Every 5 minutes someone sends me this video I’m posting in this story near the bottom. (Literally, every 5 minutes.)

Remember, when this came out – the last holistic doctor who died hadn’t even been laid to rest.

Holistic Doctors Are Dying

I want you to remember the phrase “Believe those who are seeking the truth, doubt those who find it”  I appreciate the countless spin offs and theories about this series I broke on all the doctors (some of whom we knew) but I think it’s tough to come up with a smoking gun within hours of the last one’s death when you haven’t been researching the deaths for the last month as I have from the very first with Dr. Bradstreet. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I don’t think anyone does. Yet.

Yes the reason so many sent me this video? Because one month ago I broke an (unintentional) series of stories on doctors who have been killed or gone missing here in the last month or so. I broke the news on each as gently as possible and appreciate that millions have shared my stories, reprinted and translated them, network affiliates have picked them up and they’re getting the exposure they need. It brought me no joy to report on it.

I’d tell you I haven’t slept in a month, but I said that once and someone thought I was just trying to garner sympathy. What I was trying to say is that it affects me too; we knew some of the wonderful doctors who died so it’s not easy to write about.  I cannot imagine how tough it is for the families (some of whom I’ve spoken with) and I feel concern as my other half of  is a holistic doctor (DO) who is one of the better well known outspoken ones world wide.

Most of the doctors were  from here in Florida or found dead here, most were holistic and more than one of them determined to be murder. The first was a doctor I greatly admired –  Jeffrey Bradstreet (MD) He was found in a river with a gunshot wound to his chest. The investigation is  still underway, and contrary to popular belief, the cause of death is yet to be determined.  The cause of death is actually undetermined on a few of the doctors who were found dead. As I stated, some of them were murdered and yes their killer or killers are still on the loose. It might sound dramatic but it’s the truth.

When I started my site 18 short months ago, I’d decided to concentrate on natural health articles, but the investigator and researcher in me came out after breaking the first story on Dr. Bradstreet and I kept seeing more in the news or that were sent to me. I felt it my duty to report them. Leaders in the health community agreed and urged me to post them.

I’m in close contact with some members of the doctors and promise more (much more)  on that soon.

Again, I never intended my first article I broke to turn into a series. I wrote about  Dr. Bradstreet, then another, then there were three.   When I broke the sad story on the 5th (I held off on that one, but still no one else reported it) about two men, both chiropractors, found dead, the same day, Father’s Day , both fathers, both on the East Coast of Florida it was really shocking and I prayed it would be my last.

But it wasn’t. They continued.

Here is my story on the first 8 and here you’ll find my story on the 9th doctor found dead just days ago at age 41. Healthy and fit.   I won’t post all of them or you’ll be reading all day.

Besides working in the health arena I’ve also done investigative work in the past and will delve into that later. Besides finding my birth parents (I’m adopted) with little information when I was still underage,  I’ve helped others find their birth parents, missing persons and other white collar criminals who ended up being put away. Again, we’ll save that for another story on Health Nut News.

Here is the video which discusses  Nagalase and its effect on GcMAF in the body. I cannot tell you how many of the doctors had worked with or used GcMAF out of the ones found dead,  but I can tell you at least some of them did. That’s all I can say for now.

Take from the video what you will. I’m not confirming nor denying it. I appreciate that so many countless videos and articles and even memes are popping up by the hour on my stories. It brought me no joy to break them and I only wanted to make people aware, share their go fund me accounts and report the facts and let people decide what they thought.

I had no idea so many would say so much.

As far as this video:  The gentlemen did get a few things wrong. There were more doctors already found dead when he made the video but he might not have known that. Also he talks about a doctor in North Dakota traveling to Wisconsin I believe? Actually those are 2 separate doctors. Dr. Patrick Fitzpatrick is still missing last seen in Montana. He’s from North Dakota. He also says that 3 doctors were vacationing in Mexico. No, actually they were on their way to the State Capital and all there were Mexican Nationals so far as I can confirm.

Snopes on Holistic Doctor Deaths

Snopes did a whole write up on my stories and were so daft they said he’s FROM Montana and tried to correct me when I said he’s from North Dakota (which he is) In other words I had it right and hope sites like Snopes and others spreading misinformation don’t hinder the investigation of finding this doctor – hopefully alive and well. I made screen videos on all this in case Snopes tries to deny it later.

Secondly, the other missing doctor in the US is from Wisconsin. His name is Jeffrey Whiteside. Sadly I see their pictures and names in my sleep. At this point I know more facts about them than I want to but when I do stories I am factual and even Snopes didn’t really call me out for that except to not be factual in their piece (sure it was just another accident)
Dr Whiteside’s body was just found a few days ago after missing for nearly a month, which was when I’d first reported about him.  They found a gun near his body and say he was in a secluded part of the woods for some time. The gun doesn’t appear to be his but there’s no database for Wisconsin (weird) to search, so that will take some time to find out who the .22 caliber belonged to  and if he took his own life or someone else took it from him.

Thirdly, not all are from Florida and not all are holistic. Thus far we have 9 doctors and all but 2 were found here in the South East (5 in Florida, 1 in Georgia and 2 in North Carolina)  The other 2 were found dead in NY and Wisconsin. One we knew (Dr. Gonzalez – a famous holistic MD) and the other Jeffrey Whiteside MD who was loved by many.

Take away from this video what you will.  I didn’t want to report extensively on the use or involvement GcMAF with any doctorrs  (I’ve known about it since the day I wrote my first piece) until I talk more with people in the know, the family members etc.

Here you go.

Feel free to leave comments below.

This is Erin Elizabeth reporting from E Coast of Florida at 1220 AM Monday July 27th. My food poisoning (second bout in a week) that I’d never had before in my life, is getting better so we hope. It remains a total mystery xo E


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