When I saw this video from NaturalRose I knew you all would love it. And please, if you make the body butter, let us know how it turned out!


The fall is upon us and that means dry skin. But have no fear because this mango body butter souffle will cure all your dry skin with its amazing good for you ingredients. And a bonus, you’ll smell incredible!

To get her results, use organic, pure, and raw mango, tamanu, and shea butter.

Also, a reminder from Natural Rose:

Bergamot oil can be photosensitizing in large quantities, meaning that if applied to the skin at certain concentrations, burning can occur if the skin is also exposed to ultraviolet light. To avoid this, bergamot should not be used at more than 0.4% dilution on the skin (I used a tiny amount), or if it is, the person should not go outside during daylight for 12-18 hours (Tisserand & Young 2013). Alternatively, bergapten-free bergamot oil can be used, as this is not phototoxic. This warning applies to “leave-on” preparations such as oils, lotions, and balms. There is no risk from “wash-off” products, such as soaps, shampoos, and bubble baths. Alternatively, you can use other essential oils, or synthetic mango fragrance if that’s your choice.”