Disney and other hotel chains doing away with “DND” signs for “guest safety,” welcome to 1984


In the wake of the attack on concertgoers at the MGM Grand last year in Las Vegas, it seems some of Disney’s hotels have decided to get rid of their “Do Not Disturb” signs so that staffers can check up on the rooms whenever they deem necessary. Disney will allow housekeeping and maintenance staff to enter rooms on a daily basis but they will knock and announce their presence before entering.


The new signs read, “The Disney Resort hotel and its staff reserve the right to enter your room, even when this sign is displayed, for maintenance, safety, security or any other purpose.”

Check out the pictures posted by the Twitter user, HilaryLovesFireworks:

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They aren’t the only one though, Hilton Hotels and Resorts also changed its policy in November 2017; while they aren’t entering rooms every day, the new policy recommends staff alert a security or duty manager “after 24 hours of consecutive Do Not Disturb sign usage.”1 (Neither Disney nor Hilton would confirm that the policy change was prompted by the mass shooting at Mandalay Bay. Disney actually said it was based on “safety, security and guest experience,”1 and that they may still change their policies at additional hotels, as well.)


And The Orleans Hotel and Casino (on Tropicana Avenue in Las Vegas) along with Boyd Gaming’s 23 other properties nationwide, and the Wynn in Las Vegas have changed their policies in response to the mass shooting. (The Orleans will do a “welfare check” after two consecutive days of a “Do Not Disturb” sign on a room door and the Wynn’s policy change allows staff to check on rooms every 12 hours.)

If you don’t want to experience someone coming into your hotel room it’s best to call and check on their policy before you book or make sure to change your status when you leave your room. Unless you are a staying at a Disney property. Welcome to the future everyone.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.