CNN: 2 babies dead, dozens more hospitalized after vaccines


Vaccine Baby Deaths

2 babies dead  and 29 more hospitalized (6 in critical care)

after adverse reactions to shots from the country’s national vaccination program.


NY Times announced vaccines will be suspended for children in the entire country of Mexico during the investigation.

(note: You can read or watch a short film on my vaccine injury here. Always free to read or watch xo )

I wrote about this nearly a week ago after it appeared on Mexico Daily website, but most didn’t seem to take it seriously. Perhaps they’ll believe it now that it’s plastered across the front of US and CNN Mexico.  I am saddened that it takes a mainstream news  to get people to believe or acknowledge this tragedy.

From the article on CNN about the babies who  died and are injured from the vaccine program:

Mexican health officials are investigating after two babies died and 29 children were hospitalized from suspected adverse reactions to shots from the country’s national vaccination program.

Six of the children hospitalized in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas remain in serious condition, the Mexican Social Security Institute said on Sunday.

The parents of the two infants who died were so outraged at the government that they refused to let authorities perform autopsies, CNNMexico reported.

The shots that the babies were given before they died or fell ill were tuberculosis, rotavirus and Hepatitis B.  We are told it was indeeed Merck’s  vaccine (that’s the rotovirus) in which Paul Offit holds a share and is the inventor of  Some refer to him as Paul “profit” Offit and interestingly he is often called in as a vaccine expert despite the. obvious conflict of interest.. Some are tweeting him at Offit’s twitter account here to let him know how they feel about his vaccine that he invented being 1 of the 3 being administered to the babies who died.

Do you know what the rotovirus vaccine is that Offit invented and profits from? It allegedly stops diarrhea in babies. I think I’d rather have diarrhea than some of the serious side effects (including death) than this harmful sometimes dangerous unnecessary vaccine causes. Thankfully it was not around when I was a child. But follow the money.  They are developing vaccines for kid’s with high cholesterol.   When will it stop?

More from the article:

Residents of La Pimienta told CNNMexico the vaccinations were offered Friday when officials came to the community and announced over loudspeakers that vaccines would be given to newborns.

It sounds like something out of an Orwellian novel. They announced it over loudspeakers for the townspeople to come and randomly get their children vaccinated. Who pays for this?  More importantly who profits? I’ve spent months in Mexico (including rural areas- I was just there 2 months ago) and despite what people think- they were some of the healthiest vibrant children I’ve ever seen.

My heart goes out to the families of the infants who have died and the many who are hospitalized because of these vaccines. We hope  they can recover and I feel for them as I was vaccine injured at 3 months by the DPT shot in the 70s. I almost died, had a 104 fever, seizures and was hospitalized. I am one of the lucky ones.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Capt_mulch

    I wish you anti-vax fools would stop your stupid fear monger campaigns – read the article properly “They’re also investigating the needles used in the vaccinations and the
    possibility that a virus or bacteria could have caused the illnesses”

  • Capt_mulch


  • Capt_mulch

    And how dare you use other people’s misery and misfortune to promote your own financial gain – fricken disgusting “(note: get my free book here on overcoming a vaccine injury of my own, Lyme and weight gain etc)”

  • Happyconservativegal

    I am glad to know that you would be OK with your baby dying from a vaccine as long as it was a virus or bacteria and not the INTENDED pathogen. maybe better we just don’t pump crap into our babies.

  • Capt_mulch

    you haven’t even read the article, have you? why would they be investigating the other sources of the deaths (as they should)? You don’t get Hep B from a vaccination dose you fool, you get it from dirty needles. Ask any junkie. Please stop holding up these poor children as poster children for your dangerous, misguided and fear mongering ideas.

  • Capt_mulch

    Not only that, if it was the vaccination, this would be happening everywhere, not in an isolated clinic where general levels of health and cleanliness as disgustingly poor.

