Dr Bradstreet’s colleague found dead in Florida – updated

Dr Bradstreet's Colleague Found Dead in Florida
Paige Adams FNP-BC and Jeffrey Bradstreet MD together at a conference. See their video together below
Paige Adams FNP-BC and Jeffrey Bradstreet MD together at a conference. See their video together below
Paige Adams – (Holistic FNP-BC) and Jeffrey Bradstreet MD together at a conference. See their video together below

Dr Bradstreet’s Colleague Found Dead in Florida

First and foremost, my heart goes out to Paige Adams’ (FNP, B-C) mom, her patients and loved ones . I cannot imagine what her family is going through at this time. I am honored to have known the beautiful brilliant young woman for the time I did, and know she’ll be missed by so many.

I knew Paige, as she lived locally and even asked to visit me and my better half at the house shortly before her death. I will regret not making and taking the time, as we can lose those around us in an instant. We all must remember that.

Paige’s family announced hours after her death that she’d died of Lyme disease in her sleep. Friends tell me she died at home and all were shocked at her passing (as reflected on the countless posts on her Facebook page). I too was diagnosed with Lyme through a positive western blot test as many of you know, and have written about it extensively. I know how terrible Lyme can be. I truly hope Paige died peacefully, no matter what the official cause. I have to point out a few facts though, as I can only report this information of how she died secondhand (unless there was a rush autopsy or one at all).

I will say this. After this last death, I asked my family that if I too am found dead that they have an autopsy performed. Unless there is a coroner handy or I am in a hospital, which was not the case, then I wouldn’t want my wonderful parents to make an assumption without an autopsy. Especially considering the circumstance. I speak with other families of the recently deceased in the holistic health community, and the ones who didn’t now wish they had done this. As you’ll see below, Paige said not to make assumptions if something happened to her. So I won’t.

Like the other holistic practitioners found dead, she was outspoken on vaccines and autism and shared my stories about the mysterious deaths many times over. Again, considering the circumstances, I think Paige deserves credit for the amazing things she accomplished and also a medical confirmation on how she died.

Below is one of Paige posts about Dr Bradstreet, where she says if anything were to  happen to her, don’t assume it’s an accident (see highlighted in yellow near the end). Maybe you can understand why, after seeing so many of our friends die since June and writing about each and every one of them to keep the news out there, I want confirmation. I don’t want to assume. Paige said don’t assume.

Note: you can see the likes below the post. I wouldn’t share if it had been a private message, but it was a public post.


Yes, she says don’t assume. I try never to assume in any of my pieces. Especially for a  local friend who has only been gone from this earth barely a day. We are losing too many too quickly.

I just wrote about  Dr. Floyd, who also lived locally and was found dead one week ago today. He was a chiropractor and clinical professor here at Palmer College in Florida. He and his wife ran our local Natural Awakenings magazine and were wonderful. I’d known him ten years. They lived a matter of miles away from us.

This, coupled with the loss of Paige and the others is shocking to the entire community.

Video of Dr Bradstreet with Paige Adams where he praises his colleague and friend.

Paige even shared a controversial video of mine on her professional page just late last night from my Health Nut News page. She also posted frequently on my Facebook page with her great wisdom and insight.

She had  even asked me this past summer  if my better half (a doctor of 30+ years)  wanted to come to work for her as a medical director at her clinic (I’ll post some screen shots of that in a bit).


She posted other articles of mine and talked openly online about the mysterious doctor deaths that I reported on. She was also outspoken about vaccines and helping children with autism. She did great work for the community, and had been living between Nashville and here in Florida before her untimely death.

Paige was obviously well respected by Dr Bradstreet and other amazing colleagues, some of whom have also recently met their untimely demise.

It really truly breaks my heart to report on so many doctors and friends who we knew in this small holistic world. Our friend, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, died this past summer and they said it was a heart attack. After the autopsy was done his wife (who I met in last month) announced publicly that it was not a heart attack like originally thought. Last time I checked, I was told they had no cause of death.

I have no idea if these deaths are coincidental or not. I have no idea of the actual cause of death of Paige, and don’t know if an autopsy will be done. They’ve posted publicly (or I wouldn’t share) that she’ll be cremated.  I just hear the words going through my mind over and over in her post above “If something happens to me… don’t assume” So I won’t assume. I will keep reporting on these deaths as long as I can. It has been the hardest subject for me to ever write about so far, and I truly hope the deaths of our friends will stop. I am thinking of all the families of the doctors, those whom I know and those whom I don’t, and wishing them peace and love.

