We are so excited to be speaking at the Brain Regeneration Conference in Orlando this November. And we are proud to partner with ACIM. Their mission:

“To be the leader in shifting the healthcare paradigm toward wellness by restoring hope, empowering people, training and supporting practitioners, conducting research, implementing therapeutic innovations, and creating a global Wellness Care Community.

Equipping health professionals in assisting an individual to heal as naturally and completely as possible is a worthy goal that we at ACIM embrace passionately and fully. To this end, we will bring to the health professional all the best knowledge available, no matter the source.”

Come join us, we would love to see you!
Not only will I be a speaker but I’m emceeing the event along with Doug Kauffman!

Dr. Axe, Dr. Sinatra, Dr Klinghardt, Dr Cowden and many more will be there. It’s the best line up I’ve EVER seen!

Join us!!

Erin Elizabeth