  • Capt_mulch

    And who’d believe the World Health Organisation, what would they know?? Shills For Big Pharma!!!!! Vaccinations cause baby’s to grow two heads!!!

    Immunization is a proven tool for controlling and eliminating life-threatening infectious diseases and is estimated to avert between 2 and 3 million deaths each year

  • Happyconservativegal

    You like to call names, don’t you?
    That is the sign of someone with weak argument. Did you even read my comment? I clearly acknowledged that another pathogen other than the intended one was probably the culprit. Choosing a poor, rural area where things like unclean needles are more likely to occur and adding bacteria is what is called a “good cover”. I don’t care if you think I am a fool, since I have zero respect for you anyway.

  • You say right in your post it’s free. Hello. No financial gain. It doesn’t cost anything. I’ve never charged for it ever. I know it’s helped thousands of people who have had Lyme, weight gain , vaccine injuries or adrenal fatigue like I have.

  • Have you not studied vaccine at all? It could be a bad batch, but thanks for all your vulgar name calling. When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser. – Socrates. (he had you in mind)

  • Capt_mulch

    Be sure to answer the foolish arguments of fools, or they will become wise in their own estimation. Proverbs 26:5
    Stop using these poor and unfortunate people to promote your own agenda. As I said, disgusting. Also unethical and heartless.

  • Capt_mulch

    Oh, so please enlighten us to your obviously ground breaking discoveries of vaccination injuries. I’ve read the WHO statistics on adverse reactions to vaccinations, and I would like to see how your data correlates with their world class research. Please provide verifiable data. ‘Vaccine Injuries’ are just such a crock, unless you can prove otherwise…

  • Capt_mulch

    Be sure to answer the foolish arguments of fools, or they will become wise in their own estimation. Proverbs 26:5 – They had you in mind…

  • Why I don’t block you from my site is beyond me, but I like how you keep digging a deeper whole. This article was written on CNN in 1998. At that point they’d paid out over 1 billion in proven vaccine injuries. That number is approaching 4 million now. Are you going to say this is fake? You need to go back and do much more research

  • Capt_mulch

    And yes, I have studied vaccination for many years. I know the stats and the likelihood of this being anything to do with the vaccine. As stated elsewhere, using this report to promote your own agenda is heartless, unethical and disgusting.

  • Capt_mulch

    “2 babies dead and 29 more hospitalized (6 in critical care)
    after adverse reactions to shots from the country’s national vaccination
    program” – So you are trying to make everyone believe that the health problems were caused by the vaccinations? (you have stated it right there). You even quote CNN as supporting it, yet the CNN report says: “They’re also investigating the needles used in the vaccinations and the
    possibility that a virus or bacteria could have caused the illnesses”. So it’s not ‘adverse reactions to shots? Cherry picking the ‘truth’ out of articles just demeans your assertion that you are a ‘Health Nut’ – the nut bit might be the only true bit.

  • Capt_mulch

    Still waiting for your ‘vaccine injury’ data? Or are you still out ‘researching’ it on Mercola’s (barf) website?

  • Dan TheDestroyer Deming

    get her free book or stfu. you hateful fuck

  • Dan TheDestroyer Deming

    STFU im tired of idiots who have nothing better to do then sit and post over and over that your all knowing and right. kick rocks

  • Hey Mulch. I posted it before. As CNN reported back in 1998 it was 1 BILLION paid out in vaccine injuries of tax dollars. Now it’s over 3 billion. You haven’t done your research but you’ve certainly repeatedly showed your stupidity here on my website.

  • Mulch
    I posted it before. Our courts have paid over 3.5 BILLIOn of our tax dollars- well mine, I don’t know if you pay taxes) and here’s an article just out about the fund. Obviously you haven’t done your homework and are a troll who keeps making yourself look dumber and dumber as you dig your hole deeper and deeper.

  • Yes they were caused by the vaccinations. It doesn’t matter if it was the needles, an adverse reaction, bad batch: They were caused by the vaccinations they received end of story.

