Energy company shutting off power of residents opposed to smart meters


If you live in Michigan and have been holding out getting a smart meter, you may soon have your power shut off.

DTE has consistently maintained that no one should be worried about the radio frequencies the meters emit (others argue they are harmful to human health and are especially distressing for people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity) and reminds customers that they “can opt-out of the smart-meter program for a fee and receive new digital meters that don’t wirelessly transmit usage data” should they choose to.1 However, many argue the digital “opt-out meters” are just as bad and that people should be allowed to use their analog meters since they don’t generate “dirty electricity.”


Because of this, many Michigan residents are still holding out hope that the Michigan Legislature will pass House Bill 4220, allowing utility customers the choice to keep their traditional analog meter. (Those who choose the opt-out program will pay a one time fee of $67.20 plus $9.80 a month and a meter reader will stop by monthly to manually read the digital meter.) Ultimately, DTE doesn’t care. They say there is zero merit to the problems that have been associated with smart meter use and they aren’t budging.

Randi Berri, a DTE spokeswoman said they are close to completing the conversion to digital meters and expects to have the project, which began in 2008, completed by the end of 2017. For their part, DTE prefers the smart-meter technology because it allows them to read a meter without entering a customer’s yard, home or business. Readings can then be sent via mobile communication technology and used to produce bills that are more accurate than estimated bills. This ensures customers only pay for the energy they use. The new meters also provide customers with real-time info so they can better track and manage their energy consumption and gives the company more reliable outage detection and restoration.


But, people don’t like being forced to use something they don’t want and don’t feel safe around. And I don’t blame them.

What would you do if you were forced to use a smart meter? Does your home already have one? Have you noticed any problems with it?


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Erin Elizabeth


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Sources and References

  1. Mlive, August 16, 2017.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Rumplestiltskin

    Energy companies need to have everyone on board, because if they don’t then they’ll still have to hire meter readers who now have to determine which houses have the new meters or the old analogue that need to be physically read. All the hyperbole about those meter’s Microwave radiation is so over blown as to come off as pure hysteria.
    No one is complaining about their WiFi or Cell phone connection, so why all the brough-haha about those meters? We live in a soup of Electromagnetic Radiation and have learned to deal with it. Think of all that wiring in your home. Did you know that it can also add to that soup.

    This comes off as a pure backlash against having something changed on your home without your permission, instead of being voted on in a national referendum. It does need to be one way or the other, and that is because of cost of labor and dividends paid to stock holders.

  • Onan Max

    Well, it is not a myth that smart meters are harmful. I had my smart meter replaced with and analogue unit some time ago. I had to pay $260.00 for my electric co. to swap it.

    I ( and many people ) are sensitive to the bursts of EMF from them. I also have no wireless devices, no TV, no cell phone, nothing but a 1980’s pacbell push button phone.

    My internet is wired. I know about wiring in the home and that’s what bandpass filters are used for.

    I don’t complain, I just pay the money and have 800 gallons of propane for my generator to get me by if they ever decide to shut me off.

  • Cin Hus

    I smell a TROLL! You need to do your research!!! Cell phones are NOT SAFE! They cause cancer if carried on your person for long periods of time. Women who carry them in their shirt pockets or bras have ended up with cancer in those spots as does if carried in your pants pockets. Warnings have been out to keep the battery away from the body. They also disrupt sleeping and have been told to keep them out of the bedrooms. WiFi is also disruptive, but considered safe by manufactures. They are not safe individually, how can they be safe when you have multiple sources accumulating? They’re not and people as well as pets are ending up with cancer! DO YOUR RESEARCH!

  • Cin Hus

    Our area had smart meters installed this spring. When I got a letter in the mail mentioning updating meters, I called and asked if they were talking about smart meters and she said yes. I told her I didn’t want one. She said they were safe and could send me all kinds of information proving it. I told her to go ahead and send it and I will send her all kinds of documented information proving they are NOT SAFE and would also contact my attorney! She told me there would be a $20 charge per month for refusing. For the last 6 months the charge has been $0.00! I have saved info from researching and also found info court documents on wifi causing harm in schools. How To Refuse A “Smart” Meter by Weston A Price foundaton. M15 Whistleblower Dr. Barrie Trower. Smartmeter Dangers .org. Stop Smartmeters .org – sample letter to local gov. Smart Meter Dangers .org – Facts. EMF safety network .org – smartmeter health complaints. Weston A Price .org – Smart Meters Not So Smart – also sample letters.

  • Zaphod Braden

    Smart meters STEAL by increasing your “apparent” use=age.

  • Alleged Comment

    They want it because with these meters they can CONTROL your usage. Not you.

