Did you know that 30 million deaths a year are classified as preventable in the United States? A recent study by Harvard University says that if you give up eating animal products and switch to a vegetarian diet, one-third of early deaths might be avoided. That means 1 million American lives would be saved annually.


Of course, even with a vegetarian diet you still need to make healthy food choices. Much of the American diet, including vegetarian foods, are full of processed ingredients that don’t fit into a healthy lifestyle. For those who aren’t sure, consider starting with a Meatless Monday option.

The Doctors own Dr. Travis Stork shares details of this new research in the video below. An inflammatory diet is a major contributor to disease. Dr. Stork discusses how going veggie usually increases someone’s intake of fiber, nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties.


Why don’t you join me and give it a try?  XO ~ Erin


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