Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban To Convert Farm Into Wildlife Sanctuary

Nicole Kidman (born in Hawaii and raised in Australia) and her cowboy from down under, Keith Urban, have apparently decided to convert their farm in Tennessee into a wildlife sanctuary. The rumor is that she and her husband are fans of the way in which Bindi Irwin (she won Dancing with the Stars during Season 21) was raised by her famous animal handler father, Steve, and her mother Terri. Seems they want to follow in their footsteps.

They own a 16-hectare farm in Leiper’s Fork (worth $3.5 million) which is located near their $4.9 million dollar Nashville mansion.

We are happy to hear that even though the stars aren’t living in Nashville full time, (they split their time between Nashville, L.A., and their sprawling, luxury farmhouse in rural New South Wales) that there will be some animals who find safety and respite there, full time. Ohh…maybe some sweet dairy cows and pigs, saved from slaughter? Nicole, if you need suggestions- feel free to contact me!

XO- Erin

Source: World Animal News