Autism Causing Vaccine

Wow, what timing. Just after the story (that never quite breaks in national news) about the CDC coverup about the autism vaccine link  (that my friend Bobby Dee wrote- go Bobby!) – out of the blue CNN does a huge front page story about the fact that a study just released definitely proves “vaccines do NOT cause autism”  The reporter (with a gleam in her eye)  is more passionate than the Jehovah witnesses who wake me up on Saturday morning. The CNN reporter even says I repeat for those “who don’t hear that well” vaccines do NOT cause autism (gee, they sure seem like they want us to hear it or program that into our heads….

Now the video shows all three journalists acting like they’re scientists or doctors all agreeing and patting each other on the back that no vaccines cause autism. They even blame it all on the Amish with the measles outbreak. (Uh didn’t ScienceMag just recently report that the latests measles outbreak was, in fact, traced back to a fully vaccinated person? 

I’d swear they look like they’re paid to say this on the air! (oh wait, they are)

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