CBS46 evening anchor Ben Swann is known for doing excellent research in reporting. And his program Reality Check was transparent and measured. However, shortly after his segment on whether or not #Pizzagate was real or fake news, Reality Check disappeared (as did Swann, largely) and he took down his website, Truth in Media.


Why? Because Media Matters and the Daily Beast went after him. In fact, the Daily Beast reported that his Truth in Media site was tied to a Republican PAC and he had previously done work for the Russian-government supported Russia Today before arriving in Atlanta. (So, you know, obvious proof that he was a subversive?)

Well, in December he posted a video on Vimeo teasing about “an upcoming new project he planned to announce” 1(it’s important to note that he didn’t reference his ties to CBS46 in the video). By Friday morning, the video had been seen more than 2,000 times but after CBS46 learned about the video, he was suspended and the video (which you can see below) was removed from Vimeo.

Well, “according to stories on, and, Swann last month began posting on the forums of Dash, a new crypto-currency along the lines of Bitcoin pitching a way to revive his Reality Check operation.”2 The Dash logo can even been seen in the video above. According to the stories above, Swann was able to raise enough crypto-money to fund future Reality Check news stories. Let’s hope that’s true.


Before his time at CBS46, Swann had a large following because Truth in Media was willing to investigate stories the mainstream media ignored. And we sympathize with him; our goal is to make sure you have access to the stories that the mainstream media will not share with you. (His team seemed to recognize that fact too as I was interviewed by this channel about our Unintended Doctor Deaths series. They flew a crew and Emmy award-winning journalist down for 2 days to interview me. At this point, the story has still not aired.)

We will keep you posted when more news becomes available.


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