  • Nicholas Reese, er Captain Mulch.. see below for my response.

  • Nick Reese of Australia. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Stop the insults. You work in IT. I’d think you a bit brighter than to keep harassing us on here. Time to stop the fake names and accounts and move on.

  • Capt_mulch

    And you know about the vaccine injury claim stuff? It’s nothing to do with science – it’s to do with typical ambulance chasing law stuff. I’m amazed that you guys of such higher consciousness haven’t admitted to that yet and hide behind lawyers apron strings. Done my research more than – and having a degree in biological science has given me the knowledge and skills to understand when you are using pseudo science, rather than real peer review science. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

  • Capt_mulch

    Dan – has anyone ever counselled you on your attitude problem? You should really think about that.

  • Capt_mulch

    Actually, my original degree is in biological science, so don’t get too worried about the IT stuff. I’m not hiding behind anything. I’ve had a science degree for 25 years so I’m ahead of your game. 6 years of being a Mercola shill? Searching for articles that only somehow support your deluded and un-educated position? You need to look deep inside yourself and ask why you use other peoples misery and misfortune to support your unethical and dangerous ideas.

  • You said vaccine injuries are a “crock” and talked of your extensive research on the subject – yet still seem in total denial of our vaccine fund here which has paid 3.5 BILLION out to vaccine injured people (mostly children- I never tried to collect fyi). You have no idea what my degrees are in or what years I received them (but I’ll give you a hint- my first one was about the same time you received yours) You also know nothing about my vaccine injuries nor have you bothered to read a book about them, watch a film about them etc. So Mr Reese, you’re being blocked. Good luck and I hope your employer doesn’t mind you wasting time at work harassing women.

  • Nick Reese, I’m not using pseudo science. You said there were no vaccine injuries and I provided you with articles that showed over 3.5 billion paid in proven vaccine injuries. If you call brain damaged injured kids “ambulance chasers” I feel sorry for you (oh and I think I have you beat in the degree department so I would stop bragging about your bachelor’s degree. lol

  • Capt_mulch

    Or are those links not as good as a link to CNN?? You guys are unethical, dangerous, mis-informed and self serving.

  • Here’s the correct link. Salzberg? really? That shill? Sorry but it won’t even seem to approve the link – probably because he’s a paid shill who shouldn’t be writing for any major mainstream publication. Also this isn’t the biggest measles outbreak. it was a relatively small one. here’s the correct link

  • Nick Reese IT guy in Australia (Capt Mulch) I’ve already replied. You seem in serious denial of the vaccine court which has awarded 3.5 BILLION to vaccine injured people (mostly children) who you called “ambulance chasers” Really very sad.. Here’s an article on the vaccine court out just today. I guess this girl is an ambulance chaser too

  • I’m sorry you think children who are brain damaged by vaccines (proven by the court) are ambulance chasers. That is so sad. Here’s an article out about a girl who was vaccine injured herself – just in the news. I guess this little girl is an “ambulance chaser” too as is the other one pictured – barely able to move.

  • most of your abusive posts have been erased and calling vaccine injured kids “ambulance chasers” and talking about the “disgustingly poor” got you banned (amongst other posts we erased I cannot repeat) Thank you.

  • suziq

    I havea 1200 page report from Merck, do you want it there? Smart one

  • Deborah Blish

    Everyone need to read the Book Dr Mary’ Monkeys to get a clear idea of the dangers of vaccinations. Or go to youtube and watch/listen to the interview with the man who wrote the book. Then they will be scared. very scared!

  • Kat

    Clearly, Capt_mulch has been vaccinated multiple times and is suffering the consequences – brain damage. I wouldn’t take hime seriously for 1 second…loll…

  • robin

    That “crap” has worked miracles to keep children and adults healthy, im so sorry to hear about these sweet children suffering, but without vaccinating, so many many more would suffer much worse, be smart, not emotional, about childrens health!

