De Niro Finally Opens Up About His Son’s Autism Link to Vaccines


Editor’s note: Honored to have just been a featured speaker with Bobby Kennedy 2 weeks ago in Southern California, and so glad he’s helped get Bobby De Niro into the spot light on this issue… Erin Elizabeth

Last year when the film Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe came out, Robert De Niro decided to screen the film at Tribeca, the film festival he co-founded. However, rather quickly, he received STRONG backlash and fearing any loss of festival sponsors, the movie was pulled from the lineup. (If you haven’t seen the film directed by Andrew Wakefield, it discusses the potential link between vaccines and autism.) It was shocking that mainstream media outlets were able to bully someone so effectively.

So, De Niro urged people to see the movie and make their own conclusions when he started making television rounds, not because of his movies or the film festival, but to speak on the vaccine-autism debate. And it was at that time that we heard about his son being autistic and that De Niro wanted to know if vaccines had had anything to do with it.

At the time he was asking questions but almost a year later when an NBC news host asked him if he thought vaccines had caused his son’s autism he replied, “I believe so, yes.” You cannot blame a father for wanting to know. During another interview, he said:


De Niro is now working with clean vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the World Mercury Project (launched by RFK Jr.) because his family has been directly affected. While we are so sorry for the damage done to his son, we are thankful these men are willing to speak up and speak out.



Below is the most recent NBC 10 news segment:

Source: ALT Health Works

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  • Pale Writer

    Robert DeNiro’s kid has autism because years ago he didn’t get behind and support and endorse with all his body heart mind soul and spirit creator God and love the Truth even his Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Nor did he ever stand with the Nationalists Truth lovers of this world and age like Donald Trump.

    So in DeNiro’s apathy neglect ignorance brainwashing programming normally bias Stockholm syndrome, learned helpless and cognitive dissidence. And in the absence of what and who is good,needed necessary who is the blessing and who is Blessed. Who is the solution who is the cure who is the right man for the job to fix things. In DeNiro’s inability and unwillingness to both be and handle the truth. In his stubbornness ego and Pride. In his spiritual,intellectual political social circles of death hell disease destruction depravity and decadence. Even of Hollywood’s. In DeNiro’s own inability and unwillingness to come out and set himself away from that? And with him not fully supporting President Trump at least in this matter. Robert DeNiro has proven the word of God is still alive and very much active in his and his own sons life as well. Ya reap what you sow.

    What? You didn’t think that you could just keep sitting back getting richer and lazier and more spiritually devoid of what and who you and your family son and society needed all along in any of it’s righteous conservative true Republican for the Constitutional Republic here in America leaders and then not have that eventually come back to your own now did you?

    Ya can pay and performance off your talents to the Devil as well as any mafia mob or cartel on the block that will always tell you that if you do,then they will keep you and your son and family safe. But ya can’t do that with God. Ya can’t do that with God’s natural laws that are already in place since the foundation of the world. And ya can’t expect real protection and genuine deliverance for you and yours if you can do it or work towards it yourself while opposing any of God’s anointed who He set up in place to help your sappy silly sorry ass Robert!

    No Robert. You can pay and serve the world flesh and devil the best you or anyone else can? But that as you know still won’t do jack crap for you and for what and who matters to you.

    Mark my words and mark them well Robert DeNiro. Since I heard and I saw what came out of your mouth against our newest US Present Donald Trump? Now as hard as you worked for the world the flesh and the Devil all those years for all your own profit,praise and renown or whatever in and for that kingdom of darkness. Now you will have to work at least that hard for the kingdom of light and truth with what all and who all you opposed all those years to date! Simply just to have some level of true rest and peace in your conscience. Which hopefully will lad to the salvation of your soul. But I’m not holding my breath for that to happen with you right away. Because I knew how much it took me for many years. And I was never even half the asshole as you. Not even a tenth of the riches you ever had. Not ever even had even 2 percent of the contacts,loved ones,friends and family as you had all along Robert. Now you know. Most of all that has always been holding you back and has been a hindrance and stumbling block from you ever becoming a real man. The Real Man you were always suppose to be Robert DeNiro.

