On January 1st and 2nd “Dr.” William Mount began making multiple videos on multiple channels and platforms, that I had been murdered. He has a significant reach on social media with hundreds of thousands of followers. At first I did my best to make light of his bizarre behavior. But then I saw some of my loyal older readers ask him if he was sure it was true (in the comments) and he replied “Yes, definitely she was murdered by the lefty pigs in Washington because they won’t let her have a pistol there,” which just added fuel to the fake fire.

It saddens me that he refuses to take these videos down despite hundreds of people from around the world writing, calling or commenting, begging him to take them down. After all, I am not dead.

I have a huge Irish adoptive and birth family, with 67 first cousins, and my family is calling because those videos have gone uber viral. It was just New Year’s Day that I announced that I’d be suffering from severe food poisoning due to a malfunctioning refrigerator. Just days before that I had let my audience know that I might have to have a spinal fusion on my neck due to injuries. They were already concerned. Now flat out panic has ensued with some readers unable to go out or eat, distraught over being told I had been murdered.

We have confirmed that most of his videos are false and it is a shame that a company like Virtual Shield is supporting a man, who harasses women and public figures like myself, with fake videos that might just land him in court and or jail.

I have been contacting his sponsor, Virtual Shield, who (essentially) pays him to put out these fake videos and I hope that you will do so, too. You can contact them here: [email protected]

He has blatantly refused to take them down and I think at the very least he should lose his sponsorship.

I am saddened that he would report my fake death just to further his political agenda.

~Erin Elizabeth