Finally, the US understands they MUST save their most important and busiest workers: bees. Around 35 percent of America’s crops, or about a third, rely to some extent on bees.

Endangered Species: Bees

Seven bee species native to Hawaii have now been put under protection via the Endangered Species Act. And one of those species is the yellow-faced bee; after years of research, the US Fish and Wildlife Service have decided that the yellow-faced bee species is under threat and will, therefore, be added to the federal list of endangered species, effective October 31.
We have all seen and read about bee populations declining sharply in the last couple of years due to habitat loss, pesticides, wildfires and loss of genetic diversity.
From CNN:
“Native pollinators in the US provide essential pollination services to agriculture which are valued at more than $9 billion annually,” said Eric Lee-Mäder, pollinator program co-director at the Xerces Society, which was involved in petitions calling for the protection of the bee species.”
With the bees listed, authorities will now be able to provide recovery programs and get funding for protection.
Source: CNN