This family grows 6,000 pounds of food on just 1/10th acre


For many people, the idea of living self-sufficiently makes them want to cringe. For others, they can’t wait to get “off the grid”. But while people’s comfort level with self-sufficiency runs the gamat, most people understand the more you can do for yourself- the better. Home farming, canning, sewing, raising chickens, etc, has all become more popular as of late and I don’t imagine it will slow down anytime soon.

And a family in Los Angeles is doing that exact thing, in an urban environment; the Dervaes family, who live 15 minutes from the city, have turned their 1/10th an acre garden into a flourishing farm.


Thirty years ago Jules Dervaes wanted a healthier way to feed his three children because he knew that it was his responsibility and it seemed the best way to do that was to grow it himself.

So, in the last 30 years, “he has converted their garden into a farm that produces 6,000 pounds of vegetables and edible flowers a year, from an astronomical 400 different species of plants. On top of this, they also raise bees, chickens, ducks and even pet goats, which contribute 25 lbs of honey, 900 eggs, 1000 eggs, and affection respectively”, reports the article.

And with their “farm” their family makes as much as $20,000 a year, have award winning restaurants knocking at their door to buy fresh ingredients, and get six million hits a month or their Facebook page!

More from the article:

“Jules’ commitment to sustainable and self-sufficient living isn’t restricted to the food they eat. The house is kitted out with state of the art solar panels which keep their electricity bill down to just $12 a month.

An even greater show of their commitment to sustainability is seen when the family fills up their car. Rather than going to the gas station, they go to local restaurants and take their old frying grease off their hands for free. Then in their biodiesel brewing station, they can turn the fat into fuel for their cars!”

Jules sees his mini-farm as the beginning of what’s to come: a future where homestead villages abound and many like minded people grow their own food to live a freer life and protect the planet.


Source: Family Life Goals

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  • Devin Quince

    Why do you promote these people has though they are amazing when they will sue anyone who uses the term “urban homestead” and until recently the term “urban homesteading”? If they truly cared about people, hunger, and making sure everyone had access to this knowledge, they would not do this.

  • Maureen Garver

    You might want to do a little research on this family Their action in trademarking the term “Urban Homesteading” has been harmful to the sustainability movement as a whole and widely criticized.