Erin Brockovich digs deep to discover why Kentucky creek turned yellow

yellow sludge river

Erin Brockovich digs deep

We are so thankful to have Erin Brockovich on the truth team! Check out this recent post from her!

“How would you like to find the creek behind your house looking like this in morning? Listen up Kentucky… I WILL get to the bottom of this… and there will be no more sweeping this under the rug !!! I received this note from a resident last night…

Residents of Rockhouse Creek near Tomahawk, Kentucky, noticed the stream behind their homes colored yellow the morning of April 11. “After about an hour it turned bright green,” they said.

The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet’s Division of Water along with Martin County Disaster and Emergency Services conducted an investigation at Rockhouse Creek and don’t know the source of the yellow shit in the creek.

Water sampling test results aren’t available yet to let us know what was in the creek.

I’m attaching a photo of the yellow shit in the creek, along with a 12-second video clip which was shot four hours after the plume “dissipated.” There’s a nasty, orange-colored, oily residue in the water. Some people say it looks like fracking fluid. We’re up-close and personal with coal sludge and acid mine drainage, but haven’t met fracking fluid yet. It could just be a coincidence but the same lady who sent the yellow picture and video, sent another photo today, April 12, captioned “Chesapeake Energy checking out the creek today.” Chesapeake is the gas company, of course.

We will eventually have the water test results, but will never know the source of the spill because the state and county apparently gave up on the idea in one short visit.

We’re accustomed to this bullshit because it happens often when our creeks are running black with coal mine slurry. Couldn’t count the times the reports have said “source unknown.”

Just sharing from the most eastern part of Eastern Kentucky.”

Go Erin! We are so proud of you always looking out for the people. A shame that they cannot be heard without an advocate like you coming forward and being their voice.

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