Sunblock InfertilitySunblock Infertility

I couldn’t make this stuff up.  CNN just did a headline article about sunblock causing infertility in men.

From the CNN article on infertility from sunblock:


A new study from the National Institutes of Health finds that chemicals in sunscreens and personal care products that filter out UV rays may lead to infertility issues among men.

The study followed 500 couples who are part of a larger study known as the Longitudinal Investigation of Fertility and the Environment. This large study looks at the role between environmental chemicals and fertility. To get at this result, the authors took urine samples from the couples and had them keep a journal until they had conceived or had tried for 12 months.

The couples who took the longest to conceive had something in common. BP-2 or 4OH-BP, two UV filter chemicals found commonly in sunblocks and sunscreens, were found in high concentrations in the male partner’s urine. The chemicals are also used in moisturizers and shampoos.

Oh and it gets worse- Scientists say manufactures don’t have to list the harmful ingredients! 

Cnn says “What can be done? The scientists say not much. There is no law that requires manufacturers to disclose the chemicals are in their products. They aren’t on the ingredient list on the packaging. Buck said she believes that as more is learned about these chemicals and the unintended consequences they may have on your health, that may change.”

Well we just wrote an article on how a chemical in antibacterial soap, cosmetics, toothpastes and shampoos can cause cancer. So what is our advice?

We personally don’t lather in sunscreens and instead just limit our time in the sun. Unless your job requires it there’s no need to sit or stand in the sun all day. Even boats have areas that are shaded. Or go stand under a tree. It’s good for you : )

If you must use a sunscreen check out sites like for the sunscreen with the least chemicals that might make you infertile.. or worse.

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