I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Suzanne Humphries, MD several times and interview her. We’ve also shared a stage at Cal Jam in prior years and will share one again this year (next week).

Watch below as Dr. Humphries reads a graphic death threat that was sent to her via email. The person who wrote this used a very secure overseas server and hid themselves well.

They also had a man outside their home with a drone who said he worked for the nearby church, but the church later said they had no idea who he is.

Our thoughts are with them all now.

See videos, but here is a Go Fund Me page set up by a friend for Dr Humphries and their autism center.

WARNING: Graphic Language.

I have the letter which I received from Dr Humphries. We decided to do an interview to get the word out to our peeps too which is here:

Alas, then she got a second threat, which is much worse which you can read about here.