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Erin Elizabeth


Erin Elizabeth is a long time activist with a passion for the healing arts, working in that arena for a quarter century. Her site HealthNutNews.com is barely 4 years old, but cracked the top 20 Natural Health sites worldwide. She is an author, public speaker, and has recently done some TV and film programs for some of her original work which have attracted international media coverage. Erin was the recipient for the Doctors Who Rock "Truth in Journalism award for 2017. You can get Erin’s free e-book here and also watch a short documentary on how she overcame vaccine injuries, Lyme disease, significant weight gain, and more. Follow Erin on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Chris Gatten

    I’m so sorry Erin, this is very close to home for you, thank you for sharing what you can, it’s a hard line to walk to respect everyone’s privacy and to make this very scary situation public and let people know what is REALLY happening. My heart goes out to you, and always keeping your and your S.O’s safety in my thoughts and prayers. I have learned so much via his website too, for the health of myself and my pets.

  • Jaye Kaye

    What is the count of suspicious deaths up to now?

  • i haven’t had time to add my friends who died this week (including Paige) here LOCALLY in our community in florida to the page https://www.healthnutnews.com/recap-on-my-unintended-series-the-holistic-doctor-deaths/

  • thanks Chris. there will always be those who are upset (a few) but I have to share the truth and the doctors’ families almost all agree w me : ) Aw thank you. Appreciate your kind words and thinking of you and your pets.. : ) Erin

  • Lee Vandereems

    OMG!!!!! WHAT IS GOING ON??? With all these holistic Drs deaths this is NOT natural!!!!! My prayers go out to her family!! Something HAS to be done!!!

  • William Wagner

    Very sorry to hear about the loss of your friends.

  • thank you William

  • Erik

    Keep writing, thats the best life insurance. Scary what apparently is going on.

  • Tami

    Why isnt the fbi involved

  • phil berens

    There’s probably been 10,000 mainstream doctors who have died in the last year. Are alternative medicine supporters killing them? Cmon people. These doctors pose zero threat to mainstream medicine, and are just as money driven as any mainstream doc.

  • MLK

    A holistic doctor who I knew, also in Florida died very suddenly and unexpectedly in November 2014. He was the picture of health and I believe in his 40s… I am now wondering if he too could have been added to this ‘group’.

  • Lindy Keil Schultz

    I believe this number fifteen, since and
    including Dr. Bradstreet

  • Josh Bare

    There’s no money in health. Sickness, however, is a trillion dollar industry. If you haven’t figure out by now that money is the main factor in all of industry, not sure you’re ever going to “get it.”

    How many people were killed last night across the country for a few dollars? Now make that a trillion and what will people do, ya think?

    Why would the pharmaceutical industry write collective business plans that would effectively kill off their business? Are they the worst business people you’ve ever seen? No. They run the 2nd largest industry on Earth – for very good reason: they create sickness.

    Trying to discuss this problem with someone who hasn’t the faintest clue is like trying to describe the color blue to a blind person. Do some research yourself. Don’t spend your time making comments. Spend your time researching the possibility. It’s time much better spent.

  • S. Irby

    Your response only shows that you have come to a conclusion before the investigation. What are the chances of these specific people, even to specific area? Perhaps you’ve had some bad experiences; but in my past experience, there are many healing practitioners who are a serious threat to mainstream medicine where it is vulnerable (not all mainstream medicine is bad). For the most part, mainstream responds by ignoring, preventing them from being on state boards, openly publishing against them, suppressing their scientific studies, or otherwise influencing public perception. Have you not heard that behind the manic drive for vaccination is that certain drug patents expired and new products, preferably repeat customers on as broad a scale as possible, needed to be found for the sake of the bottom line? Odd things happen. Don’t know if it’s true, just sayin’… “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Hamlet

  • Alek

    Please just shut up!

  • Ellie Lobel

    Erin I had no idea that Paige who is known in the Lyme community had these ties to Dr Bradstreet. Just learned of her passing yesterday, Its no surprise to us whom have been in the Lyme community a long time that we lose many these days, at least 2 to 3 a week from Lyme and co-infections Having been involved with Lyme for the past 20 years and almost lost my life if it were not for a Killer bee attack in Ca would not be here as well, yes i am at the forefront of a break through in eradicating Lyme and its many co-infections and I must admit this makes me a bit nervous this is truly hitting very close to home. My heart goes out to the families of all those who have been lost, whether to Lyme or these mysterious deaths. I so appreciate what you do and please stay safe. Thank you for keeping us informed. Makes me wonder, I do hope an autopsy is preformed, Sorry for the loss of your friend and our fellow Lyme warrior. Bee safe, Bee wise and Bee well

  • Kevin Scott King

    My sincere condolences Erin. I’ve been following these ‘non-coincidental’, ‘mysterious’ deaths since Dr. Bradstreet and have read multiple articles of yours reporting on it. Holistic/Natural health is a serious threat to the huge and deadly Death Care industry; pharmaceuticals, vaccines, cancer, etc. Especially as they are being exposed more and more for the real and tangible threat they are. The Pharma industry in particular is a very cutthroat culture. Pun intended.

