Famous Holistic Doctor & Wife Allegedly Jump to Death off Manhattan Office Highrise- Leave Typed Suicide Notes


Update: According to authorities and eyewitnesses, a neighbor swears they heard screaming just before the fatalities. You can also find a GoFundMe link for the children at the bottom of the page along with the 200+ comments.

On Friday, July 28, at around 5:45 a.m., a well known holistic Manhattan doctor (who loved his family and was a regular volunteer including a first responder at 9/11) and his wife allegedly jumped to their deaths leaving separate and typed suicide notes, in securely sealed ziplock baggies, in their pockets. (You get to decide how you feel about that. Also, can you think of the last time the news published a picture of a suicide note? Me neither, but you can see it below.)

Glenn and Patty Scarpelli in happier times – credit FACEBOOK

They were found on the street shortly before 6 a.m. by a shocked woman who worked at a nearby store.


We find it interesting (if not absurd), that the few mainstream outlets who reported the news initially stated they killed themselves over Obamacare, which was not repealed a few hours before they died. Then, we watched some of the headlines change (ours never did), as they switched the narrative to say it was because of financial woes, as described in the typed notes.

A misleading title on mainstream:

Another article with a misleading article, as later it was reported authorities misspoke when they initially said it was because of “health care bills” (it was not).

From the NY POST: (one of the few mainstream sources to even report the tragedy)

Dr. Scarpelli’s wife, Patty,  also had a suicide note in her pocket asking that someone take care of their children who were upstairs. (And why were the children upstairs when they didn’t jump from their apartment building but from their holistic clinic which was on Madison Avenue? Does that mean their sweet kids saw them jump?)


“The bodies of 53-year-old famed chiropractor Dr. Glenn Scarpelli and his wife, 50-year-old Patricia Colant, were found in the middle of the street on 33rd Street between Park and Madison avenues in Murray Hill, after the pair jumped from the ninth-floor window of a 17-story corner office building on Madison Avenue at about 5:45 a.m., police said.

Glenn, whose office was on the same floor of the building where the couple jumped, titled the suicide note found in his pocket, “WE HAD A WONDERFUL LIFE.” It was typed on a piece of white paper.”1

Speaking of the children, what was the reason they would leave their children and jump to their deaths? Debt. They were in debt. Allegedly. And not even $250,000, according to experts.

We don’t know much else at this time, but we have many friends in common with Dr. Scarpelli and his wife. Our heart goes out to their family. We understand from neighbors and from these mutual friends (not to mention patients!) who are telling us directly that they were incredibly kind, loving, happy, generous and “full of life”. They state that this “doesn’t add up” and is “hard to believe to say the least”.

We will update you as soon as more information becomes available.

HERE IS THE GOFUND ME for the kids – we always share these for the families, and thank the thousands who have donated because of them.

XO Erin

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Erin Elizabeth


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Sources and References

  1. NY Post, July 28, 2017.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • sandymoonstar

    Doesn’t make sense. Who leaves their children behind because of debt?

  • Diane Riddle

    Something is wrong with all this. Holistic doctors (in droves) don’t get murdered, jump from bridges, commit suicide, etc….what is going on? Big pharma getting scared!!!!

  • Sharon Thornal

    Do you really believe it was suicide?

  • nick quinlan

    The pharmaceutical/medical industry makes the old time mafia look tame. Criminals in a corrupt industry, that has bought and paid for ownership of the US government.

  • Dorothy Matlean Lewis

    Sounds like murder to me

  • Bj

    This is ridiculous. So convenient they just so happened to have 2 suicide notes that were typed so the handwriting couldn’t be checked. Why would there be 2 suicide notes if they were both committing suicide together?? There should have been only one note. Sounds fishy to me. Hope they check this out the thoroughly.

  • ursulamargrit

    More like, they ‘were jumped’ out of that window. And who has ever heard of typed suicide notes in people’s pockets, rather than handwritten notes?

  • lakotasue

    It’s not murder…it’s cowardice and ego. WHY would they leave their children behind? How callous can you be? Their ego was tied up in their possessions and was too fragile for them to even think about scaling back on their extravagant lifestyle, and the mentality of, “Oh no! What will they think of us?!”. People who abandon their children to leave them on their own just to save their egos are nothing but a cowards.

  • Mrs.K

    Strange how so many holistic doctors have suicidal tendencies? That is not normal and nothing is being said in the media either….its like a serial killer is on the loose among holistic doctors.

  • Helen Dyjak

    and Australian Federal Government as well!!!

  • Helen Dyjak

    NO!!!BIG Pharma’s profits were subsiding!!

  • Helen Dyjak

    BIG Pharma pays media 1.3 billion in USA NOT to report!!!

  • Helen Dyjak

    lakotasue-so they both typed suicide NOTES!!! really??open yr mind !!!

  • Linda Nelson

    I agree with you. He was a quack Chriopractor. He was in debt. Pharmaceutical Companies having involvement is downright paranoia.

  • Ed Wade

    Oh, the mind is open, lakotasue and Linda Nelson are just doing their job.

  • Isabel

    They will check it the same way they checked all the others….

  • Ann

    This is murder.

  • Jason Strotheide

    Knowing them, I can tell you that they were not that way. good solid people who valued life, loved their children, loved God, and were dedicated to their faith.

  • arlenegkruse

    By doing absolutely nothing to solve the crime. 🙁

  • Ann

    People in debt don’t commit suicide. If they do, then that would be just about everyone I know.

  • Francis Andrews

    So this morning on FB was posted they killed themselves because they couldn’t afford health insurance. Famed Holistic doctors? Please. Which is it? Have a hard time believing anything I read anymore, wait an hour you get a different story.

  • Larry Swanson

    It would seem a lot of you aren’t aware these are not the first doctors that oppose pharmaceuticals to die from suicide.. Help me out here.. Isn’t it like 50+?… In the last year? There’s a difference between conspiracy and facts. As some point it needs honest attention.

