CBS: Famous Holistic Founder of “CorePower” Empire Found Dead in ‘Bloody Trail’ at his Mansion


Trevor Tice, founder and former CEO of CorePower Yoga, was found dead in his Southern California mansion, on Monday. While police did not elaborate, they said there were “suspicious circumstances” surrounding his death. An autopsy will determine the cause of death. It is believed that Tice, 48, was living in the home alone and that someone who knew him called to check in on him.

Real estate records show that Tice bought the home in January for $3 million dollars. The 9,361 square foot property has views of the ocean.

In 2002, Tice founded CorePower Yoga after suffering a mountain climbing accident that left him unable to run. When Yoga changed his life, he decided to spread the message.

Before beginning the company, Tice owned TechPartners International, an IT company he sold in 2001 for $60 million.

The Denver-based company has more than 150 studios in cities around the U.S., and plans to open its first New York City location on the Upper West Side in early 2017.

Source: CBS

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  • Elizabeth Kingston

    Unreal ….. I wonder if we can appeal to Mr. Trump and his new team, to find out the true cause of all these mysrerious deaths/killings of holistic doctors

  • Cindy Koch

    Only if there’s something in it for them! Donnie and his team don’t come off to me as they would be interested in anything holistic. #BlameRussia!

  • Phil Myweenie

    the bodies are clones, the real doctors are living in underground communities for the elite.

  • Phil Myweenie


  • alumette

    he did not appear healthy to me. He seemed bloated, not at all as what you expect from a yoga instructor . I see a very competitive guy who spends his energy expanding his business which is almost a contraction to the meaning of yoga. Lots about this guy the public did not know. My take on this, by just watching this interview. I hope someone takes good care of his dogs.

  • alumette

    His hands are tied by the big stuff. He may get to details , at a later date. It is really not his affair. It would come under the FBI jurisdiction.

  • alumette

    now, that should be investigated ASAP. Pretty clear HRC had the FBI in her pocket, so what can we expect ? changes will have to be made.

  • Faith Abgail

    oh, wow! You are miserable!

  • Faith Abgail

    I heard about it but he is a yogi, not doctor. All the others have some kind of legit scientific research indicating or exposing the real moguls (the pharmaceutical companies).