We are lucky to have a first-hand account of just how UNDERREPORTED vaccine injuries are. According to an E.R. nurse calling themselves GuerillaRN:

“As an E.R. nurse, I have seen the cover up. Where do you think kids go when they have a vaccine reaction? They go to the E.R. They come to me.” 1

GuerillaRN reports that cases almost always present similarly; the child comes in with a fever approaching 105, or seizures, or lethargy/can’t wake up, or sudden overwhelming sickness, screaming that won’t stop, spasms, GI inclusion, etc. The first question is always, “Is your child current on their vaccinations?” The nurse believes parents just think they are just trying to rule out the vaccine-preventable diseases when GuerillaRN is actually trying to find out how recently the child was vaccinated to determine if it’s a vaccine reaction.

“Too often I heard a parent say something akin to ‘Yes they are current, the pediatrician caught up their vaccines this morning during their check up, and the pediatrician said they were in perfect health!’

But here’s the more disturbing part.

For all the cases I’ve seen, I have NEVER seen any medical provider report them to VAERS. I have filed VAERS reports. But I am the ONLY nurse I have EVER met that files VAERS reports.

I also have NEVER met a doctor who files VAERS reports.” 2

(The nurse has worked in multiple hospitals across multiple states, alongside well over a hundred doctors in both big (San Francisco Bay Area Metro 40 bed ER, Las Vegas NV Metro 44 bed ER) and small hospitals (Rural access 2 bed ER, remote community 4 bed ER).)


This should ANGER us. GuerillaRN reports that when they fill our VAERS reports, other nurses don’t even know what it is and the doctors have nothing to say about it. This is why the nurse says that VAERS is “woefully underreported.” In fact, although the CDC admits that VAERS is under-reported and probably only representative of 1/10th the actual number of injuries, this nurse believes that the CDC’s numbers are WAY off and that the number is more like 1/1000th.

This RN has also seen cover ups from doctors in the form of falsification of medical records and documentation via intentional omission. “I have seen the vaccine damage cover up first hand. I know that it is intentional and active in the medical community. I know that it is happening. This is a systemic suppression of information and statistics.” 3


GuerillaRN is neither pro-vax or anti-vax rather they are for informed consent. They believe it is our right to know the very real risks involved (and they say about 2/3 of serious reactions happen in boys).



Lastly, they say:

“We lie. As a profession. (I don’t.) But as a profession we lie, we rug sweep the risks, we sugar coat it. We do it every day with every interaction. That is the truth of it.

Know the risks. Acknowledge that IF you do, you roll the dice. And YES, your child’s number CAN come up. You are NOT immune.

~GuerillaRN, CEN, EMT”

Whoever this RN is, they are brave and we are very thankful for both their willingness to be honest with parents, fill our VAERS reports, and tell us what is really going on. Whether you choose to vaccinate or not, just make sure to educate yourself.

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