  • Lesly Jendrzejak

    Sounds like Linda listens to gossip. The only people who calls someone quack are pharma-bought trolls and were you their accountant? How do you know they were in debt? Pharmaceutical companies are notorious for corruption since they started with Nazi medical experiments during WWII. It is NOT paranoia or coincidence that over 60+ natural doctors have deceased or disappeared under mysterious circumstances over the last 18 months.

  • Larry, yes I wrote the series from day one and was the only one to tie the together (I don’t say that often) Many of them were personal friends of my other half (Dr Mercola) and mine Link to all their deaths and the thousands of hours i put into writing the pieces are in the link right in the article. Just look above for 60 (I must update we’re at over 70 now in no time)

  • Francis, scary isn’t it? I have screen shots and am going live on that story in a sec how fishy it got as they changed their tune in mainstream. Erin

  • So sorry for your loss Jason…. I hear this from countless friends, colleagues, doctors and their own patients as this day goes on 🙁 RIP

  • Karma is a real bitch. And when people speak ill of the dead on the day they are found dead it’s never good juju, Linda.. An investigation is being done as to what happened and don’t come to my page berating our colleagues whose bodies are still warm.

  • Cin

    Those poor kids. I feel sorry for whomever is behind some of these deaths. Their children will want answers!

  • Vassya Illich

    bs, PLANT

  • Vassya Illich

    ANOTHER plant

  • Vassya Illich

    No, it sounds like linda is a plant.

  • Jen S. Jones

    Exactly, like they are going to leave their kids without anyone to take care of them. This seems suspicious. Someone should take a look at his list of patients to see who may have visited him that could have warranted him to be taken out for knowing too much. or see if he was active in speaking out against the medical system. This is suspicious.

  • Normajean

    People who gullibly believe the media spin cycle need to go to “rehab” from their soap opera addictions!

  • Kate Willens

    we are living in a Banana Republic, so many crimes of the elites go unpunished

  • Kate Willens

    like so much else that the “News” aka leftist propaganda media is not coverying

  • DDDDDuane

    Linda is probably an idiot who runs to the doctor for antibiotics when she has gas…..(probably very frequently…)…

  • DDDDDuane

    This was purportedly their office….Who brings their children (probably at least teens) to their workplace at 5 AM to commit suicide unless it was an insane family plan to give their children a big insurance pay off….

  • DDDDDuane

    There was the actor back in the early 80s named Glenn Scarpelli on “One Day At A Time”….I wonder if this guy was that kid actor….

  • Deplorable Covfefe & winning

    Is that typed directly from your script?

  • Kathryn Kane Cherpin

    God’s comfort and peace to you and all of the family. May we all unite in prayer for God to protect those who stand up for the truth against big pharma and other gov. entities.



  • Fred

    probably murdered..by the grieving relatives these charlatans have been robbing all these years..may these pseudotossing fraudsters rot in hell….good riddance you pair of cunts.

  • Anka

    How do you mean? The doctor was a fraud?

  • www.afterhogwarts.com

    Imagine if you were to comit sucide, where would you leave the note? Perhaps someplace near where you wrote it? Your bedroom or workspace. The intent is for loved ones to find it not for strangers or police and investigators. Your last monents on earth are reflective of life, love, family not the actual violence of death itself. The only person who thinks about the actual act of violience in death is the murderer who would have put the note in a bag to protect it and attach it to their vitim for police to find.

  • Dede

    thank you for putting these horrible rude & callous people back in their box..Their comments are so unbelievable moronic that i cant help but wonder if someone from a pharma company is posting them to shift the idea way from murder.

  • Sonja Hardy

    Wouldn’t be surprised if whoever is behind this has already raided his office and taken any records.

  • Smell The Coffee

    Scopolamine (aka Hyosine), LSD and murder? Decades ago a scientist/spy (?) was given an overdose of LSD and alleged to have jumped from a hotel window.

    The Washington, D.C. Madam “wrote a note” then supposedly hanged herself in a shed on her mother’s property days before she was scheduled to reveal the contents of her Little Black Book. The book has never surfaced.

    The Russian diplomats who’ve died recently also “jumped to their deaths” and, of course, we remember that Foster fellow who “suicided” himself in a park during the Clinton heyday. As for the duo who died yesterday? No mention of doing a toxicology report on these two–not that it would do any good.

    Al Capone and his mob or Dillinger couldn’t hold a candle to today’s operatives. For that matter, neither could anyone untangle the web of lies and deceit surrounding the deaths of JFK, RFK or MLK. When those in power fear being exposed people disappear with “very simple” explanations and little fanfare–except, of course, the notices that go up regarding fundraising (for a fee and with an “administrator” tagging along) the innocent survivors.

    And, as usual, within 24 hours or less we have another frightening critical issue to deal with which MSM splatters all over the airways repeatedly for emphasis. Not. The carefully planned and executed distraction(s) are not having the effect on some folks as the creators may have expected. Thank Heaven for Dr. Erin.

  • GaryB

    I may have been born at night, but not last night. I know the mainstream media is stupid enough to believe this, but I doubt the police are. If this is not being investigated, then the corruption goes to the highest levels. Wake up folks Typed suicide notes in zippy bags ? Really ?

  • Janet Slimak

    Different Glen Scarpelli. Check wikipedia.

  • The Great Scalooch

    So they were in debt so they thought the best way to help their kids was to kill themselves?? LOL…I doubt it. They were murdered…..Check to see if there might be a Clinton connection….

  • The Great Scalooch

    They were murdered….

  • this seriously sounds like fake news, did this actually happen?

    as for the 50-60 other naturopaths who died ‘by suicide’ (?), were they also well known and well off?

    that is so nuts. I am always surprised how intimidated the powerful get to us simple folk. it would seem there would likely be some legitimacy to people’s ponderings and questions if the above questions are true.

  • CHANGE Coach

    The “officials” take over the stupidy of the US President posting fake news.

  • CHANGE Coach

    Could some start a petition that this cases get more intention?

  • Anne Walker

    I do hope that you and Dr Mercola are watching out. Do you have security?

