This isn’t a body shaming post but will hopefully encourage you as you strive to be your best you and the fittest you can possibly be! I know it was encouraging to me.

At 53, Demi Moore has an age-defying bikini body. But the body that she has, which certainly any woman would welcome, did not come at the end of a McDonald’s cheeseburger. Rather, she swears by her anti-aging raw vegan diet and yoga workouts. 

imgres-1Moore follows a mostly raw vegan diet full of organic vegetables, fruits, green juices, smoothies, and soups. Proponents of a raw food diet believe that eating greens, nuts, and seeds heated below 118°F preserves vitamins and minerals. And she’s not alone, Supermodel Carol Alt also claims a raw food diet spurs natural weight loss and slows down the aging process; vegetables and fruits contain flavonoids and carotenoids and these plant-based antioxidants fight the free radical damage linked to aging.

In fact, Alt has said that she’s never hungry, “I’m never hungry, and my body is nourished. Because raw food is so nutritionally dense, it’ll feed your body. A healthy diet is everything.”

While Moore was once admittedly obsessed with being young and skinny, she actually got thinner and fitter after scaling back the once intense exercise sessions of her 40s. Her previous life included punishing, daily workouts: running six miles a day, long-distance cycling, and lifting weights for up to two hours daily. Ouch.

imgres-2These days her workouts are low-impact and mainly include yoga and Pilates, and she’s not afraid to show off the results on her Instagram page. Yoga is great for anti-aging because it builds lean muscle, strengthens your core, and reduces stress.

But, even with her amazing body, Moore has confessed that in the past she suffered from poor body image and sometimes hated her body. Part of being healthy and beautiful is also accepting and loving yourself- a place she now finds herself. After years of tough workouts and a preoccupation with being “sexy”, Moore understands that beauty and a thigh gap can never make you truly happy.

Years ago I began my own health journey and have never looked back. I’m at a happy weight for me and listen to what my body needs. You can do it. Click here to read my story- I hope it will also encourage you.

Source: Celebrity Health Fitness