Kimbal Musk, entrepreneur and younger brother of tech guru, Elon Musk, has revealed that he will be opening a healthy fast food restaurant where everything will cost less than $5.

The restaurant, called The Kitchenette, will open in Memphis, Tennessee in August, 2016 at Shelby Farms Park, a 4,500-acre urban park and conservancy.

A rendering of The Kitchenette’s porch at Shelby Farms Park. Courtesy of Kimbal Musk

Musk made millions with his brother in Silicon Valley before going to culinary school.  He currently helps run two other restaurant chains, The Kitchen and Next Door.

Kimbal Musk at the Camino Nuevo Academy’s Learning Garden in Los Angeles. Patrick T. Fallon

Musk plans to work with local, organic farmers to keep the costs low.  He plans to serve items like sandwiches, soups and salads that are ready to go.

“People are overweight and starving at the same time. It’s a tragedy for both the individual and society,” Musk told Tech Insider.  Musk joins a growing number of restaurateurs  that are focused on delivering a healthy product for cheap.

*Article originally appeared at Minds.