  • Nancy

    Just a thought here. I think that vaccines in the main are safe and have saved many lives. I do think that perhaps there may be a problem with how they are administered, too many at one time and overwhelming the immune systems of our young children, sanitation and production. As an aside why not just have a reasonable respectful conversation instead of getting so nasty? People will listen and consider your opinions more readily if you do 🙂

  • Cory Troupe

    Thats a REALLY good point. Formaldehyde LITERALLY makes you stupid.

  • Cory Troupe

    You havent studied shit. I dont know what youve been studying, but its obviously wrong. Whatever youve been doing, I would not call that studying. You havent even listed a source, let alone an acceptable opinion.

  • Cory Troupe

    Your research is obviously very flawed, but I dont see any actual research. All i see is you spouting your delusional opinion at people. All this claim of research and not one source to show for it. All bark, no bite.

  • Gavin Wallace

    so all the medications given and correlation to the deceased or ill were given in the same area? wouldnt the correct response be not only to investigate the vaccine’s with the same lot numbers but also the institutes that gave them for proper delivery and storage? vaccines save a lot of lives with anything you put in your body there are contraindications but without them the results could be far worse hence the almost complete annihilation of most people contracting the diseases. just because we aren’t catching them anymore doesnt mean they aren’t still there or around it means we have immunity from catching them. the loss of a child cannot be described in words and i feel for these families because a parent should NEVER outlive there child.

  • Lisa

    If you believe vaccinations are bad for children then you don’t believe in science. Moreover, click to read the article on USA Today. The article above infers the vaccines themselves are harming children; however, if you read the USA Today article, there’s evidence that it was bacteria in the needles and not the vaccines. Moreover, many parents are not allowing autopsies to determine the cause of death, so people are going to blame the vaccines without….Science.

  • Marco

    conspiracy theory makes for good fiction.

  • Nancy,
    may I ask to whom you are referring?
    the only one who really acted out of hand here, and we had to erase several of his post where he attacked people was the one who said how stupid anyone was to question vaccinations. He actually said things much worse than that but some had to be erased because they would be highly offensive.

  • Lisa
    I do not mind if you participate on my website, but I wish you would not make absolute statements like if you do not believe in vaccines you do not believe in science. My partner is a doctor who questions vaccination some of the additives vaccinations as do the scientists I work with every day. Again, you are welcome to join in but there is science that question the current vaccination schedule. I am back to being injured as well and our taxes a loan is paid out over 3.5 million dollars to vaccines and your children. So when you make absolute statements like that it can be offensive to some. I hope you understand

  • Nick Reese capt mulch – they are already posted further down below. You must roll to read them and probably stop the insults against my partner the doctor.

  • Deborah Blish

    What happened to Dr Mary i not fiction nor are the accounts of several of the key persons featured in the book. this book contains some cold hard facts. keeping ones head buried will not save you. Denial is not a river in Egypt. Mark twain said it best ” “It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been fooled.” ~Mark Twain

  • Deborah Blish

    Oh I believe in science just not Bad science. Science has been wrong many many times throughout history. In fact It has had to recant more time than they want you to know about for example the world was flat and much much more. As far as Vaccination are concerned I know 2 families who have received $$ settlement from their vaccine injured children who were beautiful and normal until vaccinations.There is more evidence coming. If you think that these companies who are in bed with the FDA don’t have financial gain by providing falsified findings to FDA you are also not willing to look at that we have all been fooled for so long its embarrassing and we would rather be fooled than to look embarrassed.

  • Deborah Blish

    You are correct that it is very offensive. Especially since there has been so much Bad science throughout history. But if you are wise enough an patient enough the truth comes out . but Like I mentioned above, “It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been fooled.” ~Mark Twain

  • Deborah Blish

    I am afraid there are a lot of paid trolls here!

  • Allani

    A cluster in one town/area means that the Vaccine is generally safe, or otherwise there would be a worldwide epidemic, which there isn’t. The problem lies specifically with a batch/bottle of vaccine or the techniques used by the health care workers. Multi-dose vials can be contaminated by poor technique etc. Something injurious was added to a batch or bottle of vaccine. This article is irrational and a rush to judgement to support a prejudicial position on vaccines.

