Paige Adams FNP-BC and Jeffrey Bradstreet MD together at a conference. See their video together below

Paige Adams – (Holistic FNP-BC) and Jeffrey Bradstreet MD together at a conference. See their video together below

Dr Bradstreet’s Colleague Found Dead in Florida

First and foremost, my heart goes out to Paige Adams’ (FNP, B-C) mom, her patients and loved ones . I cannot imagine what her family is going through at this time. I am honored to have known the beautiful brilliant young woman for the time I did, and know she’ll be missed by so many.

I knew Paige, as she lived locally and even asked to visit me and my better half at the house shortly before her death. I will regret not making and taking the time, as we can lose those around us in an instant. We all must remember that.

Paige’s family announced hours after her death that she’d died of Lyme disease in her sleep. Friends tell me she died at home and all were shocked at her passing (as reflected on the countless posts on her Facebook page). I too was diagnosed with Lyme through a positive western blot test as many of you know, and have written about it extensively. I know how terrible Lyme can be. I truly hope Paige died peacefully, no matter what the official cause. I have to point out a few facts though, as I can only report this information of how she died secondhand (unless there was a rush autopsy or one at all).

I will say this. After this last death, I asked my family that if I too am found dead that they have an autopsy performed. Unless there is a coroner handy or I am in a hospital, which was not the case, then I wouldn’t want my wonderful parents to make an assumption without an autopsy. Especially considering the circumstance. I speak with other families of the recently deceased in the holistic health community, and the ones who didn’t now wish they had done this. As you’ll see below, Paige said not to make assumptions if something happened to her. So I won’t.

Like the other holistic practitioners found dead, she was outspoken on vaccines and autism and shared my stories about the mysterious deaths many times over. Again, considering the circumstances, I think Paige deserves credit for the amazing things she accomplished and also a medical confirmation on how she died.

Below is one of Paige posts about Dr Bradstreet, where she says if anything were to  happen to her, don’t assume it’s an accident (see highlighted in yellow near the end). Maybe you can understand why, after seeing so many of our friends die since June and writing about each and every one of them to keep the news out there, I want confirmation. I don’t want to assume. Paige said don’t assume.

Note: you can see the likes below the post. I wouldn’t share if it had been a private message, but it was a public post.


Yes, she says don’t assume. I try never to assume in any of my pieces. Especially for a  local friend who has only been gone from this earth barely a day. We are losing too many too quickly.

I just wrote about  Dr. Floyd, who also lived locally and was found dead one week ago today. He was a chiropractor and clinical professor here at Palmer College in Florida. He and his wife ran our local Natural Awakenings magazine and were wonderful. I’d known him ten years. They lived a matter of miles away from us.

This, coupled with the loss of Paige and the others is shocking to the entire community.

Video of Dr Bradstreet with Paige Adams where he praises his colleague and friend.

Paige even shared a controversial video of mine on her professional page just late last night from my Health Nut News page. She also posted frequently on my Facebook page with her great wisdom and insight.

She had  even asked me this past summer  if my better half (a doctor of 30+ years)  wanted to come to work for her as a medical director at her clinic (I’ll post some screen shots of that in a bit).


She posted other articles of mine and talked openly online about the mysterious doctor deaths that I reported on. She was also outspoken about vaccines and helping children with autism. She did great work for the community, and had been living between Nashville and here in Florida before her untimely death.

Paige was obviously well respected by Dr Bradstreet and other amazing colleagues, some of whom have also recently met their untimely demise.

It really truly breaks my heart to report on so many doctors and friends who we knew in this small holistic world. Our friend, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, died this past summer and they said it was a heart attack. After the autopsy was done his wife (who I met in last month) announced publicly that it was not a heart attack like originally thought. Last time I checked, I was told they had no cause of death.

I have no idea if these deaths are coincidental or not. I have no idea of the actual cause of death of Paige, and don’t know if an autopsy will be done. They’ve posted publicly (or I wouldn’t share) that she’ll be cremated.  I just hear the words going through my mind over and over in her post above “If something happens to me… don’t assume” So I won’t assume. I will keep reporting on these deaths as long as I can. It has been the hardest subject for me to ever write about so far, and I truly hope the deaths of our friends will stop. I am thinking of all the families of the doctors, those whom I know and those whom I don’t, and wishing them peace and love.

This is Erin Elizabeth on the east coast of Florida, Feb 1st 2016