    For those who doubt keep in mind that Health ‘Death’ Care is a growth industry. And in order for them to grow do they need a healthy population or a sick one? It is that simple. Same for Pharma. At least 50% of the US population has taken at least 1 prescription drug in the past month. That figure blows my mind still. Another piece pushing this ‘sick’ culture (and I’m just talking about health, not the toxic mass media) is, at least in my neck of the woods in D/FW, TX, the explosion of Emergency Clinics. They are every now.

    Keep speaking the Truth sister.

  • Donna Kuhn

    i think it is 19

  • Donna Kuhn

    i am sorry for your loss in this very suspicious scary time for holistic health

  • The number one cause of death in the U.S. is heart attack. Do you know what the warning signs are? There are none. I have an aunt (by marriage) whose relatives usually die of cancer. It is usually a long drawn out battle. In my family death is usually by heart attack or stroke. Now usually they are fine one moment and dead the next. Rosie O’ Donnell had a heart attack and did not know it. The next day when she went to the doctor she found out from the doctor. The day she had the heart attack she felt more tired than she felt in her entire life.
    Frank Rizzo had 2 terms as mayor of Philadelphia. Later he ran again and people expected him to win. During the race he had a heart attack and died. Both him and O’Donnell were portly which increases the chances of it. Lack of vitamin D also increases chances of having a heart attack or stroke. PubMed says that there is a pandemic of vitamin D deficiency in the U.S. and in the world. JAMA says that 77% of Americans have a deficiency of vitamin D.
    Another nutrient that protects against heart attacks and stroke is nitric oxide. You can get it from sunlight and you can’t get too much. You also get some if you eat beets but that is not a favorite food of Americans. Now doctors have important things to do and usually do it inside. While poor people are outside more even if they do not know that they are getting vitamin D and nitric oxide from the sun of God or God’s sun.
    Note that you only get vitamin D when UV index is high but you can get nitric oxide from sunlight any time of the day or year. Note that in Boston you can’t get any vitamin D from sunlight for 5 months of the year. So it would be good to give the age of these people since chance of death gets higher as you get older. One’s chance of dying at age 115 is over 99%. Also I guess that last picture is of Paige Adams but she looks thinner and has a different color hair. So which picture is more recent?

  • 10k dr. deaths in the US? In one year? Our Elista community is small and we’ve lost some of her close friends and nine months. Found murdered found dead by a legend suicide or found dead with no cause of death on autopsy. Many die the same day. We have three different days were multiple friends of ours were found Dead. I will keep reporting and will not be shamed or made fearful by anonymous posters too afraid to post their name

  • Lynn Frost

    Our nation is no longer “One Nation Under God!!!” but we need to get back to it again. That’s what’s wrong! Vote in a true man of God in the coming election. Ask God who is His choice. I’ve already gotten the answer to that; I believe it is Ted Cruz!

  • Angela A Stanton

    why don’t these ever make national news??? One would expect to see these up on TV along with all other important and mysterious death.

  • George DeCarlo

    Does anyone know if Gary Null has spoken about all these deaths which I recall being around 25 at last count?

  • Deede

    This is so horrible. People have got to start figuring out that vaccines lead to a lifelong cash cow for Big Pharma! A gal I know regularly gets her elementary age girls flu shots, and those same kids are regularly quite sick. Tptb WANT us all running to get vaccine after vaccine and will get rid of anyone in positions of power who speak out against it. I live just 48 m. from Chimney Rock where Dr. Bradstreet supposedly shot himself, in the chest?, and have asked some of the naturalists, rangers with the park about it, but it’s still very hush, hush. Assassins are obviously going after these people.

  • Linda Doran Viscardis

    This article has the date of last February….is this an old post? Or is the date incorrect?

  • Deede

    Because the news in controlled, and the endless commercials from the pharmaceutical industry fuel tel lie vision? And the powers WANT us sick and dying? It behooves them to have us on lots of pills?
    Just some thoughts…

  • Deede

    Love your sun and son references.

  • Deede

    Because they are in on it?

  • Deede

    As am I.

