Dr. Crespo, cancer researcher, found dead in NY’s Upper East Side hospital bathroom


(Editor’s note: UPDATE- Initially, officials didn’t say Dr. Crespo overdosed. However, within hours, they said there was a cup found near his body and now they think it could be an overdose of drugs. There were a couple others in our series where an overdose was the alleged cause of death, but in some of those cases, loved ones did not believe this to be true.)

Read our entire series here of all 79 doctors, with details, timeline, pictures, and links: https://healthnutnews.com recap

On Sunday afternoon, the medical researcher Miguel Crespo, 40, was found dead in an eighth-floor bathroom of an upper east side hospital, police said. Our hearts go out to the family, friends, and loved ones of Dr. Crespo. His death marks the 79th doctor death in our unintended series.

Police found Crespo unconscious on the floor at about 2:50 p.m. in Weill Cornell Medical Center, at E. 68th St. and York Ave. Alongside his body they found vomit. The city medical examiner will determine how he died.1

“Crespo joined Weill Cornell Medical College in 2011, doing postdoctoral research on colon cancer in a stem cell lab, according to his hospital bio and his LinkedIn profile. He earned his bachelor’s degree at Complutense University of Madrid.” 2 He also spoke five languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Persian).

This reminds us of the case of the famous stem cell cancer researcher/doctor (the head of a famous clinic in the UK) who was found dead in a rubber fetish suit, with a mask on his face, hanging from a tree. His family said he’d just gone to walk the dog. (The dog survived.)

Crespo was beloved by all. We are so sorry for his family’s loss.


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Mantirig 41

    Stay safe.

  • If anyone believes this was a suicide, I have some PRIME property for a dollar.

  • pege63

    An epidemic that needs to be properly investigated by an independent party from abroad, such as scotland yard police, perhaps and NO part from USA at all.

  • AS1124

    this was a crime scene. Look at the investigators and the chain of command.

  • Jeanne Anne Hensley

    Problem is that there are global connections. This is much deeper than just the US.

  • Ted Wass

    Big Pharm

  • owlmother

    people need to make a pact with their loved one. If they are ev er stupid enough to commit suicide they will leave a note and it will have a code word in it. ~Health Doctors really need to this

  • JBlaze

    Someone is behind his murder.

  • Nothing surprises me anymore…. The government is involved in extensive blackops covert surveillance burglaries as well as killings…..

    I found out a little over a week ago from an MRI that my hip had been fractured (while unconscious / asleep, which I believe explains how a Costco Big Horn safe I slept in front of was burglarized)….. I also had hair testing done which came back as positive for GHB…. and the local law enforcement has done nothing to stop the ongoing burglaries, vandalism and poisonings since 2011, after my FBI FOIA appeal was denied…..

    The government is running black operations against targeted individuals….. and successfully getting away with their Covert Organized Surveillance Crimes against Citizens, while hiding their crimes and domestic terrorism under a pretext of “National Security” …..

  • Repent

    Whoever is doing this is making sure that the cops don’t do any real investigating. Dead men tell no tales.

  • Bath House Barry

    A doctor who can’t measure out his own prescription. Right. The official story will end up being the biggest conspiracy theory.

  • Keifus~

    Nobody with a brain believes this was a suicide

  • Dennisito

    Guaranteed he was poisoned. Guaran-fuckin-TEED!! Could have been cyanide, which resembles a heart attack and unless it is quickly looked for in toxicology tests, it soon dissipates and is all but undetectable.

  • Terry Harnden

    Make sure we record all medical examiners and police involved in all these deaths. for future correlations with pedophile arrests. Pharma seems to be at the bottom of the swamp.

  • Jock Doubleday

    Another good-hearted person killed by Rothschild minions.