  • jc

    During the time they take the vaccine out to use it,.it.changes.chemically. thats why our children are getting diseases and.dying. from peoples.from.another.planet. believe.or.dont.

  • “vaccines save a lot of lives ” — where is the evidence? There is no science behind this – it is all supposition promoted by big pharma — in other words ‘dogma’. I hold a degree in molecular biology and worked for a vaccine company. I’ve studied this for along time and can say with integrity that there is no science behind the notion that vaccines save lives. I personally wouldn’t give this stuff to my kids under any circumstances.

  • They say that the first to use ad-hominem attacks has lost the argument. I suppose anyone who questions the usual authorities is a ‘fool’ in your book. In my book, an attitude such as yours is the only one that is foolish.

  • “That “crap” has worked miracles to keep children and adults healthy ” — where is the evidence? There is no science behind this – it is all supposition promoted by big pharma — in other words ‘dogma’. I hold a degree in molecular biology and worked for a vaccine company. I’ve studied this for along time and can say with integrity that there is no science behind the notion that vaccines save lives. I personally wouldn’t give this stuff to my kids under any circumstances.

  • “Immunization is a proven tool for controlling and eliminating life-threatening infectious diseases and is estimated to avert between 2 and 3 million deaths each year” — notice the word ESTIMATED? They have to estimate as they have no solid evidence. Again, this nonsense is complete manipulation of the public. The WHO is no more a scientific body than the IPCC. Both are part of the UN – they are POLITICAL bodies. Politicians go where the money is, they do what the money says – that’s how they keep their bureaucratic positions. The money comes from selling products, sometimes good sometimes bad. But you cannot judge the quality of the product by listening to the product spokesmen. The WHO is a product spokesman for the vaccine industry – so are all governmental bodies that hire from the pharma industry (revolving door).

  • “Not only that, if it was the vaccination, this would be happening everywhere” — Not true. Vaccines are made in batches.

  • Well if you’ve studied it for years, then you are making a testimony to the quality and character of your intelligence (i.e. it’s quite low), as you’ve several points completely wrong. e.g. apparently not understanding that vaccines are made in batches.

  • Hep-B can be caught by sharing needles, but not from ‘dirty needles’ dirt contains no Hep-B. I doubt you are implying that babies were sharing needles. Even if the doctor used the same needle, these vaccines contain thimerosal which kills hep B (as well as brain cells).

  • Again, the WHO is a political body – part of the U.N. They are a revolving door with big pharma (like all political bodies). Hence their ‘world class research’ is completely suspect (and honestly all research must be so). The fact that you take them as authorities, makes you a witting or unwitting shill.

  • you didn’t provide any data … referencing WHO documents without links and specifically the names of the authors of the work is not providing data. The pot calling the kettle black.

  • My degree is in molecular biology (20 years) and I worked for a vaccine company with ties to all of these big pharma’s. My experience is that many of these people are sociopaths.

  • Well my degree counters your degree. Plus I worked for a vaccine company – so trump. I suggest you go back and start your research again.

  • Sophal Chao

    all sons got Poliomyelitis.

  • lol Kat, yes the Captain was in IT, then he’s a scientist, then he’s a wizard! LOL 😀

  • yes sorry for Nick Reese’s/Captain “mulch”‘s “trollish” posts. It’s a shame he tries to sound so knowledgable then calls us all awful names (some of his more abusive posts were erased that people reported and found offensive) calling the vaccine injured “tards” and ambulance chasers is sad too. Anyway he’s gone now : )

  • Matthias Crandall

    In defense of Lisa(who I assume can defend herself), what she is referring to the fact you can not make rash generalization about the efficacy or safety of vaccinnes based on one local event. It is bad science and a fallacy to correlate the vaccine ifself to the illness, when there is obviously a lack of information, namely autopsies and analysis done on the equipment and the procedures for administration. Perhaps she should have said it more precisely, if you think all vaccines are bad, then you don’t believe in science. Yes science has been wrong, but that is how science works through peer reviewed studies, not anecdotes and single isolated events. If we don’t have enough information, then we must refrain from judgement or it is speculation. I would rather rely on the data of current scientific studies, than jump to conclusion based on hysteria and fear.