  • Angela A Stanton

    There are some independent channels though like One America so I would expect to hear at least something… or be on 60 Minutes… they are not scared. I totally believe it all so it is not that but rather an utter dismay that something this significant is totally hidden from the world.

  • Lois Stopple

    Our country was founded on religious freedom ~ not on trying to get everybody “under god” , as you perceive it!~ “God” is defined as many different things by many different religions, and how you perceive “God” is a very personal thing, and that should NEVER EVER be brought into politics! The fact that he wants a woman who has been raped to bear the child of the rapist shows the mind of a very sick man: how disgusting! He is NOT a real American, he is a real hater of women.

  • RelocationQuotes

    There is a holistic dr. I know that is curing Lyme and its a 100% cure rate. I hope he is not next..

  • i signed it late at night as 2015. it was 2016 (yesterday) I was in shock having a friend and neighbor die. My bad <3

  • thank you Ellie. Sorry for all you have lost and hope your journey is going well and you are well <3 Yes. As he says in the video up top- they worked together for many years and Paige has done many posts, articles on her site, etc talking of how close they were and what a great friend he was. and yes, it's really tragic that she died. I had incident of a tick bite back East in 84 and was still a child when it all began, so it has sucked having it many decades until I was finally diagnosed just over 2 years ago by positive western blot test. I wrote a book about it "In the Lymelight" which is about my journey and I give away free to help other Lymies… Because of my better half- Dr Mercola – I admit I'm more fortunate than most to have the best Lyme MD's but still never easy <3 I was alarmed when I saw Paige posted on her FB page (I added a screen shot of it up top) that if she died – don't assume it was in accident. She was referring to Dr Bradstreet being found dead. I SO wish that I'd taken her up on her offer to stop by and talk to us (since we lived minutes away from each other) and I hadn't been too busy. I will forever be sad about that 🙁 That was not long before she died that she said they were driving and wanted to stop by.. So it must've been rather sudden. Due to all of my friends dying the last 9 months (including 2 in a week right here where i live – ALL holistic practitioners) I pray they do an autopsy just to be certain. Especially in light of her speaking about if she ended up dead. Again, it could just be she suddenly and quite shockingly "died of Lyme" as the folks are saying. But I hope to God if I die my parents will do an autopsy since all our friends (hers and mine) have been dying left and right in our small community <3 peace. Erin in Florida

  • here’s the #. We’re way past that now sadly if you count the accidental deaths. https://www.healthnutnews.com/recap-on-my-unintended-series-the-holistic-doctor-deaths/

  • Please send me his info https://healthnutnews.com/join
    Put your title as urgent as I haven’t met any Lyme doc doing that yet at 100% thanks XO

  • i’m friends w him on FB. ‘ll have to ask. here’s a recap without the latest added yet. i will get them on here https://www.healthnutnews.com/recap-on-my-unintended-series-the-holistic-doctor-deaths/

  • sad that none will cover it at this time. here’s a recap https://www.healthnutnews.com/recap-on-my-unintended-series-the-holistic-doctor-deaths/

  • <3

  • Kevin, well said. Yes same here in Florida 🙁
    Appreciate the kind words. I’ll keep writing as long as I can ..

  • feel free to click on contact page https://healthnutnews.com/contact to send info . i’m making a list (or maybe you wrote me today- so many emails i cannot keep up – give me time)

  • i know i have to get the word out. but honestly? I won’t lie. that’s part of why i do it too.

  • Templewind

    The more exposure you get the safer you will be. Have you considered going on the Alex Jones Show? That’s a fairly large listening group, and they have some very interesting and connected contacts.

  • thanks – Alex has featured and discussed my articles. I am going to be on Coast to Coast with host George Noory from 10pm to 12midnight PST Tonight. hope you can tune in : ) 2 hours on the subject.

  • Frankie

    I am also successfully helping a friend with Lyme’s. She would be MORE than willing to go into her 20 plus year story. How can you and I discuss this?
    Frankie Mountain on FB…large brown bird with outstretched wings as avatar.

  • RelocationQuotes

    I have sent you my story and his name and number..You will be cured, we all have, the 4 of us..100% for 3 years now.