  • outsideobserverloookingin

    I am with you on this –when anyone PISSES THEIR MONEY WAY—– why feel sorry for them–actually these people probably enjoyed a lifestyle- other people knew they could not afford…Why do people question the motives when the truth is obvious? Now about the type written suicide notes—just another form of communication… Pharms–having hit men–very ridiculous.

  • Jennifer Lee

    Do the murderers really think we are so stupid? Good people like this don’t leave their children, no matter what. This screams murder!!

  • rosebud

    typed suicide notes are always suspect. Plus, the initial headlines about Obamacare also raise my eyebrows. Clearly the notes were NOT about Obamacare so where did the news outlets get their headline? In addition, we currently have Obamacare and the skinny repeal vote was defeated before they jumped so if they were worried about losing Obamacare that makes no sense at all. Whats going on here and will they even investigate? Have the powers that be gone so far as to murder someone to gain attention for obamacare?

  • Joe

    These folks were murdered.

  • rosebud

    I don’t think you can receive insurance if you commit suicide

  • Jennifer Lee

    Wow, I don’t think anyone has pushed this nonsense yet.

  • Concerned mother from Michigan

    So sad and disturbing. God help the truth come out!!!

  • Greghall

    Exactly, together they decide to _ _ _ and each write seperate notes…, hmmm? If this couple were arguing i would still expect a single note or no note, never two seperate “typed notes.” No. I do not accept this from any perspective.

    I wonder how much more or less money, slow natural healing costs insurance companies when compared with surgery. Are holistic physicians negatively impacting surgeons…, nah, it’s pharmaceuticals

    Or, is it lawyers who have come to depend on accident chasing for their incomes who now have to wait longer to settle cases?

  • gary mascall

    What this tells you is the corruption of Big Pharma is so easy to see, once pointed out by a Trusted person, that they have turned it into a war of attrition.

  • gary mascall

    dont worry about LINDA , it is a auto sign up sock account,
    Check the profile and e mail.

  • Diane Carol Christofferson

    This is truly not rational behavior. I don’t believe these deaths were voluntary. Suicide notes in plastic bags? Leaving children behind?

  • tamajam10

    ‘They’ (dark forces controlling what we are ‘told’) seem to becoming more desperate to keep the lid on the fake ‘reality’ they have created. In spite of all of the damage (vaccines, fluoride, GMO’s, chemtrails, glyphosate, etc.) ‘they’ have intentionally inflicted upon the human mind and body (made in the image of God), more people are still ‘waking up’ to the Truth. God will not be mocked. Galatians 6:7. Prayers for their children. God Bless.

  • Wrongway Britton

    Are you not afraid for your own life??

  • Fishy

    There’s a software that can detect with almost 100% certainty if someone wrote/typed something based on their writing style. The software compares ample samples of people’s posts, writings, work to the letter and could tell if it was written by said person. It was used to analyze one of the most famous letters by “Lincoln” and confirmed that he didn’t write it. Of course this tech will NEVER be used to determine suicide not authenticity because all suicides of any importance are murders. I wouldn’t be surprised though if the murderers are actually going to use the software to concoct suicide notes for victims in the future to hide that it was made up by someone else.

  • Laurie Roy

    Always look at both sides in a matter.They may have been MURDERED.The suicide notes planted.May their children know the truth someday so they don’t think their parents abandoned them or they weren’t worthy to them.The government and allies are very wicked.They will do ANYTHING to stop the truth from being known and keep their money,etc.

  • election2012

    Did they have tied to the Clintons?

  • election2012


  • election2012

    Was their home above the office perhaps & the kids were still sleeping?

  • Dick Tracy

    They have suicided so many of these holistic doctors that we have to ask ourselves WHY? I think the holistic doctors are figuring out how we can live in perfect health. They are a real threat to the Medical Industrial Complex and their business of liquidating people’s lives and their net worth.

  • Chris Vinyard-Albano

    I call bullshit. Sounds like murder.

  • aranyani

    As for the 70 suicides and suspicious deaths, don’t bother to document any more. After a year, no one with the power has the courage to challenge and prevail against the criminal element. This is a failed state, a banana republic. To those who blame the victims, you are complicit in this failure. To the rest, enjoy what days of relative freedom we have left.

  • Microbiologists have been being murdered in droves. Debt affects everyone differently, especially the successful who can’t get traction with it.

  • Those with substantial life insurance policies that will fund their children’s lives, assuming that suicide isn’t a deal killer, which it usually is.

  • If those who care won’t investigate, why should anyone?

  • Because the We the People of the Constitution abdicated from the management of their government and left the tatters to us.

  • Sounds to me like you have spent too much time watching television.

  • They’ll want dinner first.

  • nick quinlan

    Governments around the world are being bought off. Last year alone, the pharma industry spent 246,000,000. lobbying (bribing) governments globally. They are paying corrupt legislators to take away all of our freedoms and rights to choose. If these legislators were imprisoned, as they should be, this would not be happening.

  • Rick

    Especially since they were still relatively young and healthy.
    They were Catholic, suicide is a serious sin.
    Both together at the same time, one of them wouldn’t have serious second thoughts?

  • Tracy Overholser

    Totally suspicious!

  • Inga Benthaus

    And the french gouvernment, fully subsided in their pockets.

  • Susanna Hunter

    Seriously it’s a shame about their death. But they were doctors. In Manhattan. If they didn’t set aside money for their children that is on them. It is ridiculous to have a gofundme account for people who made more money in one year than most people make in 10 years. If they were in this bad of financial shape, maybe they should have thought about not having children. If they didn’t have life insurance and trust funds set up, then they are just assholes who never should have been parents.

  • Anne V Williams

    Not that I think this was suicide, but many insurance policies will pay after a suicide if the policy has been in place long enough. Sometimes the requirement is only 1 year.

  • I don’t know enough to determine if it was suicide or not, and I happen to believe in everyone’s right to terminate their life at any time if they wish. I can also imagine that the current paradigm could be sufficiently depressing to anyone so as to motivate them to leave it to well-funded descendents to sort it out for themselves.
    If I were asked to elucidate my reason for living, it would be that I haven’t died. As long as I live, my primary motivation is to reduce to the smallest amount possible physical and psychic pain, the the latter is always the harder of the two. My ultimate solution is a Glock 19 with a single round in the chamber.

