(Editor’s note: You can read about all 81 doctors found dead in my unintended series here.)

UPDATE: We broke the news of the tragic death of a great doctor hours after he died.  Dr Lorich, world-renowned surgeon to celebrities like Bono of U2, was found dead Sunday about 1 pm EST. He was found in his bathroom on Park Avenue by his 11-year-old daughter with a knife in his torso. Mainstream media said he missed his heart, but some wonder how a world expert surgeon would do so if he did indeed take his own life.

He leaves behind his wife and three daughters. Our heart goes out to them and their loved ones.

Police almost immediately said they thought it was a suicide saying he was under stress. But then media reports said the stress was that he was being sued by a former ex-Giants player over treatment issues (and more). Even the ex Giant’s attorney said that Lorich’s insurance would have most likely covered the costs, should he have lost. Many experts cannot imagine he’d commit suicide over something like a lawsuit, especially if he personally wouldn’t be paying out anyway.

On Sunday we did touch upon the fact that Dr. Lorich was speaking out about the horrific conditions in Haiti when he went there to volunteer as a top surgeon after hurricane Katrina devastated the country. He did a lot of charity work in addition to his regular work and even had to work on Christmas sometimes to save lives.

The letter he wrote not only ended up on the mainstream news, but was forwarded to Hillary Clinton herself and can be seen on WikiLeaks.

Watch our second video here or read about it below.

Remember too that Dean Lorich was the 81st doctor to be found dead in our series, yet #79, Dr Crespo, was also found dead at Weil Cornell, also in a bathroom on the 8th floor (at age 40!) where Dr Lorich worked.

Shocking, right?

WHAT are the chances?

Dean Lorich and his colleagues at Weil Cornell wrote in their letter that published by CNN and also forwarded to Hillary Clinton herself:

“We expected many amputations. But we thought we could save limbs that were salvageable, particularly those of children. We recognized that in an underdeveloped country, a limb amputation may be a death sentence. It does not have to be so.

We thought our plan was a good one, but we soon learned we were incredibly naive. Disaster management in Haiti was nonexistent.

The difficulties in getting in — despite the intelligence we had from people on the ground and Dr. Helfet’s connections with Partners in Health and Bill and Hillary Clinton — only hinted at the difficulties we would have once we arrived.”1

But it didn’t end there. He also went on Charlie Rose in 2010 to discuss the fact that after decades of intense international involvement, including all the NGO’s that were there- some backed by big- deal Democrats like the Clintons and George Soros, Haiti still had virtually no functioning government.


He said,

“That was the biggest problem we saw, though, was that there was nobody in charge. It was a sovereign country, and their government really never stepped up, at least in the period of time that we were there. All the NGOs had been there for decades and provided fish, but they’d never taught the Haitians how to fish.”2

During his interview, Lorich repeatedly brought up the total lack of leadership in the country which must have been especially embarrassing to the Clintons. (Bill Clinton was later put in charge of coordinating over $10 billion in relief funds, which resulted in a number of projects that delivered much less than promised, if the money can be traced to any relief at all.3)

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Dr Dean Lorich was found dead this afternoon, Sunday, December 10th in his Park Avenue, Upper East Side home. He was 54 years old.

Lorich’s wife was out playing tennis when the “suicide” occurred, there was apparently no suicide note found at the scene.

So just to recap, an MD- the father of three girls, associate director of the Orthopaedic Trauma Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery, a professor at Weill Cornell Medical College (where our 79th doctor, Dr Crespo, was found dead just days ago, also in a bathroom)- went into the bathroom when his wife was gone and he was alone with his child, and stuck a knife into his torso. Though nearly nothing about this is plausible, ALMOST IMMEDIATELY cops say no foul play, he was stressed.

After his daughter found him she alerted the building’s doorman, who called 911. Police said the call was regarding an assault, as naturally, sources say the doorman (maybe smarter than the cops?) thought he must have been attacked, not put a knife in his own torso. When the cops found the 54-year-old doctor’s body in the bathroom around 1 p.m., the knife was not in his heart, but close they say.

While this only happened this afternoon, it’s already been in the news for 5 hours. How they could even have examined the body yet in Manhattan boggles my mind.

One of Lorich’s purported colleagues, who declined to give her name, came by and spoke to the doorman before falling to a knee in prayer, “This is horrible, this is horrible. I don’t believe this.” 4(We have trouble believing it too).

Our hearts go out to his family and friends. Both Lorich and Dr Crespo were found dead within days of each other in Manhattan, both of Weil Cornell, we won’t stop reporting on all these deaths until we get answers that make actual sense.

Again, both Lorich and Crespo worked at the same hospital. Lorich, the winner of the “2010 Roger E. Joseph Prize by Hebrew Union College for his humanitarian efforts in treating victims of the recent Haiti earthquake and in Landstuhl, Germany treating soldiers injured in Iraq and in Afghanistan” 5(the award recognizes individuals making lasting contributions to the causes of human rights), who was beloved and an asset to the medical community and Crespo, who was researching cancer with the use of stem cells, have both just died within days of each other, under suspicious circumstances.



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