  • Ellie Lobel

    Yes, am a big fan of Dr M and yourself so please stay safe. Its unreal that there is not a major investigation going on to be sure of how these deaths are happening, Well as we know there are many strains of the Bacteria that cause Lyme and several accompanying infections that can prove fatal like Babesia and Bartonella. Not sure if Paige had any of those, ones heart can stop suddenly in their sleep. This has happened before, I do hope an autopsy is preformed and the truth be found one way or the other. Thank you again for keeping us informed, Blessings

  • Yes, I do know that can happen and it’s quite scary (for my friend and for me) I know Paige could have succumbed suddenly in the night to Lyme. I just think with her posts about if anything happens to her… don’t assume, as well as her colleagues being found dead all around her- perhaps an autopsy is in order .Just in case (Though, as some family members say, if they find something- who would they call? 🙁 The fed? so sad. )

  • Thanks s Irby XO

  • Stacy P

    I would luv this doctors contact info! Can you please share or message me?…thanks, fellow long-time Lymes sufferer

  • RelocationQuotes

    No sure how to get a hold of you but I have no problem giving you the number

  • Mark

    I find this post by Erin irresponsible and a disservice to her grieving family and friends. It appears that her own mother wrote that Ms. Adams had been staying with her in Florida since July due to her poor health from Lyme. As Directer and owner of a health clinic located in Tennessee I find it quite telling that it appears she had been convalescing with her dear mother out of state from her clinic for seven months before her passing. Is it not obvious from this fact that she must have been terrificly ill to be living with a relative far from her clinic for seven long months before her passing?
    Her mother evidently wrote that she passed peacefully due to a clearly protracted battle with lyme. Shouldnt it be presumed that her mother would know better than anyone what her state of health was and what the cause of her passing was? Erin claims that she was ‘friends’ with Ms. Adams and claims that Ms. Adams lived right down the street from her, her residence clearly being the home of her mother who she had evidently been staying with for seven months as she battled Lyme, yet Erin gives no information about what she knew of her ‘friends’ healh struggles as she evidently battled a case of chronic lyme right down the street from Erin at her mothers residence for seven long months.
    If Erin was truly friends with Ms Adams and Ms. Adams’ mothers house, where Ms. Adams was staying, was ‘right down the street’ from Erins house I would think that Erin would have an intimate understanding of Ms. Adams’ protracted struggle with Lyme disease. And yet there is no mention by Erin, no personal insight, regarding Ms. Adams’ struggle with Lyme. It appears to me that she was so ill with Lyme she had to leave her practice and home in Tennessee to convalesce with her mother and as her own mother stated she “died peacefully in her sleep from Lyme.”

  • S. Irby

    Glad the Moderator is here!

  • Jen Hon

    I think what you said about Ted Cruise is disgusting. One of my best friends is a product of rape and her mother had enough compassion on her to adopt her into a loving family. Killing an innocent baby may only temporarily “help” the woman who was raped because she doesn’t have to carry the baby to term, however, she may feel more guilt after the abortion. What if I said that YOU hate women because you want them to go through the horrors of an abortion as well as dealing with the violence of rape? You are entitled to your own opinions, but your words, in my opinion are superfluous. I will not however, question whether or not you are a real American.
    Every person should be free to speak about God, whether they are a politician or not. Even though the United States of America is founded on Judaeo-Christian principles, our constitution ensures that we should not favor one religion over another in a national sense. I don’t think any of the candidates are trying to set up a theocracy, so relax!

  • Stacy P

    Wonderful! Thanks…my email is stacyp55@hotmail.com

  • Sherry Lee

    Listening to you now. What is so darn the need of suppressing holistic practitioners, treatments, researchers, etc.? With all the money pharmaceutical manufacturers amass with their high cost meds, so what if a small market share is successful with a natural product that eases or cures symptoms?
    Natural resources already help with many ailments that artificially made “meds” treat–how many prescribed recipients have jumped ship to go natural, 100, 1,000, 4,000 a year? Wow, what a teeny loss of revenue to kill for, they must really be scared, REALLY SCARED.

  • Sherry Lee

    Very interesting website. Don’t know how it happened but I was researching family genealogy, ended up here AND tuned to Coast as usual 1am practice, AND you’re talking to George Noory! Whenever that type of confluence occurs, even if I don’t understand it, I pray for whatever is the focus of the subject:
    Praying for your safety & good health.

  • Sherry Lee

    Last flu shot was that swinely forced one in the 1970s. Which I did suffer a slight reaction, which scared me.

  • Sherry Lee

    The law of probability, too many, means too suspicious. If a 20 story office bldg has 1small section where 10 workers contracted cancer and only 1 worker from the rest of bldg, something is drastically wrong. This occurred at a place where I worked & when investigated, some chemicals used to combat heavy termite activity was the probable cause.

    If the same amount of physicians died in similar manners, the media would be chewing up investigating channels to get to the truth. Such cowards lately, are mainstream “journalists”, too intimidated to speak or write their own objective povs.

  • Sigi

    So her family did not have an autopsy done on her ? That seems like a big mistake.

