(Note from Erin: This is good stuff. If you have access to BBC One I highly suggest you check out this program. We are a little shocked that NHS let this happen but we have learned to celebrate the little things! XO- Erin)

Dr Chris van Tulleken is a GP in Britain who was curious about our obsession with pills. After calculating that someone born today might easily consume 100,000 pills, he was shocked. While it’s true that many drugs do good, save lives, etc., they also do a lot of harm.


Upon deciding to do something, he took over part of a GP surgery. Because Dr Chris believes many common illnesses can best be treated without drugs he decided to begin new regimens for patients where instead of prescribing more drugs, he would take them away! It took awhile to catch on but slowly, more people started to visit his practice.

From the article:

“Like five million people in Britain, Sarah is taking antidepressants. Between 2005 and 2012, the number of young people prescribed them shot up by over 50%. Sarah’s been on them since she was 16 – now a mum at 24, she’s desperate to be released from the ‘chemical fog’ she’s living in. To try and succeed where the pills have failed Dr Chris gets Sarah to try a non-drug treatment that his psychiatric colleagues would describe as ‘barbaric’ – swimming in a freezing cold lake.”

Check out the full second episode below:

Source: BBC One