Over the weekend in Ocean County, schools, businesses and officials got serious about the spread of measles. With four cases of measles confirmed in Lakewood, NJ last week by the Ocean County Health Department (yes, four) and four more under investigation, officials are worried and scrambling. (All four of the current and confirmed cases stem from exposure to a 27-year-old man who had traveled to Israel and who was confirmed to have the measles late last week.3)

“Parents all weekend tried to get their vaccinations updated at the CHEMED Medical Center in Lakewood, where tents were set up outside for examinations of those who suspect they were exposed.

CHEMED told the Lakewood Scoop it is working with the county and state health departments, the state EMS Task Force and the NJ Primary Care Association in administrating shots to all who need them this week, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. through Thursday.”1



OCHD spokesman Dan Regenye said the state has even relaxed regulations to allow children as young as 6 months to receive their first MMR vaccinations (I imagine he said that as if it’s a good thing)! He also said, “I think there’s always going to be those pockets of folks that are anti-vaccine and they believe there’s natural immunity and think vaccines are unsafe.”2

But we KNOW that natural immunity IS real. And it lasts FOREVER.


Also, at least two businesses, a workout facility called The Gym and Snaps Kosher restaurant, have banned customers who are not immunized.  In fact, The Gym is now requiring proof of immunization before you can enter!

It is shocking how scared people are of the measles. Granted, it is an illness and yes, people have died and might die- both the vaccinated and unvaccinated- and any time someone dies it is a tragedy, but this type of profiling and fear mongering is otherworldly.

We will update you if the story changes.