As if the water in Michigan hasn’t been under enough assault, the same department who assured the residents of Flint that their water was safe to drink- The Department of Environmental Quality- has approved Nestles request to DOUBLE THEIR PUMPING CAPACITY.

And all for the hefty price of $200 a year.

Whoever approved this deal should be put in jail. This should be illegal.

Evil Nestle has been bottling water outside Grand Rapids for almost 20 years but this new deal will allow them to take even more water. Unsurprisingly, the public is not happy with more than 80,000 comments about the deal submitted to the DEQ and just 75 in favor.



This is almost unbelievable. The idea that this is a good idea, that it’s good for the environment, let alone the economy in Michigan? Who on EARTH thought it was fair for Nestle to pay just $200 dollars a year and make how much in return off of Michigan residents?

Let’s boycott Nestle.

This disdain for the environment by these giant companies needs to stop. NOW.