Update: We are honored that THE Levi  Quackenboss put this story on their about page. Actually it’s their entire bio. That’s it.  Just this interview. We love you Levi! 

I interviewed Levi Quackenboss (that’s Boss  to you) just after returning from a 7 day run in Mexico. I felt like I had a hangover but hadn’t had a thing to drink (well except the allegedly filtered water) which had me thrown for a loop. So yes, I start off with a misspelling of  LQ’s name which is Quackenboss, Not Quankenboss.  I blame the bad water but Levi didn’t hold it against me (Thankfully, as I worship the LQ)  I’m fortunate enough to know LQ and  friend “Lazarus T. Jones”  who I cannot elaborate on except to say they both are amazing Americans who give a damn about our rights. Some (outside the US) have tried taking credit for their articles but don’t believe the hype or tripe. These are two of the most talented writers I know and I love em’ both. Here’s my one on one with the one and only;  The Legend, The LQ, the Boss….Levi……. Levi Quackenboss.

Levi Quackenboss Interview – Vaccines & More

HealthNutNews: Levi, why do you feel you have to go under a Pseudonym (well, I am presuming that Levi Quankenboss isn’t your real name 🙂

Levi: Hey hey hey!  First off, it’s Quackenboss, not Quankenboss, and who says it’s a pseudonym?  You’ve heard the expression “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck?”  Quack!

HealthNutNews: We’ve discussed the amount of trolls out there in cyberspace. Why do you think they are so hell bent and determined on infiltrating our pages/sites etc and (some) practically living on our pages to argue something until they’re blue in their fake named profile faces!?

Levi: Ah, man.  Trolls.  I can’t believe we’re even going to give them the time of day on your blog.  I know that the popular line of thinking is that anyone who disagrees with us is a well-paid “pharma shill” but I’m going to be honest with you, Erin:  I’ve seen photos of the inside of their homes and these people aren’t being paid diddly squat by big pharma.  They live in squalor.  Like, packrat, Hoarders-style squalor.  They are in serious need of an intervention and a fundraiser. 

So why do they come after us if no one is paying them to?  Because they want to feel like they belong to something.  These people have no real friends in the world; just each other on the internet.  They are under-employed, miserable, hated, insecure, and lonely.  They are desperate to feel like they matter.

Many of them have outrageously terrible health problems directly linked to vaccination, and too many to count have vaccine-injured children.  Maybe part of the reason that they are so adamant about trying to shut down people like me and you is because they can’t look at their own children and say, “I am so sorry I did this to you.”  It is easier to kill the messenger than admit that their parenting is killing their children.  

And I’m not just talking about the children of trolls that have eczema, food allergies and autism, of which there are many.  I’m talking about very serious vaccine-induced immune disorders that qualify for medical exemption from vaccination.  And since their child is immunocompromised and “can’t” get their vaccines, they want to make sure all of the other children around them are set on fire just to keep their kid warm.  [I didn’t write that line, by the way, and want to give credit where credit is due.] 


HealthNutNews: Do you fear for your children (and or yourself) that the federal govt could mandate vaccinations? I posted something like this on my site, but people were furious saying this is impossible. Most don’t realize it wasn’t until 1972 that the US govt “decided” they would no longer mandate the smallpox vaccination any longer. Do you think that they’d go so far as to do an actual mandate on say MMR or DTaP or even all scheduled vaccines?

Levi: Absolutely the government can mandate vaccines on a federal level, so yes, concern about this is on my radar.  Before that happens, though, your state representatives and senators are trying to take away your exemptions at the state level, so the best thing you can do to defend yourself is sign up for the NVIC’s email list for your state to be kept in the loop.  Then you can call and write your state senators and representatives and let them know how you feel, and make it clear that they’ll lose your vote if they support these bills to take away parenting rights.  Click this link and look at all of those pending bills.  It’s mind-boggling.  


HealthNutNews: We both are familiar with  National Vaccine Injury Compensation (and I thank Barb Loe Fisher who helped with that who my Uncle worked with since the early 80’s) Most of the general public do not realize it’s paid out about 3 BILLION of our tax dollars thus far to children who were brain damaged (or developed autism, yes autism as the published law review clearly states) after their scheduled vaccinations. Do you think the drug companies will ever be held liable again or will we continue to indemnify them and we the people will be forced to continue to pay these billions to the many vaccine injured kids out there (who clearly deserve it) but we’re left on the hook. Think they’ll ever make big pharma pay what they owe?

Levi:  Yes, it’s a possibility that the drug companies can be held liable again if there is enough support for the idea of repealing the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.  The Act was never intended to be expanded to include every single vaccine that’s come to market in the last 30 years and there is a movement underfoot to restrict it only to the vaccines on the schedule in 1986, which would be the DTaP (DTP then), Polio (oral back then), MMR, and tetanus booster.  Is this to say there were no vaccine injuries when that made up our entire schedule?  Hell no.  Of course there were injuries.  That’s why the act was passed in the first place.  But we’d make a lot of headway in forcing vaccine manufactures to make safer vaccines if they were responsible for the damage the newer ones cause.

Erin, I’ve got to get going because I’ve got a load of vaccine junkie bullshit I need to respond to this morning but I appreciate the opportunity to talk to you!


Levi Quackenboss 


Note from HealthNutNews.com (God, Levi, we love you- we are not worthy but thanks for taking time from a very busy schedule to give us your insights) Your fan base grows daily!