Two young brothers in critical condition (and father cannot move or speak) from a recent trip to a Virgin Islands resort. Feds saying pesticide exposure. One son suffered severe brain damage, other has heart damage (both in comas)  Mom overcoming seizures, being moved into rehab.

Pesticide Exposure

My heart goes out to the family- especially the two boys who are in critical conditions in comas. Their father is awake now says CNN, but cannot talk or MOVE. Terminix (a global pest control  company) were the ones who treated the resort with methyl bromide which the EPA says in agricultural pesticide deemed for outdoor use only  here in the US with much frequency (if that isn’t scary enough)  The family’s lawyer called it “the most horrifying story in the world”

From the CNN Piece on this breaking story

Two Delaware boys are in a coma and their father still is unable to talk or move two weeks after they became sick — perhaps from pesticide exposure, federal officials say — during a trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands, their lawyer said Saturday.

Steve Esmond, his teenage sons Sean and Ryan Esmond, and the teens’ mother fell ill more than two weeks ago in St. John, where they were renting a villa at the Sirenusa resort.

The family was airlifted to hospitals in the United States. Sean, 16, and Ryan, 14, were in critical condition at a Philadelphia hospital on Saturday, the family’s lawyer, James Maron of Delaware, said.

One of the boys is believed to have brain damage, Maron said, without elaborating.

“The boys are in rough shape,” Maron said.

“The family are all fighters,” he added. “They’re fighting for everything right now. I understand it’s a long recovery.”

Steve Esmond, also being treated at a hospital, is conscious but cannot move, Maron said. The teens’ mother, Theresa Devine, was treated at a hospital but released, and is now in occupational therapy, Maron said.

Thankfully someone found the whole family in the ocean villa or else they probably would have died if much more time had gone by experts say.  Even though it’s so obvious pesticides are killing people, leaving them brain damaged, harming unborn babies and pregnant mothers it seems to continue – business as usual.  The pesticides were used inside this 5 star luxury high end resort, but not even in the sea side expensive villa they’d rented.

It was one next to them and just ‘trace amounts’ (their words not mine) of the pesticide found in their unit that must have made it in there from another unit which was treated.  Granted when we spray our food with pesticides or herbicides (including glyphosate) it isn’t indoors but the dangers are still there. When the United Nations and World Health Organization just classified glyphosate as a probable carcinogen  (las week) you know even the allegedly “Safe” pesticides are anything but safe.  You have to ask yourself why you’d possibly let TERMINIX (the culprit here) spray your home or yard OR why you would let your family eat foods that are sprayed.Pesticides are nothing to sneeze at. Why you can’t escape them inside or out -even at the a top luxury resort in the world.  The whole family was airlifted back to the states but a criminal investigation has been opened by the feds about this nightmare.

What people don’t seem to get is while owners of the resort might be found guilty (especially if someone dies or even if they don’t) what about the millions of pounds of pesticides  sprayed on (strawberries for instance) and the proven link that it has made children who live in the area sick (let alone the kids (and adults) who eat the food.  We spray our food with harmful pesticides and then I sit wondering why my cousin is bald, in a hospital, has late stage Leukemia and might die. I know exactly why and it’s time people wake up. Heck even organic strawberries are not spared. That’s why I prefer to grow my own at home in the back yard. People tell me it’s too expensive but no excuse. It’s a few cents to grow your own. Some of you know I used to be obese and thought it was expensive to work out, too expensive to get in shape, too expensive to SIMPLY  grow my own food. I’m so glad I stopped making excuses and took control of my health.. Sadly this family didn’t ask for this or know about it and that’s the saddest part. I really hope all 4 will be alright and the two boys still in comas will come out soon and have a full recovery.




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