A group of men diagnosed with a similar type of rare brain tumor have discovered that they all grew up in the same rural Lonoke County, Austin community. And they say that their families, friends, and others in the community have also had brain tumors. 1


Two of the men, Ray Lambert and Jeremy Guenther even lived across the street from each other.

Guenther had brain surgery for a tumor a few years ago and didn’t think about the connection until he got back in contact with Lambert and they found out they had the same rare diagnosis, on the same side of the brain. Guenther said,  ‘There’s too many similarities and brain tumors are too rare in order for all of us to come up with them in our area.” 2

After that conversation, Guenther posted on Facebook asking if anyone else in the area had a tumor. That’s how they met Scott who grew up a quarter mile down the road.


The men are now very concerned there is something going on in their environment that might be causing the cancer. In fact, they’ve spoken to at least 23 people from the area that have been diagnosed with brain tumors as well.

We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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