On April 28th, after getting a flu shot, “perfectly fit and healthy” Lindsey Day, 39, from Glenmore Park in Sydney’s west, suddenly fell ill with cold and flu-like symptoms. Over the next 24-48 hours his condition deteriorated rapidly and on May 1st he woke up and was so unwell he couldn’t make it to work.


Minutes after letting his partner know he wouldn’t be going in, Day had a seizure and stopped breathing. His partner, a registered nurse, performed CPR while her daughter called an ambulance. Although paramedics rushed Day to the hospital he never regained consciousness and was declared brain dead the next day.

His family is now considering legal action, saying the flu and whooping cough vaccines are to blame for his death.

“The autopsy found that Mr Day died from acute respiratory distress syndrome, which can sometimes develop without a known cause. Another listed cause is acute interstitial pneumonia, a lung disease with a rapid onset in previously healthy people.

This type of lung disease can also occur without a known cause, or be a rare complication of the flu vaccine, with nine reported cases since 1998, the autopsy report noted, citing a 2017 article from Australia’s Internal Medicine Journal.” 1

As you might imagine, the family is devastated. According to his partner’s sister, Day was the love of Vanessa Wainwright’s life and the pair had been together for eight years.

Family member Sarah Amituanai said, “Lindsey was the kind of person who would do anything for anyone. He was just really active. Always doing his lawns, he even did my lawns. He was a hard worker and just a typical Aussie. He loved life, to have a few beers on the weekend. Vanessa is struggling to cope now. He was the love of her life. They were just always together, they did everything together. They thought their life was going one way and within days it was all over basically.”2

Ms. Amituanai went on to say, “Some doctors have pulled us aside and said, ‘Listen off the record, it’s very clear what has happened but you are never going to get anyone to admit it. And then there are other doctors that are like, ‘No it’s definitely not, there is no way it could have been the flu shot’.” 3 (The later does not surprise us.)


The Australian Medical Association president declined to comment on Mr. Day’s case but said, unequivocally, that the vaccines were safe. (They have to, it’s the party line.)


We are so sorry for the family’s loss. When are organizations like the AMA going to stop pretending like these one size fits all vaccines aren’t a problem? How many more people have to die?

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