We told you the story about Noah McAdams last week after he was removed from his parents custody because they didn’t want him to continue chemotherapy treatments after being given a “cancer free” diagnosis. Well, yesterday a judge in Florida ruled that a 3-year-old must continue chemotherapy treatment against the wishes of his parents.


The little one, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in April, “was ordered by a Hillsborough County judge to complete at least the first phase of a prescribed chemotherapy treatment. His parents, Taylor Bland and Joshua McAdams, had asked the court to allow them to forgo chemotherapy, in favor of alternative treatments, including medicinal cannabis, vitamins and diet.”1


Sadly, while Noah must continue the chemo (poison), the judge’s ruling does allow his parents to use other natural, holistic treatments in combination with the required treatment.

Noah has two more chemo sessions to complete the first phase of his treatment which is expected to resume Thursday. However, whether or not he will be required to finish the entire round of treatment- three phases lasting more than three years- will be decided after bone marrow testing is completed. The next court dates are June 4th and 5th.


The judge’s ruling also granted Bland and McAdams unsupervised visitation with their son.

“The parents did not bring Noah to the hospital for a scheduled treatment on April 22, and a hospital social worker notified Hillsborough Child Protective Investigations Division, which requested that police perform a welfare check. Noah was located at his grandmother’s house and officers spoke with Bland on the phone.

The Hillsborough Sheriff’s office issued a Missing Endangered Child Alert for Noah on April 29.
The family was found in Kentucky that night and Noah was flown back to Tampa the next day in the custody of child protective services.

Bland and McAdams said that they did not know they weren’t allowed to leave the state. The said they were staying with family in Kentucky and planning to visit a doctor in Cincinnati that week, according to Bland.”1


Of course they thought it was ok to take their own child out of state to see family AND get a second opinion- something they informed doctors of! This behavior is sickening and overreach of the worst kind. Our children are being medically kidnapped on an increasing and terrifying scale.



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