Doctor died of ‘blunt force trauma’ to head

A few weeks ago, we reported on prominent MD  Dr. Christopher Robert, who was walking home from his company Christmas party.

Now authorities are saying alcohol allegedly played a role in the “accident” (we imagine there was alcohol at a Christmas party, yes) but alcohol didn’t kill him, they say.

What killed Dr. David was “blunt force trauma” to the head, though authorities admit they don’t know from where he fell (we find that bizarre.)

They say it was an “unwitnessed death” with not one passerby seeing this take place on a very busy road.

His wife, also an MD, explained he was walking home from the Christmas party to their home that evening in December.

So like the 31-year-old famous fit holistic NBC doctor in Hawaii, he must have just fallen and hit his head and died of blunt force trauma.

Our heart goes out to the friends and family and the many loved ones of all the doctors who write me on a daily basis saying they don’t buy this official story.

Dr. Robert also leaves behind two children, Evan, 18, and Jennifer, 11.

Erin Elizabeth, E Coast of Florida, January 9,  2016 1:45 AM