Dozens of teachers in Lakewood have joined the pushback against parents who choose not to vaccinate by stating that if unvaccinated children are allowed into school, they will not show up for work. (If they are that terrified, and I’m assuming they have all had their boosters so they shouldn’t be, why don’t they just wear masks like doctors and nurses do? This is ridiculous behavior by “educated” adults.) The fear over measles has reached panic stages, it seems.


But it’s not just the teachers adding to the current climate of fear:

  • on Friday, the Ocean County Health Department released a statement saying that schools could also exclude children, even if they had a religious exemption
  • a letter, signed by more than 30 doctors in the Lakewood area, circulated instructing parents not to send their kids to school if they hadn’t been vaccinated (see below)
  • and many schools in Lakewood have hung signs refusing to allow unvaccinated children into their buildings as well


This all began last week when a gym and restaurant banned those who couldn’t prove they had been vaccinated because four cases of measles had been confirmed in Lakewood (and four more were under investigation).

Keep in mind that according to the health departments in Ocean County, NJ, NYC, and Rockland all schools have the right- during an epidemic -to refuse children even if they have a “legal exemption”.1



We will continue to watch as this story unfolds and update you accordingly. If you live in that community and have children who are not vaccinated, has your family had any difficulties you’d like to share with us? If so, leave us a comment below.