(Photo: Gabriel Rom/The Journal News and Gwynne Hogan/New York Public Radio)

Exercising their right to peaceably assemble and in an attempt to better understand the measles debate, this week “hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews packed a ballroom for a vaccine symposium”1 and heard from leaders in the vaccine-choice movement. Our friend Andrew Wakefield even appeared via Skype to explain what might potentially happen if we continue to vaccinate the world against every little virus: deadlier immunization-resistant diseases.

While some Rabbi’s present, like Hillel Handler (“We Hasidim have been chosen as the target. The campaign against us has been successful.”1) expressed concern about Mr. de Blasio seemingly targeting their community- who can blame them? Not since the Holocaust has this group of people been segregated or forced to give up bodily autonomy.

“Since the measles outbreak began last fall, the health authorities have embarked on a sweeping and exhaustive campaign, repeatedly urging people to get vaccinated…They have made special efforts in the ultra-Orthodox communities of Brooklyn and Rockland County, N.Y., where the disease has been spreading most quickly.”1

(I’m sorry, “urging people” more like forcing them!)

de Blasio issued a fear-laden and rhetoric filled “public health emergency for four ZIP codes in Brooklyn where ultra-Orthodox Jews live.”1


Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, a pediatrician, also spoke on Monday about mutating viruses and questioned whether failed vaccines were actually producing a new strain of measles. (They are definitely shedding the virus, causing new cases of the measles.)


Mr. Wakefield, accused the CDC of misleading the public and said, “I wanted to reassure you that I have never been involved in scientific fraud. What happened to me is what happens to doctors who threatened the bottom line of the pharmaceutical companies.”1 (We see it all the time. Speaking up and out gets you into trouble.)

According to the NY Times, vaccine-choice experts use “fear and anxiety within relatively insular communities, especially religious ones, to undercut scientifically sound warnings from health experts.” And yet, this is EXACTLY what the mainstream media has been doing to the rest of the world; sowing fear about a virus like measles is next level fear mongering. Just look at the rights that have been taken away since the measles outbreaks first began in September. Or look at the passing of SB 277 a couple of years ago. Look no further than the ever growing vaccine schedule. This is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black.


No, what actually happened was that people were given information they deserve to have as human beings and parents. They were encouraged to read and study and use their brains, rather than blindly trust Big Pharma mouthpieces.



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