(Note from Erin: Pinterest BANNED our account last year and mainstream reported us as one of the top 3 health sites (not sure about that) but they also banned Dr. Mercola and other big names (including non-profit vaccine foundations that have been around for nearly 40 years). We also just found this out as we were going to publish: Pinterest has confidentially filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering that is expected to value the company, which operates a platform for online-image searches, at $12 billion or more as it joins a parade of hot tech startups planning share debuts in 2019.)

On Wednesday, Pinterest announced it would no longer return any search results, including pins and boards, on terms related to vaccinations. Neither pro or con.

It did this because many of the shared images on Pinterest cautioned people against vaccinations. And so, knowing full well that people want to know and see and research the topic of vaccines, but also knowing that the stance doesn’t follow the party line, Pinterest censored it. (According to the company, it’s been difficult to remove the anti-vaxx content entirely, hence the ban.)

A Pinterest spokesperson said,

“We want Pinterest to be an inspiring place for people, and there’s nothing inspiring about misinformation. That’s why we continue to work on new ways of keeping misleading content off our platform and out of our recommendations engine.”1

(Sounds more like censorship).

Watch the video:

Pinterest has also taken steps to block content promoting “false cancer cures.” The company found that a lot of its content “was redirecting users to sites that discouraged them from getting traditional medical treatment like chemo and radiation,”1 which we know have such a high success rate (slight sarcasm and shout out to my many family members who died after chemo).

CNBC also said that this move could put pressure on “other social networks to do more to stop the spread of misinformation that is damaging to public health. For instance, Facebook recently told Bloomberg that it is considering making changes related to health-information, including anti-vaccination content, after getting critiques from policymakers such as California congressman Adam Schiff.”1

Thankfully, we have congressman here in Florida (like Rep Bill Posey) who are writing letters to Facebook as well but with an alternative viewpoint; there is real science that shows the truth about vaccine adjuvants and the dangers of risks of vaccines.

Censorship is a dangerous and slippery slope and to say we have to fight against it, is an understatement.


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