Some of you might know the “Unintended Series Holistic Doctor Death Series with over 40 names and full timeline” that I wrote starting nearly one year ago with the tragic death of Jeff Bradstreet MD.

Here is his brother and sister in law Thom and Candice Bradstreet who I interviewed not long after the death of their beloved brother.

It was a tough interview because A) It was the first interview they granted after he died B) It was such tough subject matter as we were all big fans of Dr Bradstreet and his extraordinary work.

Interestingly, this is Polly Tommey interviewing them at Autism One conference just days ago. Polley is is the producer of Vaxxed the movie and I just met her last night in Orlando (Winter Park Regal theatre) as the premiere of their Q&A with producer Del Bigtree and Andrew Wakefield. I highly recommend you see the film and keep an open mind. I think it will totally surprise you… in a good way!   You can buy tickets here.