  • Goldyray Yeazle

    I’m having trouble finding more information on this. Anyone got any links that aren’t from sites like these and have different wordings? I keep finding this same article repeated in holistic type health sites and haven’t found anything official. 🙁 I’m not looking too incredibly hard though, this has just been an hour project trying to read the suicide notes, but there’s always something covering up a good portion of it, Usually that hand up there like in this one.

  • The truth about Andrew Wakefield’s actions are as covered up as the cause of the collapse of the World Trade Centers or Kennedy’s killer, for the same reasons.

  • Why is it any more stupid for the president to do it than the entire mainstream media?

  • I wouldn’t leave a suicide note, I’d leave a holographic will.

  • All corporation’s profits are subsiding. It is what happens in a depression.

  • Why does it need more intention, whatever that is?

  • Vassya Illich


  • Anusha Amen-Ra

    If you are a health advocate I suggest you take up martial arts.

  • aliza1

    People who don’t understand the Federal Reserve funny money system. People believe the debt is real and see no way out.

    I don’t believe for a minute those two took their own life because of debt, especially if it wasn’t an IRS debt. There’s always a way of debt.

  • Wendy Allen

    They can help themselves with their preventative care/knowledge of natural ways to heal.

  • Connie Smith Mendez

    Will we ever know? So much is hidden and evil…

  • Wendy Allen

    Natural help is awesome! Chiropractors are trained in diet/supplements/health/helping bones and much more. They are very smart/wise/have great knowledge. Those who do Alternative medicine thrive in health. Conventional medicine may only cover symptoms and not fix the root cause so people’s health gets worse. Chiropractors help millions of people. Jealous Conventional medicine tries to eliminate them.

  • Connie Smith Mendez

    The system is changing and most cannot handle it.

  • Wendy Allen

    They were pushed by person he had money problems with and suicide note put in their pocket afterwards with rubber gloves/baggy? Husband had financial problems and took wife with him when he jumped? The person who pushed them wants the suicide note to be seen to try to look innocent?

  • Mallnut

    The public demands to see the financial records proving they were in debt.

  • Mallnut

    Who screams when it appears they made a very deliberate decision to end their lives?

  • Doran Zeigler

    A typed suicide note? Anyone could have typed the note.Two doctors and they aren’t making enough money? They leave their kids behind. Unfortunately this very suspicious death will be
    swept under the rug like all of the other research doctor’s and investigative journalist’s deaths.

    What is the commonality of all these deaths? Therein lies the key.

  • Doran Zeigler

    Exactly. Why would they need healthcare, for chemotherapy? What a bogus excuse. The authorities think we are all brain dead, But, even though many of us won’t accept this thin reasoning, the authorities also know there is little in our power to do anything about it. We have been reduced to mere spectators in our own demise.

  • Doran Zeigler

    Let’s not forget the death of an investigative journalist who committed suicide by shooting himself TWICE. They actually found a medical examiner who stated that is was possible to put two bullets in your head. This was right after the medical examiner had a frontal lobotomy.

  • Doran Zeigler

    What’s it like to sleep walk through your entire life?

  • Doran Zeigler

    Troll or paid agent?

  • Doran Zeigler

    That’s if you believe the asinine story that they committed suicide. People with access to drugs would usually take an overdose to kill themselves. Jumping out a window where they have to be scrapped off the sidewalk is totally out of character. Also, TYPEWRITTEN suicide notes in plastic bags. It sounds like a plot to a badly written film.

  • to_nyc cabotaje

    Maybe you’re right Bj..

  • Lost in DC

    Something to ponder (for about 1.3 seconds) that Holy Scripture (Bible) mention’s big pharma in these waning days!

    what a deal – yes, w/out little doubt they were murdered – the children suffer the most, God Help US

  • Op Northwoods

    Inaccurate. Not true. One thing insurance co’s fight is paying out big jackpots. If this were true? Everyone terminally ill would comit suicide to fund their designated beneficiary. Would also be a big incentive for homocidal spouses or business partners to ‘suicide’ the other. Insuance co’s also dont want to pay big bucks for homocide investigations, detectives etc. to disprove suicide fraud.
    disqus has facts wrong.
    TIMING is indictment here. Media the seal: these deaths occurred the day before Obamacare repeal came up for Congress vote and served as perfect lightning rod for “why to retain it”. Also time of deaths. Family lives downtown- any reason why they’d go all the way uptown @ 5am to kill themselves. Not buying the quick diagnosis of suicde before there was time to do any investigation. No time to even check fingerprint matches on the typed notes… SMells of prefabricated “passports found of 911 hijackers” while everything else pulverized to dust. Same methods, patterns, and perps. Wont be long till the govt graduates to actual gulag-style door pounding and roundups in middle of night- or with this brash mafia- in broad daylight. Extremely troubling escalation against the NWO.

  • dmprisk

    Holistic don’t use the traditional health care. And they could have moved out of NYC and not use any Obamacare or the single insurance company you can only buy in NYC. The Globalists got another one…

  • ben Beninger

    Suicide is not committed on ones situation to have some one else benefit from it. A person has to be very mentally depressed or sick to even think on taking ones life.
    It’s very simple unless you are chemically depressed , you just don’t kill yourself .
    Think about killing yourself for just a second and you will find that you can’t even imagine taking your own life , so think about how sick mentally you would have to be to do this.

    this couple was not sick , they were simply murdered as were all the other doctors that have supposedly committed suicide or died in traffic accidents. I think that not only do the Pharmaceutical company’s think were stupid , they also know that people are lazy and easily brain washed into thinking that the Government and Oil Company’s and Pharmaceutical Company’s are all there for our well being , when we know that money is the only thing on there agenda . They do not care what so ever about human life .

    I say it’s time to get out your 50 caliber rifle and start sniping all these politicians and big wigs in the Pharma and Oil company’s , and then watch the shit hit the fan. It would certainly be a different story then.