  • Sigi

    I never get flu shots and I never get the flu.

  • Sigi

    Interesting interview on Coast to Coast !

  • Sigi

    Also, older adults tend not to absorb vitamins very well, so possibly take a little more or ask your Naturopath how to deal with that too.

  • Dear “Mark”
    I’ve watched too many of my own friends die and Paige is the Youngest yet of this endless string of holistic deaths. As I said above- once they cremate the body it will be too late. Other doctor’s families I’ve talked with say they question now not having done an autopsy (near the beginning of the deaths back with Paige’s CLOSE friend and colleague- Dr Bradstreet- found dead in a river Convalescing? Paige wrote me to say she was on a trip not long before her death and yes, I ride my bike to the area she lives so it’s a bike ride away. And up the road. You are correct. Paige had wanted to come see me and Dr Mercola not long before her death (when they were coming back from a trip) and according to FB: she checked in to various restaurants and bars days before her death (We are friends on there as well) I mention that she had Lyme disease no doubt. She would write when she was up and down, and I say above clearly that you can die from the COMPLICATIONS from Lyme (I’ve never heard a Lyme doc say “die of Lyme) but that’s semantics.. Having had two friends (Paige and another also a bike ride away- holistic doctor) found dead in a week; I still suggest autopsies as I said to ABC, CBS, and to the families and doctors who write me daily. I would also get your story straight and learn the facts before posting your misinformation on my website.

  • Deanna Lockwood

    Putting that doctor’s name and contact details online may get his death warrant signed.

  • Lois Stopple

    I am very proud that I had an abortion at age 20, so I that I did not bring an unwanted, unplanned, child into this world, and have to go on welfare and food stamps as a single parent, and so I could finish my education and thereby contribute something worthwhile to society rather than just another mouth to feed! The only ‘horror’ of abortion is the guilt-trip that religious fanatics try and lay on you. I know many other women who have had abortions, and we all felt the same thing: a sense of great relief, and gratitude that our basic human right to the personal choice of abortion is available! Abortion is a simple painless procedure that takes just a few minutes to remove the fetus, which is a blob of tissue about the size of a quarter. It is NOT “murdering a baby” as some religious nuts like to fantasize.
    And, the funny thing is, these same religious nuts see nothing wrong with a living, breathing, young man going off to kill other innocent living, breathing human beings, in war. Total hypocrisy.
    I think Ted Cruz is a truly disgusting individual because he is trying to control all American women’s bodies and personal lives by denying our constitutional right to family planning and abortion. Only a misogynist would try and do such a thing~ Of course, he will never succeed, because the majority of women have basic common sense and would never vote for him.
    Another reason Ted Cruz is disgusting is because he calls himself a Christan, but then wants to “Carpet bomb the Middle East” , and kill millions of innocent people. That’s about as hypocritical as you can get! He is a very sick individual.
    Have a pleasant evening, I wish you all a good education.

  • Jen Hon

    Who decides when life begins? The Bible is very clear on this. God says in Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you.” God also says, “Thou shall not murder.” Abortion stops a beating heart, and a simple sonogram can show this.
    As far as Ted Cruise going after murderous Islamic Jihadists, I think you have your head in the sand. Our military defends your right to free speech. They are the only thing standing between you, the infidel, and radical Islam that says “Convert, die or become a second class citizen.” My family has been to Iran and other countries in the middle east. There is NO freedom of speech in Islam! My mother was not allowed to drive in these countries she visited and would not be allowed to travel freely. If you are so worried about religion, you might want to start with this one.
    You also seem to misunderstand the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament. Thou shall not kill, the sixth commandment uses the word ratsakh which in the Hebrew refers to premeditated murder, not war. God instituted capital punishment in the Old Testament and allowed his people to defend themselves through war.
    The “fetus” or baby is not a blob of tissue. It is not painless for many babies in the womb who are burned by saline solution or ripped apart by surgical scissors.
    The good news for any murderers or other sinners is that God offers forgiveness of sins for good people and bad people. The Bible says that nobody is good enough to get to heaven because God demands perfection. That is why Jesus came to this earth. John 14:6 quotes Jesus, ” I am the way, the truth and the life, and nobody comes to the Father except through Me.” There will be a judgement day, but my prayer for you is that by accepting Jesus as your savior you will be seen as perfect because of Jesus and his death and resurrection. The great thing is that God gives us free will. It is your choice what you do with the truth.

  • Lois Stopple

    Thanks for a good laugh! You appear to be an uneducated bible-thumpin’ fanatic, who is trying to justify unneeded wars and denying women’s rights, and I pity your ignorance, it is shameful indeed! No need to reply, because nothing you babble on about will change what I know to be true, and no matter how much you howl, I won’t waste my time replying to this kind of fanatacism again. Cheers!

