(Photo Credit: The Washington County Humane Society)

Pay attention parents: even if it’s hard, it’s always best to do what’s right.

After recognizing a photo that was circulating on social media of a starving, skinny dog, William Wright was pretty sure he knew the sweet pup; it was his daughter, Tonysha Wright’s pet. And now, after being turned in to authorities by her father, she and one other woman are facing charges after the two dogs were left alone and nearly starved to death.


Thankfully, there has been an outpouring of support for the dogs at the Washington County Humane Society in Pennsylvania and at least one, Bella, is in foster care right now.

“According to investigators, the pair abandoned Bella and their other dog, Coal, on Sugar Run Road in Nottingham Township last week. Both dogs’ ribs were clearly visible.”1

Wright said,

“That’s what the problem (is) today. Kids have no consequence for what they do. They gotta learn. I don’t know where my daughter went wrong with none of it. Since my daughter was born, I’ve always had a dog and she knows how to take care of a dog. She’s thinking she going to jail immediately. I got off work. I called her. I said, ‘We will go together. I’ll go with you.'”2

But the single father is also worried for his daughter who has received death threats, photos of her 3-year-old child are being shared on social media, and “people are even sharing photos of William Wright’s dog, questioning if he’s being taken care of.”3 Rest assured, he’s not missing a meal and Wright is asking for people to calm down and let the justice system take it from here.


Both women are facing felony aggravated animal cruelty charges. The other dog, Coal, is still being treated but doing well.

Our pets need our love and care. And quite frankly, our protection. If you cannot provide a safe and secure life for them, do not adopt them. And, if you need help, reach out to your local Humane Society who are always willing to help a pet owner in trouble. 


XO~ Erin


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