Agents went to sex parties paid for by Mexican Drug Cartel

It sounds like something out of a 70’s sexploitation movie or a Tarantino remake, but it’s true. DEA agents were going to prostitutes and handing over their guns to  Mexican and South American drug cartels while they “partied” hard..  Really, watch the video above or watch this video too from CNN. 

This should come as no surprise since the head of the  CDC (different govt agency and woman obviously!)  got arrested for bestiality and child molestation, but as the Altanta Journal Constitution headlines ran a few years ago- despite her arrest she’s back at work well before her trial. Welcome to the corruption of US Govt Agencies.  We still don’t know the outcome of that trial, but back to the head of the DEA:

CBS says South American Drug Cartel while CNN says Mexican drug cartel but it was probably both drug cartels and the point is pretty clear. From the article:

Seven of the 10 DEA agents alleged to have participated in the gatherings — most of which took place at an agent’s “quarters” leased by the U.S. government — admitted to having attended the parties, the report found. The agents, some of whom had top-secret security clearances, received suspensions of two to 10 days.

Wow so the agents only got suspended 2 to 10 days?! You get a longer suspension at high school if you were caught with a bottle of alcohol. But if you’re a DEA agent partying it up with hookers at sex parties paid for the drug cartel? Two days is quite enough for those poor brutes.

CNN also said this had something to do with her stance on marijuana which was uber negative.  CNN says in the video they couldn’t find the right time to fire her, but when they finally had proof on the sex parties with prostitutes (which CBS says have been going on “for years”) I suppose that was the nail in the coffin.

It’s interesting that the federal administration allegedly truly wants to pass legislation legalizing marijuana (at least for medical use, or more?) and she stood in her way so they got her out.

I just think all these government agencies from the DEA, FDA CIA EPA are all a joke and have such horrid track records it’s amazing they exist at all. I worked for a non profit for 4 years in college and we fought the EPA every day as they were so obviously in bed with the big corporations and they didn’t bend over backwards to help the citizens like they’d want you to believe. But they did bend over for big oil and the toxic corporate world and weren’t watch dogs for our land, but more like lap dogs for those companies.

Even though I was quite young, I learned so much and what an eye opener it was for me to see what a joke the EPA was and still is today. It’s the same with the DEA. I hope they at least get someone in there running the place who is in favor of the legalization of marijuana, but sadly it will probably still be business as usual at their corrupt government agency…




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