  • Jess

    I am a parent and I agree with you. The only problem I have is trying to defend my decision to family members and especially doctors. I feel if more people with such pedigree came out and told the truth it wouldn’t be so hard to be a parent who does not vaccinate. We need people to stand up with their absolute knowledge and tell us the truth once and for all!

  • Matthias Crandall

    I respect that you are a molecular biologist, I am a chemist and engineer, but what is your particular aim of study? Which company did you work for, and what did you do for them? Can you tell me what was you method for acquisition of vaccine induced immunity data? How did you come to the conclusion that they were ineffective?

  • James

    The evidence is in the virtual eradication of polio after vaccines became available. Unless you’re just calling that a coincidence.

  • Katie Capps Helton

    It actually says they’re investigating to see IF they were contaminated.

  • Frances Lilian Wellington

    Extremely sad. Shocking. Disgraceful. My condolences to the grieving. Blessed are the children who have suffered and perished, and those children who are still suffering…. from this situation. My wish for the children who survive is for a strong recovery… and hopefully nil longterm adverse effects. Namaste.

  • As you may realize, if you have worked for a large corporate enterprise, I cannot reveal the name of the corporation I worked for specifically without potentially opening myself up to legal action on their part. The company I worked for was involved in vaccine discovery – we patented hundreds of antigens and I was involved in this process. I was also privy to meetings held between the company and several of the largest and well-known pharmaceutical corporations. As for your other questions, see the post I am making below this one to James.

  • The problem we have on both sides of this argument is that both sides are oversimplifying. Vaccines, in theory, appear to be a sound means of solving the problem of disease in a person who has a healthy immune system. In order to go through and disambiguate the oversimplifications would, honestly, take a books worth of discussion. As I am very busy with other projects and as this space isn’t conducive to that discussion, I will abbreviate and list (off the top of my head) the various factors that come into play. In no particular order:

    — Aside from vaccination theory, whereby a majority of people in a culture are hypothetically made immune to disease, there is also the majority understanding with regard to germ theory. Both of these, IMO, appeared on the scene at about the same time. To be clear, germ theory was known well before vaccinations became available to the public, but a majority understanding of it was not. In fact, as vaccination spread, the idea of germ theory spread with it simultaneously. This was not a coincidence as those propagating vaccination also promulgated germ theory to the public as part of their vaccination campaigns. Hence we cannot honestly make the claim that we know that disease was eradicated by one of these theories. There is no double-blind study.

    — Vaccine manufacturers are reliant upon their profits AND corporations are protected by limited liability laws (protecting stockholders from liability of wrongdoing). Pushing out more and more products gives manufactures (big pharma) great stock boosts, thus giving financial incentive for them to lie/cheat/deceive the public (and themselves – confirmation bias) about the effectiveness of their vaccines. Studies that do not come out the way they would like, are thrown out and repeated until the results meet profit expectations. FYI: I have not only witnessed this, I have unwittingly taken part in it.

    — Vaccines are not merely antigens for the disease. Vaccines contain many compounds. Even if the antigen of a particular vaccine is effective in preventing disease, these other compounds may cause serious side effects, including brain damage, and possibly even death. These are generally listed on the vaccine inserts.

    — Vaccines are manufactured in batches. This is good, but also leads to problems in understanding what is really happening due to the previously mentioned point that studies that do not give the results that are desired are buried. So we are then left questioning whether it was something that made it into the batch accidentally, or if it was one of the adjuvents, or if it was the antibiotic added to the vaccine (to keep it sterile as used in multi-dose vials), or if it was the antigen itself. Of course we can never in any case rule out mistakes by administrators or some sort of foul play. The list is large.

