As if McDonald’s ingredients weren’t already bad enough, a customer at a location in Cambridge, England, recently posted a video to Twitter showing live maggots wriggling around in a ketchup dispenser.


Ritchie further explained the ordeal on Twitter:

McDonald’s UK issued a reply to her original tweet with the video, asking for details so the company could investigate immediately:

“Our condiment area and dispensers should be checked for cleanliness every day and we are looking into what happened here,” a spokesperson said.1

McDonald’s underwent a similar ordeal last year when an employee posted images of a filthy McFlurry machine at a U.S. location, drawing disgust from the Twittersphere. Last year in the U.K., multiple fast food chains, including McDonald’s locations, were found to have ice contaminated with fecal matter.

*Article originally appeared at The Anti-Media. (It’s also appeared all over the mainstream news press as well.)

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