Del Monte Moving Away from BPA, GMOs

Yea for Del Monte Foods! They are officially making the transition to food packaging with no BPA (bisphenol A–a chemical used to harden plastic products)! They are also expanding their line of non-GMO food products! These plans are in response to our growing voices demanding safer products and more transparency. I know I say it all the time but, IT’S WORKING!

Food Safety Magazine quotes Del Monte as saying, “These actions reflect our ongoing commitment to providing high quality fruit, vegetables and tomatoes, and meeting evolving consumer preferences. Our non-GMO and non-BPA milestones are the direct result of great dedication and major contributions from many people inside Del Monte as well as our suppliers and other partners.”

Beginning this May and going through October of 2016, their fruit and tomato products- as well as nearly all of their vegetable products- will have linings free of BPA.

According to Del Monte, their fruits, veggies and tomatoes have always been non-GMO. However, some added ingredients- like those for sweeteners and flavorings- were sourced from GMO crops such as soybeans or corn. That all changes this year; 154 products total will now be clearly labeled as GMO-free.

And they aren’t alone (even more of a reason to be excited!) as other companies have made announcements this month regarding their reduced usage of GMO’s, labeling and BPA. While we may not be totally happy, Campbell Soup, Con Agra, Kellogg’s, Mars, and General Mills are making choices in the right direction.

Keep calling, emailing, sharing on social media, and talking to your friends about the changes you’d like to see. These companies will make what we want because money is their bottom line, so let’s let them know!!!

Source: Food Safety Magazine