I’m so pleased to let all my Health Nuts know that beginning November 3rd, you’ll have access to an amazing 9-day seminar that will teach you all about how to eat yourself and the earth back to health. And you’ll see me- I’ll be speaking on Day 4!

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Some of What You Will Learn in This Educational 9-Day Speaker Series

The Deeper Truth About Pesticides & GMOs Almost Nobody is Talking About. This is a bigger disaster than anybody realized just a few years ago. The implications for your health and your entire future are staggering, and it’s essential that you learn how to protect yourself.

Startling Connections Between Very Common Nutritional Deficiencies and Deadly Diseases That Affect 1 in 2 of Us. Doctors now find that many patients don’t heal on the best foods available. It’s vital to understand why, and how to position yourself for a long healthy life.

Startling Connections Between Skyrocketing Disease Rates, Climate Change, Dying Oceans, and How Food is Grown. To state it bluntly, our food system will destroy us (and most life on Earth), or it will save us. But through food we have the power to change everything. 

Breakthrough Methods to Scientifically Detox Your Body. Now more than ever each one of us must get serious about detoxifying. It’s becoming a matter of life or death.

How to Multiply the Nutritional and Healing Power of Food by 10x (or Even More). Recent discoveries reveal that food, grown and consumed in certain ways (you can do this yourself) can literally annihilate disease.

How to Prevent and Conquer Cancer and Why There is No One-Size-Fits-All Diet for Cancer. This information can help you avoid the unthinkable or feeling powerless in the face of it.

Why Vegan and Paleo Eaters Must Unite Despite Different Beliefs. It turns out that there are specific reasons that some diets work for some people and not others, and specific reasons that affect us all that we must forget our differences and join forces to ensure a healthy, safe planet. 

How to Have the Biggest Impact Possible for Your Health and the Earth. You can have more power than you realize to influence your destiny and the destiny of all people alive, or who will ever live. We can do this!