  • Mark

    Erin, I do not wish to engage in a back and forth with you. It appears I have the major facts correct and she was in fact living in Florida and not Tennessee where she was owner and Director of a thriving medical practice and from her own mother it appears she was in Florida to convalesce due to a battle with Lyme and had been in Florida for many months, from her mothers account, since July. People can still be often profoundly ill and manage to travel and get to a restaurant. Im assuming the restaurants she checked in at were in Florida and not Tennessee. I would find it rather incredible that someone would want to take Ms. Adams’ life so badly that they would track her down where she was staying out of state though its certainly not impossible. But this sounds like a case of a person, a business owner in this case, staying with relatives far from home and from her business to battle an illness that eventually took her life.

  • Ruby F Brown

    No flu shots for me – ever again!!! Been years since I got one but that was before I WOKE up.

  • Ruby F Brown

    Yes, I would like to know who he is and what his protocol is.

  • Ruby F Brown

    If you’re dying with lyme you are not going to be in any restaurant anywhere or be traveling. I know several lymies and most are not able to go out to dine or travel.
    And furthermore, if an assassin is out for somebody’s head, it does not matter what state they’re in. They are hunted down and found until the job is done. Be real.

  • Your posts were already sent to me in an email so not sure why you didn’t just delete them , but putting “DELETED” on all of them is a bit odd. thanks for the name of the doctor : )

  • thank you Sigi

  • Mark, Ruby really summed it up below to you very clearly and succinctly where she corrected your continued mistakes and flawed thinking about my friend. I was diagnosed with Lyme 2.5 years ago and instead of guessing and assuming (which Paige asked us not to do- but I guess you refuse to disrespect her wishes or respect her) why don’t we get an autopsy like the others which are (shocker!) showing they’re not dying of what their families initially thought. I already said she’d been here where I live since July. Yes. That’s when we met. Ruby said it below. If my friend died of Lyme- show me the autopsy. Then I’ll be convinced. Even Jewish law (which usually prohibits autopsies) allows them if there were ANY chance this person were part of a string of murders (first time I’ve uttered that word) So I guess it’s just a big coincidence that Paige, her dear close friend parter and colleague- Dr Bradstreet, Rod Floyd and 30+ other people (many of whom I knew) all just died suddenly (MANY at young ages and some by gunshot wounds and foul play suspected) Paige and another friend both died here in less than a week. (not to mention all the other Florida docs) but again, don’t listen to what Paige said (which was to NOT assume) Just do her and the rest of the dead holistic practitioners an injustice. Meanwhile the family members of some of the doctors I talk with (and I) will seek truth and justice. All I want is an autopsy ruling. Nothing more.

  • Thank you Ruby. Paige asked (in the screen shots) that we NOT assume if she is found dead. So while others post (like Mark- who probably didn’t know her at all) I’ll continue to actually respect her wishes and look for the truth (and an autopsy)

  • So true!!

  • Gina Renee

    Praying for God’s protection around the holistic family that are here to try to help us – not make us sicker or keep us sick!! r.i.p. Paige (Lyme Warrior)

  • RelocationQuotes

    people have stalked me already..can’t delete messages completely..

  • Sherry Lee

    You’re the one babbling on with your tedious repetitions in anti pro life, anti faith put downs, sputtering out all the trite, unsupported accusations against anyone in opposition to your type of demented liberalistic nihilism. Expressing glee in your personal abortion account & in swapping similar tales with other abortion choosing women, reeks of a … celebration of death.

    You are obviously a self willed person who can easily persuade your own mind to believe those women were relieved, guilt free, & grateful to undergo that horrendous procedure. You must be a man because any female opting abortion shares the remorse in her necessity to go through with it & the inner sorrow in what will never be for the heart that never was, especially as the years pass on.

    And as for your limp, much recited imaginary excuse about how baddy conservatives control your bodies (well, not yours, cuz you’re a man), you really must come up with another 40 year old lie, BECAUSE Obamascare offers medical care NOW, or did all your type kinda not notice how you’re obliviously stating it doesn’t work cuz you’re so rabid in your quest to fraudulently convince yourselves & others that those anti liberal types are always preventing & keeping you & them (all women) from receiving medical & other healthcare they so desperately still need?

