Did everyone see Matt Drudge’s Twitter asking about whether the government was exaggerating the intensity of Hurricane Matthew? Check it out:

I’ll admit I was a little confused and shocked but I wasn’t worried about it (and you all KNOW how I feel about hurricanes). But he didn’t stop there, following up his first tweet with another saying there was no way for anyone to verify the claim from the Hurricane Center that winds were at 165mph:

He then went on to ask his followers to monitor the Hurricane and help get out the truth:

(Those two tweets above were later deleted although apparently Drudge regularly gets rid of tweets from his account.)

So, with a lack of visual evidence about the intensity of Matthew, many people began to wonder whether it was being used by the government for political purposes, or even as an excuse for a type of Martial law drill. And then boom- President Obama’s state of emergency in Florida was declared (which paves the way for the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA to step in and override State and local officials).


As you can imagine, Drudge took some heat on twitter and from the media, with The Huffington Post running a story entitled, Matt Drudge’s Hurricane Theory Takes Conspiracies To A Dangerous Level and a Media Matters story called, Matt Drudge Peddles Irresponsible Conspiracy Theory Downplaying Deadly Hurricane Matthew.

Strike a nerve much? Ouch!

Not willing to stop there, Media Matters then slammed Alex Jones for responding to Drudge’s tweets:

“Conspiracy theorist and Trump ally Alex Jones re-tweeted Matt Drudge, expressing support and agreement with his dangerous hurricane conspiracy while adding the white supremacist “altright” hashtag”.

I’m guessing Alex Jones couldn’t care less.

What do you think about this? I wasn’t there but I have seen pictures of the damage done to my house. I suppose the bigger question is, do we put it past our government to do something like this? Even if they didn’t this time?

Source: Info Wars