  • DaisyToo

    Sad, and at the same time, incredibly selfish of them to do this to their children who will be injured for the rest of their lives because of their parents selfish acts of violence.

  • One on One

    You knew them?

  • I don’t believe this couple jumped deliberately, leaving their children behind and unattended. This kind of scenario is happening way too often to think suicide is a believable cause of their deaths. Clearly, they were murdered because they won’t play the pHARMa game.

  • Claire Swazey

    If the policy is more than 2 years old, most insurance cos will pay out for suicide.

  • Hildy_K


  • Wendy Allen

    Yes…People need to stay connected to God who may protect/guide and bless/help. I don’t know anything about this couple, but know doctors who helped with Lyme who were harassed and they tried to take away their license etc. I do Alternative medicine that suppresses my MS. I need it to rebuild my cells daily to burn oxygen. MS people may heal fast if they fixed the root cause and take LDN which is less than $1 a day compared to expensive MS drugs $5000+ a month) that don’t help and let MS people go downhill due to not fixing the root cause. They hurt all who enjoy/love/do Alternative medicine.
    Yes…the note may have been planted on them and pushed them to their death. Conventional medicine wants a monopoly on health care. They only cover symptoms let people get worse and keeps the money coming to them with people trying to heal.
    Chiropractors may help health fast for $40 an hour.

  • No Way Jose

    No one kills themselves as the sun is coming up, it is almost unthinkable as our natural biorhythms are optimistic at that time of day. Think about it “Hey honey, time to wake up so we can get going with our early morning suicide while the kids get ready for day camp!” NO WAY, Jose!

    Secondly, someone already said this but it is worth repeating; suicide is a desperate act of personal pain exceeding all hope. People do not commit as a couple, it is antithetical to lost hope. It just defies all logic. As a couple, a young, educated, attractive couple, with young children, hope drives you! Nothing about this story lines up as logical or in any way reasonably believable.

    This story stinks to high heaven, it is a massive lie!

  • Donna Lee

    Is there really going to be a real investigation? OBama Care, really! Another lies… What about the screaming???? Typed notes??? Yeah, sure. How many have they killed now? 68 maybe? Where are the pictures? Holistic doctors doesn’t use insurance? If I go to holistic doctors, I pay out of pocket. Something doesn’t sound right to me.

  • willow

    You need serious help.. You need Jesus! He will give you peace!

  • Dr Mercola and I have detailed security as so many of our friends (or folks like this couple with many mutual friends) have been found dead or killed this past 2 yrs.. It’s sad to have and fortunate we can have it. Still uneasy 🙁

  • Yes and that’s quoting from mainstream. The official name for Manhattan’s station on the same street is “33rd Street station”. Are you upset we didn’t write it out or….oh…. are you pointing out the # 33? By the way interestingly the address of the building is Madison Ave but it appears they ‘jumped’ out window(s) on side of building.

  • I think he meant attention. We’ve had many petitions and had over 75 dead in 2 short years.

  • Yes you can read about them in the link above. Many were wealthy and famous and curing cancer, and some in Manhattan.

  • Over 75 doctors dead in 2 years? Is that more than predictable attrition?
    I know I didn’t miss Dr. Nicholas Gonzales until after he was already gone.

  • He is already 62 years overdue. I gave up hearing back from him after my then soon-to-be ex-wife stole my KJV and Strong’s, telling me that there was no need to continue the bible study I’d started when she left.

    Jethro Tull – Hymn 43 Lyrics
    Our father high in heaven-smile down upon your son.
    Who’s busy with his money games – his woman and his gun.
    Oh Jesus save me!

    And the unsung Western hero, killed an Indian or three,
    And then he made his name in Hollywood
    To set the white man free.
    Oh Jesus save me!

    If Jesus saves-well, He’d better save Himself
    From the gory glory seekers who use His name in death.
    Oh Jesus save me!

    Well, I saw Him in the city and on the mountains of the moon –
    His cross was rather bloody –
    He could hardly roll His stone.
    Oh Jesus save me.

  • divineantinea

    Not again! ….(of course, the suicide notes were typed!)

  • Tom Tom


  • tenbroeckneighbor

    I hope the NYPD is investigating this as a murder set up as a suicide. Plainly they were the latest victims of the vendetta against holistic docs

  • Shari Ring

    you need to do your research, I guess you were voting for killery it’s obvious.SHEEPLE

  • Yalonda Owens

    This seems mighty suspicious

  • Brycefanboy_lolz


  • L.Dyer

    unable to find in the Bible Anne V. Williams where it says a person has the right to eliminate themselves, where is it that you found this in the holy scripture?

  • Tisha Logan

    my life insurance policy had a 2 year suicide clause. If suicide was committed after the 2 years of the policy being set up. Suicide was covered. I have the paperwork.

  • I voted for Trump as the lesser of two evils.
    As a former and successful investigative reporter, I do more research in an hour than you do in a month. You jump to conclusions and that is death to a proper investigation, especially when the conclusions are used to make unproven fallacious statements, as you did.

  • Suzanne Dalena English

    Sorry they killed themselves but this go fund me is a bit much. They had insurance that should cover funeral costs. I mean I’m much younger and I am taking care of this so the burden isn’t on my children. They go to a high price college, transfer to a cheaper one, get jobs. Do what others do take care of college yourself. Geez.

  • Suzanne Dalena English

    Also, your article made it seem as if they were young kids. They are adults, loans, grants, scholarships. Many things they can do to finish school.

  • Suzanne Dalena English

    Young adults. They are in college.

  • Suzanne Dalena English

    Adult children.

  • subway1973

    It not true they jump someone or group thrown them out of the window be it the drug company or a gov’t employee order by the company


    No doubt…the Clinton Rats at work again..remember she grew up in a MOB family…


    Trollovomit alert..”FRED”

  • Carol


  • I don’t know of any scripture that I would regard as holy.

  • Rick Williams

    The Same circle of idiots who are killing off Our Healers are of the Same circle of idiots who have been killing off Our Music Artists. Wake Up.