    Given the probability of getting the disease in the first place is unknown due to the other above listed points, it makes little sense IMO, that if we are ‘to do no harm’ and to follow the precautionary principle, that we ought to risk the various side-effects of vaccines and the vaccination process.

  • Don’t forget that aside from the lack of empirical evidence (honest double blind studies) there is also the moral issue. Coercing a needle into another individual is wrong. If that individual decides to take it for themselves after properly understanding the potential pros and cons that is fine, however when we force babies to be inoculated based on our fears – this is, if we are to be honest with ourselves, a violation of their human rights. This is not morally ambiguous territory.

  • As I mentioned the my reply to James, without proper double blind studies all evidence is correlative. Without solid causative evidence we cannot make any estimate on the the probability of the safety or efficacy of any particular batch of vaccine. It really comes down to a personal decision on the part of an individual. Children however, lacking the knowledge and understanding to make such informed decisions must be kept safe from all known risk (emphasis on known). We do know that it is germs that cause infectious disease and we do know that exposure to such germs causes infection. But the safety and efficacy of vaccines is unknown and speculative. So the moral choice/decision here is clear. Do everything you can to prevent your child from being exposed and when the child is old enough to decide for themselves, then they may choose to take a vaccination (or not).

  • Me

    No mention here of the fact that “They’re also investigating the needles used in the vaccinations and the
    possibility that a virus or bacteria could have caused the illnesses, Mexico’s El Universal newspaper reported.” Selective editing??!

  • Jennie Wilkie

    No not really my cousins little boy passed away about 14yrs ago from a bad batch of vaccinations he was the only one sadly. My heart goes out to these parents, this is the biggest heart ache ,pain and loss they will ever encounter!! For I have lost my son Keaton it will be 10yrs in Oct. This is a cross one will carry everyday.Now with the vacc. every parent has this choice so do what u believe is right and safe for u n ur child,don’t let someone else change ur mind cause it might be ur biggest mistake ever.Your baby is at greater risk of gettin sick without them , not only that they are required for school. So think about this long n hard.Once again my prayers r with these families

  • Annie

    What will it take to get people to see the truth about the dangers of vaccinations?

  • Leticia Rivera

    Indeed it was a bacteria not the vaccines 🙁

  • Liz YouYogFre
  • Let the zombies hand their babies to Bill Gates and other EUGENICISTS–JUST protect YOUR OWN becuz these morons will follow the NWO into the grave

  • Christine

    Lisa, that is a very uneducated statement and makes you appear incredibly naive.
    Today “science” says whatever the corporation funding the study wants it to say. There was just a man jailed for falsifying an aids vaccine study, many more shown to be absolutely fraudulent. There is no money is healthy people. .
    Maybe you just believe in magic? What kind of hocus pocus does it take to make known carcinogens and toxins “good for you” at many times what the EPA and FDA say are toxic, but suddenly, MAGICALLY, they are good for you (and a newborn) when directly injected into the skin?
    IMHO I believe vaccines are started within hours of a baby’s birth so parents won’t see such a dramatic change in the personality. And why on earth is it necessary to vaccinate a newborn baby for an STD/IV drug user disease?
    If you truly believe in science, then research articles and information from sources other than those who benefit from it.
    Not to mention, if you ever took the time to actually READ a vaccine insert, you would find that the possible side effects include seizures (from brain being overloaded with poison), autoimmune diseases, autism and they even list death as a possible “side effect.” That doesn’t sound very “safe” to me!

  • Bob Heigh

    Dr. Thompson who works for the cdc admitted that they skewed the results of the tests so people wouldn’t know they were unsafe. He feels guilty about being part of the scam.

  • Bob Heigh

    If you’re so sure they work, perhaps you could show us proof? There is an offer of $100,000. to someone who can show proof of it’s safety.