Family: Evidence shows Jeff Bradstreet MD was murdered, not suicide


Some of you might know the “Unintended Series Holistic Doctor Death Series with over 40 names and full timeline” that I wrote starting nearly one year ago with the tragic death of Jeff Bradstreet MD.

Here is his brother and sister in law Thom and Candice Bradstreet who I interviewed not long after the death of their beloved brother.

It was a tough interview because A) It was the first interview they granted after he died B) It was such tough subject matter as we were all big fans of Dr Bradstreet and his extraordinary work.

Interestingly, this is Polly Tommey interviewing them at Autism One conference just days ago. Polley is is the producer of Vaxxed the movie and I just met her last night in Orlando (Winter Park Regal theatre) as the premiere of their Q&A with producer Del Bigtree and Andrew Wakefield. I highly recommend you see the film and keep an open mind. I think it will totally surprise you… in a good way!   You can buy tickets here.


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Erin Elizabeth


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  • Mike Lashewitz

    Well YOU KNOW, Big Pharma was behind it! Lets not beat around the bush. CANCER IS MONEY and criminals who rely on the money reaped off by selling criminal drug concoctions do not want to lose that income. just like religions so not want to lose their market share of tithes. It is always about the money. Religions just like illnesses are created so the wealthy Criminal element can fleece the population.
    There are many natural cures for cancer but the problem here itself is the GCMAF and the fact that the roots of cancer are being injected into the population by idiots and criminals in the medical system.

    I ask, “Why is it in the USA alone such a big fuss is being made about the 14,000 gun related deaths but nothing is being done or said about the 280,000 medical mishap related deaths or the 800,000 cases of patients being maimed by doctors and hospitals every year? Is there some sort of “taboo” on THAT subject????

    Blood suckers… Criminal politicians bought by the corporations and idiot doctors who have been snowed by corporate propaganda and FALSE “science” regarding effectiveness of the poisons they are pushing. Yet KNOWN CURES are being suppressed so the wealth vampires can suck out every penny from their unsuspecting victims.

  • ron angell

    Dr Bradstreet was run out of Florida by Gov Rick Scotts National 12,000 national guardsmen last June in 2015 and was murdered in Georgia. Gov Rick Scott declared a national state of emergency last june and Jade Helm was part of this movt to murder alternative health doctors that also were putting together evidence of the toxic forced vaccines on children. By the way- on 6-6-2016 – yesterday Gov Rick Scott declared a national state of emergency that equates to martial law.

  • Mary Jo

    martial law for what reason?

  • James Peters

    This is the only conspiracy in which the conspirators would have to be working directly against their own interests and those of their loved ones. Who wants to die of cancer, having “suppressed” its cure? It is absurd in so many ways.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Look up the polio shot in the 50s.

  • James Peters

    Let me guess? SV40