  • Sounds to me like you haven’t been paying attention to what is happening, and all the “coincidental” murders, “suicides,” unexplained “accidents” and other suspicious deaths of healthy holistic practitioners. At some point, you have to say it’s just too much, and start connecting the dots. THIS case is way beyond suspicious.

  • Not having visited the scene of the supposed crime, any reportage I might have missed wouldn’t substitute for evidence in any judicial setting. I haven’t owned a television since 1987 and I certainly haven’t given any televised reportage the gravitas of evidence. I have to plead guilty to not having derived any preconceived notions from televised accounts that I never saw. All deaths are supposed to be investigated as homicides until the presumption has been removed that mens rea was involved. The number of similar cases has zero bearing on the facts of this one, unless you are a writer from the tabloid press.

  • I am actually worried about my holistic dentist, who’s also known for being an outspoken activist. I called her office to make an appointment, and got a message which seems very odd to me. It is her voice saying, “For you to receive this message, we are on the other line. Please just call us back” It didn’t say to leave a message and they would call me back. This is not like them. I tried several times a day over a few days, and always kept getting that message.

    SO, I did some more searching on the web, and found (at a site attacking my holistic dentist as a “rip off”) a cell phone number for her. I called it, and there was a message (in her voice) telling me to leave a message. I left a message, telling her I’m a little worried about her. That was about a week ago. She never called back.

    A couple of days ago I went to her office. It was closed, dark, locked up. I went to a pharmacy that had recently opened in the building complex, and asked where my dentist went. I was told no one knows exactly when she left, why she left, or anything about it.

    I found my holistic dentist’s email address, and emailed her. I reminded her who I am (not just a client and patient, but also a fellow activist, and I had given her a copy of my book about vaccines). I again expressed that I am worried about her and just want to know that she is OK. But so far, no response to that, either.

    Her office message is STILL saying they’re on the other line, and to just call back.

  • Ben Franklin

    Was Hillary Clinton shopping there at the time?

  • Are you an impersonator or just a plagiarist?

  • Ben Franklin

    Have you ever done PCP or sugar?

  • Ben Franklin

    is that pharmacea, or something like that?

  • Left to God, it will be done by men, just as the bible was written.

  • If the telling of the story of Andrew Wakefield couldn’t penetrate the veil of lies, how would this be able to do it?
    Attrition is not based on murder and deceit.
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

  • Did you contact the leasing agent for the building where her office had been?

  • The authorities aren’t far off in the case of the majority.

  • If I had MS, I’d follow Dr. Terry Wahl’s protocol to the letter, since it was developed by and works for the afflicted doctor, herself.

  • I will do that next.

  • You could also check with the dental board, assuming she was licensed. They would know where she is practicing.
    You should also arm yourself, if you can, because you might have identified yourself as a loose end to be tied up. It was a poor assumption that a cellphone number left on a website that attacked her as a ripoff would lead you to a friend of hers. I hope that you didn’t call that from any number that could be tracked back to you. I don’t know where you got “her” email address, but again, you shouldn’t provide any information that can be used to track you down.
    You should regard any information that she didn’t provide as corrupt and suspect, especially if it is supposedly “hers.” Good luck.

  • The same kind of people who abandon their pets for the same reason.

  • TZX1


  • You seem suddenly concerned, for someone who has been implying we are all over-imaginative nuts. That is, unless you are just taunting.

    As a matter of fact, I recognized the cell phone number as belonging to my dentist, and it was her voice that was on it.

    I’m not worried about me, but I do want to find out why my dentist’s office is closed, and why there is still a strange message on her office phone saying they’re on the other line, and ‘just call back.’

  • PeopleSuck

    This is extremely strange. Their children are adults at 19 & 20, and unless they were disabled in some way, shouldn’t they be able to care for themselves?

  • PeopleSuck

    Microbiologists? Who, where? More info please?

  • Mike Allan

    Pharma game?

  • Mike Allan

    From an article on Medscape: ”It has been known for more than 150 years that physicians have an increased propensity to die by suicide. It was estimated in 1977 that on average the United States loses the equivalent of at least one small medical school or a large medical school class to suicide. Exact numbers are not known. Although it is impossible to estimate with accuracy because of inaccurate cause of death reporting and coding, the number most often used is approximately 3-400 physicians/year, or perhaps a doctor a day. Of all occupations and professions, the medical profession consistently hovers near the top of occupations with the highest risk of death by suicide.”

  • You were the one that misstated the source of her phone number.
    I didn’t imply anything but that you were making up your own scenarios from a distinct lack of evidence. Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone out to get you, but unless you are a medical professional, you shouldn’t be worried unless you are working with one.

  • Dominic Blais

    chiropractors are not holistic doctors they actually make your back worse

  • meljordyn

    Be careful Erin! We don’t want to see this happen to you!! Watch your 6 and hire a bodyguard. There is no way this holistic doctor and his wife voluntarily jumped to their death. Our holistic doctors are being murdered (or their deaths were made to look like suicide) and I have no doubt in my mind Big Pharma and possibly our government is behind it!! We all need to watch each other and be careful!!

  • Justice1313

    You hit the nail on the head.

  • The phone number was exactly where I said it was, and although I had not committed it to memory, I recognized it as hers when I saw it.

    Paranoid? YOU are the one who stated, and I quote: “You should also arm yourself, if you can, because you might have identified yourself as a loose end to be tied up,” AND ” I hope that you didn’t call that from any number that could be tracked back to you. I don’t know where you got “her” email address, but again, you shouldn’t provide any information that can be used to track you down.”

    I’M the one who wrote: “I’m not worried about me.”

    I am, however, concerned about her, and will do all I can to find out where she is and that she is OK.

  • Biblical Sorcery and Modern Drugs
    *this includes vaccines as well.

    In a day when we have realized huge numbers of deaths caused by adverse drug effects (ADEs) from prescribed pharmaceutical drugs, it is interesting to note the biblical reference to sorcery:

    “But the cowardly, unbelieveing, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolators, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

    Revelation 21:8 (New King James)

    In this passage, the word ‘sorcerers’ comes from the Greek word ‘pharmakos’ (Strongs # 5332) which is derived from the Greek word ‘pharmakon’ and is defined in Strong’s Greek Dictionary of the New Testament as follows:

    a druggist (“pharmacist”) or poisoner

    Bible on End Time Pharmaceuticals “…for by your medication were all the nations deceived.”