  • Rumplestiltskin

    I am not a troll CinHus, I am a realist. Digital meters are not the same as cell phones, so don’t equate them with each other. We have been swimming in an electronic cesspool for decades and the problem only arises when the power and its proximity are too close to the human body. It has to do with physics and the electronic nature of the human body.

    A Million volt transmission line over a home is a problem a cell phone sitting on the coffee table is not. Your electric meter is generally by the garage away from most human interaction, so I would ask, do you sleep next to your electric meter?

    I am well aware of the problem of living in our electronic soup, but we have to be somewhat circumspect about the risk verses our needs. The risk is so small that unless you are extremely sensitive there is no problem.

    This whole issue has more to do with control of the premises you think you own verses the right of government to force you to do something to your home that you don’t agree with, and the naysayers use the electronic hysteria to try and push back. It didn’t work did it?

  • thomas jefferson

    THIS POWER COMPANY COULD CARE LESS IF YOUR HOUSE BURNS DOWN,or if you are charged outragious power bills,ITS ABOUT KILLING YOUR CHILDREN,not you,sick children make a lot of people rich,and you are suckers to go along with anything they want,REMEMBER ,EVERYONE LIVES SOMEWHERE,including the power company employees and the politicians…show them what color their blood is,TALKING does not work on devils who harm your children..REMEMBER they work for SATAN,ALL OF THEM…….

  • All a bit clearer now

    They have turned off air conditioning and set temperature controls in your house for you i know several who had these in california. Also monitor you electronically for the marxist deepstate.

  • U Make The Call

    They tried without asking to remove my analog meter in a facility built in 1947.
    The test showed 100% on the analog meters accuracy.
    They left it alone. Had I not been home they would have arbitrarily changed it; Grants Pass, Ore.
    I gave strong argument and won.

  • David Cohen

    STAFF: Actually, it’s not adequately proven that cells phones (or other wireless devices) actually CAUSE cancer, only that they destroy red blood cells, changing them from round to irregular, and prevent the body from defending against cancer.

    Might seem like a minor distinction, just trying to stick to facts that we can prove. 🙂 Thank you for a mostly very good post

  • David Cohen

    STAFF: A thousand apologies for what might sound like a personal insult, which is NOT intended. You’re proving that a little big of info is a dangerous thing. You are repeatedly issuing shibboleths that highly-trained scientists have proven to be untrue. See if you can hold your thumb and finger tightly (when someone else gently, firmly pries them apart) when there’s an operating or ringing cellphone held against your chest. That’s not hysteria, sir, that’s “profundity of weakness”

  • tomnchrist

    I have a small solar system (1500 watts) using a grid tie system (matches the solar electricity sine wave to the incoming utility power sine signal). This allowed me to use my 1500 watts in conjunction and save some on my power bill, and still have some power available in a power outage (which requires me to manually convert to a separate disconnected system, but still using my solar). This worked well until the Power Company installed a smart meter, then the power company realized I was feeding back electricity to them ( a very small amount, and only occasionally). They said there was danger to their linemen. I explained that when utility power went out the Grid tie system automatically shut down as there was not a sine signal coming in to match to. No matter, they gave me a four page list of costly requirements, fees and test (more fees) and made me disconnect (on the spot) until I complied. This even though they are not required to pay for electricity fed back to their system.

  • Rumplestiltskin

    To all of you making a reply; This article was about smart meters, not cell phones, so lets stay on topic. All cities must work with what is called Economies of Scale, so their monies can be spent most efficiently. Hiring dozens of meter readers is no longer an option because in a time of tight budgets they need to have an efficient use of the public’s money. Smart meter use helps in this regard.

    I am a realist and smart meter use is the most realistic use of city funds. AND, to the last poster, smart meters cannot turn off anything in your home, unless it is wired with WIFI to do that very thing. If you don’t pay your bill they will shut off your power though.

  • Island girl

    Yes, I sleep next to my meter. Electricity, meter, wifi are all coming in on the master bedroom wall. If the bed is placed anywhere but in front of this spot, it will cover the closet doors, a large window or the entrance door. So my head is about 2′ from the incoming mess. I am paying to not have a smart meter, do not use a cell and keep the wifi turned off when not using – and this has helped. But it’s still making me sick. So next up are the dirty electricity filters. This started as soon as I moved into my house. I would not have bought it if I’d known. People saying things like you did are hurting a lot of us and we’ve become too sick to fight back. Please stop.

  • LadyforLiberty2012

    Mr. Jefferson, with all due respect, if the power company could care less, that means they care at least a little bit I think you may have meant to say they could NOT care less. That one little word makes all the difference in the meaning and credibility of your statement. Just thought you’d want to know that. Otherwise, I pretty much agree with you. The evil in this world is most definitely fueled by greed. We must all pray to our Lord Jesus Christ for the strength to defeat satan and its minions.

  • Truth59

    Can you get them removed after they have been put in? How/where do I contact to do this?