Dis-Honest Tea (owned by Coke) CEO in Hot Water, Possible SEC Investigation…

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honest-tea-pepsiSeth Goldman, CEO of Honest Tea sold 40% of the  company to Coca Cola. Some people still don’t know that.  Before he sold out I used to find it glass for a dollar a bottle. Now I see it for more and usually in plastic.

 Coke has donated millions of dollars to Anti-GMO labeling, as my partner Dr. Mercola points out in this article to make sure genetically engineered food remains hidden from us in our food with no labels and we with no rights.

Dis-Honest Tea

Read the link above how the CEO of DIS-Honest Tea might be investigated by the SEC for making false statements. Coke gave many millions toward working to defeat prop 37 in California (which would have labeled GMO’s)  Dr. Mercola and our friends at Organic Consumers Association  explains that Goldman was quoted in the Washington Post (on Sept 3rd) as saying

“after internal discussions,” Coca-Cola will not be directly lobbying against a similar effort in the state of Washington, although it is a funder of trade associations arguing against the labeling.”

So even though they gave all that money to defeat the California prop-  it looks like when it came to Washington state they were bowing out if we were to trust what he said. But then right after that the GMA  (ironic initials – stands Grocery Manufacturer Association- they’re the ones suing Vermont for trying to label GMO’s and have big corporations like Coke as members) got caught red handed in a money laundering scheme.

After that scandal the GMA was forced to reveal who gave the money toward trying to defeat the GMO labeling bill in Washington state it turns out Coke donated a cool 1.5 MILLION dollars toward the cause! But wait, Goldman said Coke wasn’t going to do that. Right?!

So we don’t know if Coca Cola mislead Goldman or Goldman lied but either way it stinks.  Check out the article above and we recommend brewing your own organic tea at home. You can make sun tea too with a glass covered container in direct sunlight which I always love making You’ll save boat loads of money, have a healthy drink and won’t  supporting bad corporations like Coke who many believe are  hell bent at destroying the organic food industry. NOT helping it.  Honest tea doesn’t seem to honest after all now does it?



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