    None can ever keep opposing Righteousness and any righteous man and his just cause and still think and believe it will keep going well for them!

    Robert DeNiro these days to his son and sons cause reminds me of the medical doctors I use to see who would come in at nighttime when I worked with sometimes 3 other staff crew when they would show up to help me and the residents where I worked, as night shift supervisor head Nurse Aid,giving taking reports,making phone calls to family and 9/11 and all. At a very nice 104 bed assisted living long term care home facility. Those medical doctors would sneak in at night to visit their mother of father who had been slowly dieing and passing away. And other staff noted it too. Those medical doctors were not all so mighty then. When none of their education helped comfort them or their sick and dieing loved one. None of all their medicine was really helping any of them. No science was able to help them nor was able to preserve their sick dieing loved one. Those medical doctors finally had to eat some real humble pie and come to that reality and gravity of the situation called life in the real world. That there was really nothing else they could do. That their sick dieing diseased one laying there same as their family visitor could do nothing to prolong their life or make it better for either of them. That’s when it was finally possible to observe some degree and some level of them being contrite. Sorry for sin. And or also sorry for sins effects when they could plainly see them hear them smell them and feel.

    That kind of contrite sorrow for one’s sins either makes man and people nation and world better? Or it makes them more bitter. All depends not only if you can handle the truth. But is the Truth able to handle and manage and direct and guide you and your sons life and families life and societies living and life in your life or little world yet or not? If you or any allows Him that with you and yours? Then you will become better even if they don’t get cured or healed or delivered in this life. But if you keep on refusing that Lord and Savior including and and all whom He has sent? Then it isn’t going to matter what you say and do in the final equation. Because you and your heart and soul and body is only going to get more bitter and then more ravaged by sins effects on your own body heart soul spirit conscience and mind then also.

    I watched that happen many times. At that 104 bed facility I watched a very high class lady come in with all her uxorious fir coats. She always had to have the best of everything. One night she sat there while I check in on her and she said,”my family abandoned me here”. “My own kids who I raised up and cared for all those years dumped their mother off in here.” She didn’t let that struggle or pain or hardship or life changing circumstance make her better. She became more and more bitter. Christmas came around. We had lights up and trees an decorated that place up all nice. She said,”my kids gave me some presents”. She said,”I threw them out without even opening them.” She said,”I treated my kids presents like they treated me and I threw them away.”

    Now there wasn’t much I could say to that believe it or not. But as nice and as calm and softly as I could with most sincerity I sat next to her and I said,” you know I’ve worked in some pretty down right nasty places in my nursing career over the years. But you know something. This facility is by far the very nicest of them all. I said if your kids didn’t care about you? Then they could have saved alot of money putting you some place that wasn’t going to care of you and your living environment nearly as well nor luxurious as it is here. That place even had flick on fireplaces in the residents wall to wall room carpeted rooms that also had individual sliding glass door porches to a super nice court yard. Another guy had even bough himself the biggest flat screen TV I think was made at that time which covered up his whole one side of his bedroom/living room area. Outside he had one of those new James Bond BMW’s Z3 convertibles. So this place was high end. That guy said to me,”I’m spending my kids inheritance so they don’t have to fight over it.” LOL!!!

    But that fir coat lady keep getting worse and worse. And within 3 months of her arriving at our care home all well alert and oriented at least on the surface. She’d start walking around the halls at night with nothing on but her fir coat. And then it wasn’t even with the fir coat. And then before I left that place? She was so bad and had deteriorated so rapid from all her pent up anger and rage and fury at her,at God or the system and life or whatever. That she had to be sent out to one of those places that had locks on the doors that didn’t have carpet and didn’t have flip on fire places anywhere let alone in each persons private rooms.