    An interesting passage in the bible refers to the methodology used to deceive the nations in the end times:

    “…For your merchants were the great men of the earth, for by your sorcery all the nations were deceived.”

    Revelation 18:23

    The word ‘sorcery’ (Strongs # 5331) in this passage is the Greek word ‘pharmakeia’ (far-mak-i’-ah). It is defined in Strong’s Greek Dictionary of the New Testament as follows:

    medication (“pharmacy”)

  • Jonathan Weil

    As I understand accounts in the news stories, they are believed to have left their children, who were probably sleeping at that hour, in their apartment in the Wall Street area, and went to their office at Madison Avenue and 33rd Street. They certainly didn’t bring their children with them. I was Glenn Scarpelli’s patient for nearly 25 years, and for much of that time I visited his office every week or two. I am afraid that we don’t yet know what really happened, but whatever it was I am totally shocked and appalled by the terrible, violent deaths of this couple who gave so much, and which were so unexpected and in contrast to their lives and character. If it turns out they were murdered, as is likely, they would not be the first friends of mine who died working for what they believed in. In 1989, my friend Bruce Bailey, a tenant organizer, was murdered by landlords, although his killers have never been caught, and the police did a lousy job “investigating” the case. Based in part on that experience, I have little confidence in the New York Police Department to do even what we could call a professional job of investigating this case, which might require a high measure of intelligence and dedicated detective work to solve. Would it be possible to organize a protest movement that could demand such action by the NYPD? Or maybe a much broader movement to investigate all the c. 70 mysterious deaths of holistic doctors? Would this be realistic? I think we need a serious discussion of what we can do.

  • Ilene lopez

    Can you explain more about the Holy Scriptures in regard to this? We need to wake up and stand up (open our eyes)

    The suicide is not true –

  • Ilene lopez

    Thank you

  • Ilene lopez

    Suicide is most likely always a deal killer

  • Ilene lopez

    Yes I totally agree

  • It is apparently totally dependent on the insurance contract.

  • guitar1930

    what is a banana republic…wow i only saw it on clothes lol

  • guitar1930

    SHES MURDERED or cant practice anymore as a holistic dentist
    this should not be allowed in our country, everyone SHOULD be allowed to practice what they believe in within the medical industry. people spend many long days, years to become what they choose to, and it should not be taken away due to greed from the pharmacist, who make trillions. they feel threaten by these holistic doctors, but they should not as there is more people believing in pharmacist than there is in holistic medicine through the media. neither one should discredit the other.

  • HE3

    I know a prominent holistic practitioner who stated that, for ever dollar spent on holistic remedies, Big Pharma loses $40.

  • Phyllis J Brockman

    Jesus never ever said he would “give” any of us anything. His message was repent (a derivation of the Greek word metanoia. Metanoia interprets as ‘change your mind’ or ‘change the way you think’. In other words, Jesus told us how to use the tools to achieve peace, forgiveness, compassion, or anything we seriously desire. If Jesus would ‘give’ us peace, we’d all have it already. I think a more accurate statement is ‘the teachings of Jesus will help you achieve

  • Dorothy Matlean Lewis

    I don’t watch tv

  • Diane

    And who types individual notes .. without leaving notes to their children?

  • Then where did you pick up all the telescreen memes?

  • guitar1930

    if you will we can all back you up,

  • guitar1930

    im in

  • LL

    Wow… judging from the comments here, some of you sheep really need to wake up…of course these docs were murdered…

  • Obviously, sugar. Never PCP, knowingly.

  • I’m using the same fake news sources that you probably are.
    I don’t know any microbiologists.

  • PA123

    I knew Glen in high school. We were in the same grade and had several classes together. He was a smart, down to earth guy. He was good looking and an athlete but he wasn’t full of himself. Very grounded. A nice guy. This makes no sense. My thoughts and prayers to his family.

  • Marco

    Nice gun! Had one myself.

  • Marco

    Good news! Nice to hear. The more people who use naturopaths and homeopaths, where possible, the better.

  • Marco

    Good point!

  • bouncedancer

    What? You actually believe the official story?!

  • bouncedancer

    Oh really? Did you know that in the trial against Merck for their deadly drug Vioxx, an email surfaced that stated: We’ll find them where they live (re people who work against their goal of having the whole world’s population on drugs).

    I strongly suspect that you’re a paid troll.

  • bouncedancer

    Since you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about, I can only figure you’re a troll.

  • bouncedancer

    Fred is a troll. Trolls get paid per reply. Don’t feed the trolls.

  • Linda Nelson

    No I’m a R.N. Im a M.D.s daughter. I was an M.D.s wife. My uncle taught medicine at Columbia and was a Harvard graduate. My cousin is a cardiologist also a Harvard graduate. My other cousin is married to an Orthopedic Surgeon. Ive never run to a doctor as I know 99.9% of conditions are self limiting. I’m truly sorry about the Chiropractor and wife suicide. They are human beings and it was wrong to offend the Holistic Community. Please accept my apology.

  • Cecille Chan

    This so-called suicide smells exactly like the James Forrestal (first defense secretary of the USA) suicide. And typewritten suicide notes? An inordinate number of holistic MD’s are being murdered right before our eyes.

  • Jessica Coco

    Look back in the day they needed lots of laborers and so they made profit exploiting us our labor. with the advent of mechanization and robotics, finance capital no longer needs such A large workforce. So how best to exploit ? While MonSatan Poisons our food, water, and air to make us , its parent company Pfizer drugs rakes in the $. Big Pharma makes more $ than Exxon Mobil. Sadly there’s more $ made in sickness and death than in health & longevity. Banks & war manufacturers clean up too when workers die before collecting social security. 20% of the US population no longer make it to 40 and the median age of death for those born after 1950 is 60. Compare that those born in 1925 which was 85. Unless we change the economic system from a capitalist system (i.e.system based on capital-profits) to a socialist one based on society and the abolition of $ nothing Will change until the Capitalist destroy this earth. This is why we must stand together and organize to overthrow this system 4 the sake of our children and the earth. We must take as inspiration the movements of the 1930’s which abolished child labor and gave us many of the reforms we today take 4 granted like social security, free education, minimum wage, clean water, etc..

