Doctor Vows “NO MORE VACCINES” At His Practice After Attending The Autism One Conference

(Editor’s Note: Last year we were supposed to attend Autism One. It’s a shame we weren’t able to make it because Dr. Bradstreet was the keynote speaker and stated at that time that he had some new information he would be sharing soon. Sadly, weeks later, he was found dead. And this year Dr. Hicks was scheduled to speak at Autism One, but died suddenly weeks before the event.)
I’m always glad to report on doctors who have made the transition from assuming that anything contrary to what they learned in medical school was false, to being willing to listen to and study the other side of the issue. And while I fully comprehend that it’s not easy to discard ones long-held beliefs, the US (and the world) are experiencing an important and rapid shift towards understanding that pharmaceutical drugs damage people and vaccines (especially with the current outrageous schedule) can be (as Mr Jaxen points out) unsafe and often ineffective- at best- and at worst they maim and kill. What has become a growing movement (thankfully) towards treating the root cause of an illness with diet, natural methods, or an understanding of one’s own body, is a welcome change.
Dr. Rachael Ross, known for her presence on the show “The Doctors” recently stated PUBLICLY, to a Chicago audience filled with families whose children were vaccine injured, the following:

 Just this last May, as the fourteenth annual AutismOne conference in Chicago finished, reports starting circulating that there were numerous medical professionals in attendance who were beginning to feel that they had been lied to. Initially these doctors, nurses and researchers may have been eager to debunk claims of vaccine injury and or whistleblower statements once and for all (especially given the viewing of Vaxxed at the conference) but what happened instead was that they set their egos aside, listened, and learned. And Dr. Daniel Kalb, MD, MPH, FAAFB, was one of those to have an “aha” moment.
Dr. Kalb will never be the same family physician again. In fact, his Cool Springs Tennessee family practice recently released a statement, which you can read here, titled: “No More Vaccines at Cool Springs Family Medicine”.
The timing for these physicians couldn’t be better. Here in the US we are at the crossroads of an autism epidemic and we need for this mainstream momentum to continue to spotlight vaccine injury and whistleblowing corruption.
We have all experienced moments in our life that were so powerful they immediately changed us. And you can never go back either, just the thought of who you were before that moment is inconceivable. As more and more doctors make the switch, we need to be ready with support, love and forgiveness. Breaking away from the stronghold that is the status quo of western medicine isn’t easy. Let’s make sure that those who make it to the other side, see smiling faces and support when they get there.

Source: Jefferey Jaxen

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • jlm927

    Erin: I think the post has been taken down. I find only a blank screen. Doctors who come out against vaccines are putting themselves in danger.

  • Hello @jlm927:disqus, I hope you were able to read the article. If not, please try a different browser. Thank you for supporting HNN! Leslie, Erin’s Assistant.

  • Michael Brown

    Hi Erin, I was hoping you could elaborate the part of the article “…vaccines are unsafe and ineffective- at best- and at worst they maim and kill.” My first thought is I don’t see that many people with polio nowadays so to say they are ineffective is demonstrably wrong. I am also aware that while there is a risk associated with any vaccine the benefits surely outweigh the costs but you would need to be specific about which vaccine you are referring to and you didn’t mention any one in particular; to say they kill is scaremongering and you should quote some statistics to help educate us on the risks.

    Can you link me to the scientific, peer reviewed journal that led you to you forming these conclusions and I will be happy to read it and we can talk further. I’m always happy to change my mind with the evidence and a lot of diseases or illnesses can be prevented by a healthy diet but all I see in the article is you trying to use emotions instead of facts and I can’t understand why that would be the case.

  • can you see it now? it should be up!

  • Mike

    Hi Erin,

    I previously pointed out a false claim in your article and asked for your sources regarding the rest of the statement (please see the attached picture). After which my comment was deleted and I was blocked, and then the article was altered by I assume your assistant as I was told you are away.

    The change in the article didn’t really change its meaning, only distinguished between your views and Mr. Jaxen’s, so my previous question is now really changed to asking if Mr. Jaxen’s view’s about vaccinations are demonstrably wrong, why did you print them? If the goal is to educate people on health issues, then I would have you to challenge his views to inform your readers. Saying vaccines can be ineffective at best is something which is easily shown to be false and the maiming and killing part needs context and scientific evidence to support that claim.

    Throughout the article you take the attitude of “being willing to listen to and study the other side of the issue”, so having my very polite request to open a dialogue with you deleted and my account blocked was a shock.

    Can you please comment on the above and advise why my comment was deleted by your assistant and my account blocked?