Antibiotic Side Effects in Children

As we walk around and see obese kids every day (sadly including some of our own relatives’ kids… we have to wonder is it diet? GMO’s? chemicals? environment? all of the above?

Certainly more antibiotics aren’t helping.

CNN posted a study today that showed these antibiotics can indeed mess up their metabolism and make them obese later in life

From the article:

If young mice are given antibiotics early in life, they have a greater chance of becoming obese, a new study out of NYU Langone Medical Center found. Researchers discovered that when they gave mice antibiotics during a critical part of early development, the bacteria or microbes in the mice’s guts were reprogrammed.

Scientists say disrupting the bacterial makeup of the gastrointestinal tract could affect the way the body’s metabolism works. A slow metabolic rate could lead to obesity, because the body doesn’t burn calories as quickly.

“We found that when you perturb gut microbes early in life among mice and then stop the antibiotics, the microbes normalize but the effects on host metabolism are permanent,” says senior author, Dr. Martin Blaser, director of the NYU Human Microbiome Program, and professor of microbiology at NYU School of Medicine. “This supports the idea of a developmental window in which microbes participate. It’s a novel concept, and we’re providing direct evidence for it.”

I have people (even relatives) roll their eyes at me all the time when I say that maybe their baby doesn’t need all these “precautionary antibiotics” they’re now given at birth (not all the time but I see it a few times a year  with some new baby I know)   I’ve also seen a few grow up, get cancer, get obese before they’re ten. Again some are my own blood relatives. Something has to change!

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