  • Marina W

    yes, my life insurance agent told me only in NJ and I think it was either Mass or Connecticut that suicide is covered, (after 2 years)

  • Dominic Blais

    check the mirror you feminazi republicunt chiropractors are scammers they dont even deserve to be called doctors, but if you where not a republicunt whore you might know something

  • Tisha Logan

    I live in Florida.

  • Dominic Blais

    i hate you cunts dont even know what a real troll is anymore just because they disagree with your brainwashed ignorance does not define a troll

  • bouncedancer

    Erin, here’s another troll to block: Dominic Blais. He seems to be a particularly vile specimen.

  • More cops kill themselves with a Glock than any other brand.

  • I need to update this but we’re at over 75 now… Rest in peace. Many were friends https://www.healthnutnews.com/recap-on-my-unintended-series-the-holistic-doctor-deaths/

  • the one

    Doesn’t pass the sniff test by a long-shot…

  • Donna

    Why are we not banding together to speak to news outlets about this national crisis?

  • Jamie Clemons

    Typed note? I wonder who did the typing.

  • Greghall

    Find another site to peddle your crap…., “have been being” what is the significance of that comment? Oh Yeah, got it.

  • Do you have any intellectually useful things to say in lieu of your mindless ad hominem?

  • how does that work?

  • I am so sorry for your loss 🙁 Several doctors who were his friends said the same thing publicly, even to the news . Rest in peace.

  • hi Anne. yes we do. still on edge these days

  • yes he did.

  • amen to that. I read about the funeral. I cannot imagine how tough it was

  • Hi Jonathan. I am so sorry for your loss. I’d like to have a serious discussion with others who actually take this seriously. I am in a group of holistic doctors and they asked me to leave (The head of it who is not a doctor -the docs in group were sad) because I covered these stories. So then guess what happens? MORE doctors IN the email group end up dead and even their family members admits they have no answers. Also in Manhattan. Let me know what you’re thinking …
    PS the typed notes said the kids were upstairs, which (I didn’t get at first) was told they were up in the office? If you know anymore contact me https://www.healthnutnews.com/contact

  • who is Linda?

  • Hey Fred. You may be alll the way in Germany but the karma bus can still get you. I hope the children don’t read this. You sick sick #%#@.

  • nataliescibetta

    the article said they were in their 50s

  • Peter Like

    It seems that all the death’s are never witnessed (not just holisitc but DNC staffers, critics of DC, etc). No video, in the foyeur, street, or even home secuity. No one saw suspicious person entering, leaving, etc. If you need to do a hit, you surely need to case the joint, checkout where the camera’s are, best exits and have a well thought out plan. In most major cities it is impossible to move without being picked up on camera. In fact, its almost impossible to commit a crime without coming under surveillance. So what’s really going on?

  • parents were in 50s. kids were 19 and 20

  • MelissaW

    They should run a fingerprint test on the actual suicide notes. Might be someone else fingerprints.

  • MelissaW

    I saw a talk she gave (don’t remember when, awhile ago) where she said that Dr. Mercola had “detailed security” so I wouldn’t be surprised if she already has some too.

  • MelissaW

    I was saying above how the actual suicide notes should be fingerprinted … there may be other people’s fingerprints on those notes! And maybe even the baggies the notes were in.

  • MelissaW

    Erin … At the end of the 2nd paragraph in this article you said the news published the actual suicide notes …
    Are the actual suicide notes in a link somewhere in this article? I’ve clicked on everything and can’t find them.

    Or does anyone have a link to them?

  • Nick

    yes, the are very evil and sinister dark forces at work here, beyond the comprehension of even those who consider themselves awake ..

  • Plain and Simple it is ALL Murder and We are in the End Times! Greed and part of the Depopulation Satanist!!!

  • A holographic will is one that is accepted in only a few states, but mine is one of them. It is a handwritten and signed will, and it requires no witnesses or executor. Normal wills can be witnessed by two signatory individuals and if the value of the estate is below a certain value ($250,000 last I checked), there is no executor required, the probate court does the deed, literally.

  • Intellectual laziness is what keeps the vast majority of the apocryphal so.

  • Josie

    The reason the MSM does not report this, is they are told by The Globalist not to, so as not to bring attention to the murders. This is snowballing with 60 or more murders it’s crazy. Who could believe anything else! People are being murdered left and right and not only Holistic Dr. in other areas too.

  • Doesn’t pass the smell test! They were probably helping too many people get off the drugs and heal themselves. I believe the deep-state-big-pharma cartel has their own death squads, they have got it down to leave very little forensic evidence behind. Most common is suicide, heart attack and “robbery gone bad” scenarios. It would be pretty easy, with the right resources, to research, plan and implement taking someone down by throwing them over a balcony and make it appear to be suicide. I mean, think about it, these natural health doctors have dedicated their entire lives educating and helping people heal themselves, in an economic environment that HATES them. Why would they suddenly just decide to kill themselves? The mainstream media press-titutes need to start advertising bridges for sale.

  • Wendy Allen

    Maybe they wore gloves on the paper/baggie. Yes…fingerprints would be awesome.

  • MelissaW

    You’re right, they could have. But at least they could try to find something. Do you know if this case is closed, or are the (FBI or whomever) still looking for clues, etc?

  • MelissaW

    The news outlets made up the headline, as usual.

  • Sophia Sutton

    I don’t buy this story either…my b.s. meter went off when i read this…it is ludicrous and so sad. I hope their children have family that can raise them. Big Pharma bullies!!

  • anewera

    The main stream media will never report the truth about this.

  • AmandaTrebiano

    Another big Pharma murder. There’s no money in a healthy population.


    Study the book of Enoch..open sim-sim..:)