Just 48 hours after I’d written about another Canadian doctor who researched cancer, founded murdered… We have another one who is about the same age.

The doctor in the link above was from Toronto, while Dr. Linnea Veinotte in this article was from Nova Scotia.

As with all the stories I’ve written about the mysterious doctor deaths, my heart goes out to the family and friends of yet another doctor who has been found dead, just days before Christmas.

Canadian doctor Linnea Veinotte, was described as super smart with a “big heart” and was married to her high school sweetheart, Matt Veinotte—the couple had two boys, ages five and six.

Veinotte taught on contract at St. George’s in Grenada, a quiet and safe Caribbean island. The couple loved the island because of its “wonderful people”, and Dr. Veinotte was loved back; she was described as, “good listener…and the type of person that could only ever see the good in people.” Sylvan McIntyre, an assistant-superintendent with the Royal Grenada Police reports, “The family are devastated. Grenada is a safe place.”

Her body, partially decomposed, was found just days ago and buried in a makeshift grave near a small dirt road on the south end of the island. Last seen on Sunday, December 6, Dr. Veinotte, “left the house at 8 am, wearing green running shorts, a purple tank top and her Adidas, with the family dog, Nico, in tow.” She was to go for a jog around a well known residential community, but instead residents later reported hearing tires—belonging to a dark-colored SUV—screech, and a loud thump. Their dog was discovered bleeding at the scene, but Dr. Veinotte was no where to be found.

McIntyre, who has been an officer for 31 years, says that he’s never seen a case like this. Normally, on this small island of 110,000 residents, people don’t go missing.

On Friday, just after midnight, “person of interest” Akim Frank, who appears to have a record from 2008 for the offenses of burglary, causing harm, stealing and wounding, turned himself in. The SUV that neighbors reported seeing, one he had access to but was not his, was also found.

Authorities are still unsure whether or not to call it a crime or accident.

Countless locals say things like this just don’t happen in this quaint town with many ex patriots and well to do tourists.


Fotolia, Grenada—the “sleepy paradise town on the sea”  area where tragedy struck.

We will wait to see what they discover, but so many people sent this to me that we had to at least write a tribute in Dr. Veinotte’s memory. Remember—life is short. Hug your loved ones a little tighter this holiday.

This is Erin Elizabeth, from the East Coast of Florida December 23, 2015

Dr. Venoitte’s obituary: http://www.obitsforlife.com

Source: National Post