    It’s not how you start out in life nor how you run in life as to what matters most. What matters most is if you are going to finish life well. It’s more important how one finishes life then how they started and what they did up till the end.

    That’s my short little comment for today. Now I’m going to jump on my snowmobile and wish my sweetheart was on it with me. And I’m going for a short ride up to the Border or so on our wonderful groomed trails.

  • Alleged Comment

    How do you explain the epidemic of autism? GMO, vaccines, pesticides, cell phones?

  • selena

    you are on the SAME LEVEL as the black POS street preachers telling a black mother who had her disabled child out and in the wheelchair THAT her kid was disabled BECAUSE SHE FOLLOWED THE WHITE MAN’S RELIGION.
    YOU are on the same level as the islamics TELLING ME that my son has autism BECAUSE I PRAY TO A FALSE god.
    the mods should yank your crap immediately.

  • annie

    in many cases,the criteria for autism now extends to ALL having a speech delay, language deficit .
    autism does NOT SPEAK, will not graduate as class valedictorian etc.
    it is a catastrophic disabling condition and comes about well before age 4 and around the time these vaccinations are scheduled. .
    your child SHUTS DOWN. this is why , in the past, authentic autism was believed to be a form of schizophrenia and that SOMEONE caused trauma to the child resulting in this.
    and YES, I have an autistic son, now aged 38 and was always extensively questioned by the glorious social workers regarding my home and care of my son etc.

    in the rest of what they now are labeling autism and the increase–why hasn’t ANYONE EVER QUESTIONED the routine use of SONOGRAMS which do create HEAT and at the same time the physicians recommend avoiding HEAT DIRECTED AT THE ABDOMEN and sonograms again are routinely ordered at 3 months-HELLO ? fetal development is ongoing, the same for the 6 months one.
    if running a fever during early pregnancy can cause defects, what does directly aiming that wand DO as it does prduce HEAT ?
    but for my son, there were no routine sonograms, vaccinations were delayed etc.
    my other kids are fine and were vaccinated basically on time and did receive that _hit load of them as well.
    and that’s simply my humble opinion and experience w/autism.

  • Alleged Comment

    I forgot about sonograms which I will NEVER EVER recommend. Hitting the fetus with sound waves like that.

  • Pale Writer

    They still should not have done that to Eric Garner nor Pete Santilli nor Levoy Finicum and crew just because they who you speak of there harshly were trying to make a buck,help a fellow man who couldn’t afford a whole PACK. or share an idea and Constitutional as well as CONSTITUTIONAL point and POINT from a closed for the season wildlife refuge with both their real and legal fiction same names being in same said place at all that same time someone who was an illegitimate POTUS at least on birth certificate WHITE mans white paper indicated as Sheriff Arpio and his team of world wide examiners revealed last year while BARACK OBAMA was still AWOL in that White House office.

    The “mods” (whoever they are and whatever that stands for exactly OR NOT?) won’t yank ME nor my financial income crap just yet or near future.
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    So that’s an awful,Awful AWFUL lot of Love and Hate that gets projected on, Conveyed to and or also Entrusted WITH just this one lil single spirit-man here. And all that regardless of race religion creed oath covenant promise color and or also lack of any of that.

    Let me ask you a QUESTION selena. Have you ever walked a mile in my footsteps or FOOTSTEPS body BODY life or LIFE?
    That is asked of you because until you do? The by me and also by God’s natural law you really don’t have any say with qualification/QUALIFICATION what yourself or anyone else should ever do to me,with me or because of me. including but not limited to what others should impart to me or take away FROM ME including hold back from me and or also block/BLOCK me/ME from/FROM!

    “Let God arise (and defend me and my and Our peoples just cause/s) and let His (and Our/OUR) enemies be scattered” shattered raped pillaged robbed and continually plundered now as well as also into the Everlasting Eternal!!!