality doesn’t translate to being in absolute denial and pretending everything is OK.

  • nikhilsheth

    Jeff, how about you make some efforts in finding out who killed all these people instead of troubling the people who ARE making that effort? Can you explain so many deaths in one niche extremely attacked profession by pure random co-incidence? Where’s your proof or established precedent of such a thing happening at any other time and it NOT being a conspiracy? (and pleez don’t quote the banker deaths)

  • nikhilsheth

    Guys this guy looks like a Snopes shill. He’s deliberately distracting from the actual issue. I’m flagging him

  • nikhilsheth

    Thanks for nailing it! Dr.Volpe, did you notice how you suddenly jumped on to a random speculation without any real evidence, and used that to smear a much more credible and evidence-backed explanation? Or wait, maybe that was the intention…

  • nikhilsheth

    bulllshitt, trying to chalk it up to random chance. Dear Jeff, how many are PROMINENT ones having authored seminal books, given talks and interviews, been published widely? TENS OF THOUSANDS? Kindly prove.

  • faketony

    I can`t believe the comments I`m reading…

    Sunday is my day to take a long walk and listen to the People’s Pharmacy, taped locally in NC.

    Today’s show was an interview with Dr. Gaynor and his insights found in his book, ‘The Gene Therapy Plan’.

    Interesting stuff; end of the show the Graedons dedicated the show to Dr. Gaynor mentioning his death.

    Of course I don’t believe the inane conclusion his death was the results of murder and the implication the Sheriff’s office was covering for big pharma anymore than I believe Kendrick Johnson was murdered in a high school in Valdosta by the sons of a FBI agent and rolled in a mat to hide his corpse and the sheriffs department, Lowndes school district, coroner, medical examiner, GBI, etc. were all in on it to cause an injustice.

    I decided against purchasing Dr. Gaynor’s book after seeing Dr. Oz’s name on the cover…

    You people need to get a grip.

  • IHC

    Snopes is known to manipulate facts when it suits whom benefits. They do have an agenda. They are known to report lies as truths.
    Long story short – trust in their ‘facts’ is a mistake.

  • Kate Mana

    I am truly grateful to Dr. Gaynor. Although i went to him for cancer prevention, I told him of extreme fatigue that I had experienced for one year and a half. I went over and over to my primary care physician and he did not offer help. In one visit with Dr. Gaynor, he actually listened to me and tested me for Lyme. Two weeks later the results came back positive. I would never guessed it was Lyme that was making my life hell. If he hadn’t tested me I think I’d still be walking around suffering…not knowing. Rest in peace Dr. Gaynor.

  • styxter60

    Conspiracy Theorist: Nothing more than a derogatory title used to dismiss a critical thinker.

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  • Don

    Blow me anti semitic bitch.

  • thomas

    Hey Erin,
    With all the horrible and evil things that government entities are involved in these days, I would not doubt that this is all connected.
    I’ll bet if someone did the statistics, it would be impossible for all these “suicides”. It is kind of like Vince Foster.
    We live in a country where the government uses soft kill weapons on the population with chemtrails, GMOs, vaccines, fluoride, etc…