It’s so important for kids to read. Which is why Grace Hagemeyers and her husband Peter decided to put up a “mailbox library” on their property. They even had a grand opening for it on July 29th at their home in Point Pleasant, NJ. But that same day, they had a visit from the police and the next day, they were contacted by code enforcement officers who told them they had 10 days to take the structure down off their property.

The family was so disappointed because after just one week, Grace had already seen some of the neighborhood kids walking around with books. She said, “Seriously, does it get any better than that? Neighborhood kids walking around carrying books, instead of having their noses buried in their phones.”1 (I love reading. Just wish I had more time for it!)


While the family was initially told “libraries” like theirs weren’t allowed because of the land-use ordinance, borough officials (who had to investigate because they received on official complaint) eventually told them to just stick it deeper on their property as it was too close to the roadway and a possible obstruction to cars.

No one is sure which neighbor called to complain but many are saddened by the actions of one. “We live in a great town, on a friendly street,”2Grace Hagemeyers said. “This is the kind of community we should be encouraging.”3


We couldn’t agree more. Thankfully, the matter has been settled.

Interested in finding a little free library? Click here or check out the video below and make your own!

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