    What’s your excuse now, to create another untruthful liberal accusation in how the right, the republicans, conservatives, Christians, etc., are keeping you from exercising your bodily rights? Your unbalanced rant, meaning lopsided stereotypical viewpoint that women who don’t have abortions can’t be successful, unable to get an education, & other myths proves how out of touch with reality you are.
    So, only those, sans any children, are truly the ideal of accomplishments in your envisioned life? So be it, then, for it will mean less & less of your type in the future, after you all, uh, abortion your lives out of existence.

  • Sherry Lee

    Dear Erin,
    Please accept my apology in commenting in my off topic reply.

  • Sherry Lee

    Fake Being Interested? Funny Bones Investigators? Funding Budget Insolvent? Fearless But Impotent?
    Faithful Brave Intrepid, is how I once admired them. Still do to some extent, but it appears things are out of their control now, spread throughout post 9/11 govt security forces.

  • RelocationQuotes

    There is no protocol, believe it or not. Its a device that nobody has. Leave your email here..

  • Ruby F Brown
  • Brooklyn

    Thank you for this article. I was a patient of Paige and have sat here trying to wrap my brain around the idea that she died from Lyme disease. I realize I had not seen her in awhile but the last I did, she was so healthy and strong. Someone who is sick enough with disease to die the night/morning of Feb. 1st would not be posting a normal post on Facebook at 9:25 the night before. I had no idea this was happening to holistic practitioners. Why is this not being reported? Are there truly no journalists left in the world? The other thing that bothers me is Paige and her Mom seemed so very close. I feel strongly that they would have discussed this happening to Paige’s colleagues and that Paige would have told her Mother to assume nothing. Why then would there be a rush to cremate instead of doing an autopsy? I hate to think her mother was threatened, but fear that Is very likely. I hope you will keep seeking the truth but understand if you don’t.

  • ChilePowered

    Glyphosate is another culprit in the voluminous increase of chronic disease in this country. It was introduced in use in 1974 and the amounts used have increased exponentially since then. See Dr. Stephanie Seneff on YouTube for more info. on research.

  • prayers for the gang stalked Targeted Individuals Doctors

  • Carole Di Tosti

    The MIC (medical industrial complex) is a blight on this nation, as it enslaves (beginning with Med School debts) essentially well meaning doctors/researchers to bow and scrape to its will. They skew research, obliterate findings that are cures etc and force them into group think lies or they won’t be able to work. All alternative, holistic doctors who have laid down their lives for the truth and who eschew the mainstream medicine industry have courage. They represent the finest of scientific principles to create healing and wellness. These doctors and holistic healers who were killed are the finest of heroes, the very best of men and women. They knew the risk and they believed it was worth it. They sought truth over lies and fraud. Their truth is fact and like Galileo’s truth will stand while the lies fall away. Why did these doctors/medical practitioners, etc., die? Because they were whistleblowers; they had a moral imperative to save lives and they knew the system was corrupt and exposed it. They were true healers. Citizens are becoming aware and are beginning to challenge the government/corporate lies. That is why the criminal perpetrators at the highest levels, whomever they may be, have to resort to murder. But that is folly. It will only push the citizens closer to the truth which in due season will out. But imagine the liability issues and negligence issues if whistleblowers/researchers revealed the truth of the malfeasance and cover-up and governmental fraud at the CDC, FDA, etc.? All are responsible and are in collusion with corporate to poison with vaccines that create a time bomb of destruction (immune system destruction) to guarantee pharma and the MIC will have a ready supply of patients in perpetuity. Lackey researchers cannot live with self-hate and cowardice but only for so long. There are whistleblowers amongst the doctors and researchers who will reveal the truth…they cannot hold on to lies but for a season. There will be slip ups and screw ups. It is as inevitable as the sun. There will be unexpected trip wires and nothing can stop the avalanche created by truth once it begins. But understand, killers like those in the MIC who have been poisoning, burning and cutting and causing untold misery (cancer treatments, etc.) and death, already…have a routine MO. Killing doctors to shut them up and stop their research is not out of the ordinary for them. How many have been killed with horrific cancer treatments, with poisonous meds, with faulty med devices, and how many have been damaged by vaccines and “meds?” Citizens are tired of being guinea pigs. There is a sea change happening and amongst the routine MO of death is life and truth. Courage comes in the most extraordinary of places when organized criminal perpetrators least expect it in the form of whistleblowers who will live to tell the truth that citizens already believe is so, and for which they will have no answer. There isn’t enough gold in the universe to buy off every whistleblower who knows what is going on. The probability of all these doctors dying as anything other than murder is so off the charts that even a child would suspect foul play. Like flipping a coin and its coming up heads every time.

  • Died in her sleep of Lyme disease??? WHAT!?

    You knew her….did she look like she had chronic, life threatening Lyme?